Rebuilding A 2020 Jeep Gladiator Rubicon Part 16

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We are finally bringing this 2020 Jeep Gladiator back to the channel. We have put it on pause while we were building the apocalypse rig, but now it is time to get her finished up. This build has come a long ways ever since we got it from the salvage yard but there is still a bit more to go. We have an entire forklift full of parts and we can't wait to get it finished!!! Thanks For Watching!!!!

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Nick Kusters
Nick Kusters 9 dagen geleden
That Gradall is starting to rust a lot more... I think you need to have a way to store that thing indoors.
Jose Bey
Jose Bey 10 dagen geleden
Jandre Truter
Jandre Truter 2 maanden geleden
Pls make a 'Dang son' shirt 🙏🙏😂😂😂
Grand Master Oogway
Grand Master Oogway 2 maanden geleden
in every vid i see that cat i think its doing safety inspections
Guillermo Castillo Jr
Guillermo Castillo Jr 2 maanden geleden
You guys are very exceptional and unique individuals. If this country had about 4 million like you it would be a different and a better enviroment to enjoy. Please, keep up the good work you guys are doing and try to keep changes to the bare minimum. 👍🏽😎👍🏽
Kevin Hinton
Kevin Hinton 3 maanden geleden
Kudos to you for doing your civic part!
OptimusDanger 3 maanden geleden
I love it dang son
t712dln 4 maanden geleden
You guys are true hard working honest and good people your parents must be so proud keep it up love it
Carmen Santiago
Carmen Santiago 4 maanden geleden
Man proud of them just watched the video and their great what amazing parents
Thuggerbae 4 maanden geleden
The stock rear bumper looked way better!
Robin Hood
Robin Hood 5 maanden geleden
Gud work for clearing those 🌲
Cesar Nava
Cesar Nava 5 maanden geleden
@goonzquad I will want to buy that GTR from you if your willing to sell please that is my dream car please please I would find a way to get the money.
Arash Nigpot
Arash Nigpot 5 maanden geleden
please do not kill me for my race
teddy bear
teddy bear 5 maanden geleden
watch the build with the army truck wondering are they calling it completed
ThePascal199 5 maanden geleden
22:20 give me your gym routine and diet Younger billy
rabiee ouali
rabiee ouali 5 maanden geleden
Good luck guys 😀😃😄
Nick Merillat
Nick Merillat 5 maanden geleden
Quick question guys? How was you able to run the wireless remote for the winch? From what I've read that remote only works for the platinum series zeon winch. I'm currently wanting the same setup on my Rubicon but really want the wireless remote. Let me know if I'm missing something. Keep up the great content. I'm a big fan and am looking forward to new projects.
Erik Rose
Erik Rose 5 maanden geleden
I’m building a Datsun 620 with a Beams Engine swap from Japan Check it out guys! 😁
Jacob Kennedy
Jacob Kennedy 5 maanden geleden
the lambo under the overhand in the background looks so majestic🤤
Beth Anne
Beth Anne 6 maanden geleden
Are you all going to build a tornado shelter at your new shop?
Rhianna Martell
Rhianna Martell 6 maanden geleden
How big was the tornado??? @goonzquad
Justin Jansen
Justin Jansen 6 maanden geleden
You 2 are class acts! Great to have guys like you on NLposts! Hats off to you both.
Beards In The Wind
Beards In The Wind 6 maanden geleden
Pronounced (Grade-All)
Darren 6 maanden geleden
I do like your channel, but the apocalypse truck build was just stupid and i didnt waste my time watching it. I would like to see you fabricate things too, thats why i watch b is for build, i like the fabrication parts, buying and fitting new parts, that can be done by more or less anyone, show us what u can do and make something please
LTTB kaster
LTTB kaster 6 maanden geleden
Super cat
THATSMYNAME 6 maanden geleden
Feking Legends Giving Back To Your Community Well Done Great Message To The World... Stay Safe From U.K
Ray Spencer
Ray Spencer 6 maanden geleden
Great episode guys!!
Chris Vectra
Chris Vectra 6 maanden geleden
Good job you guys put a pro charger on that jeep with all the weight you’ve added to the thing Mind you it’s probably as fast as it was when you got it with all that weight added
Whitey's Garage
Whitey's Garage 6 maanden geleden
With all the weight you added on you definitely needed that supercharger. Rear bumper looks nice and great on ground clearance but I would use the step on the factory bumper more. Rock sliders and front bumper look awesome. Keep up the great videos.
Plate [C]
Plate [C] 6 maanden geleden
Hey guy's you do great work. Just on a point of interest, on the back of the Jeep truck, we are seeing Jeeps that are suffering frame damage when 4x4ing and towing. They key problem is that all the heavy steel bumpers along with receivers on the back of these vehicles have no flex or give. This puts stress on the frame near the shock mounts. I am told that over size tires can also play a roll as it is an impact frame on these Jeeps. It is recommended that if you are using the Jeep for any extreme duties that you not be towing a trailer or anything with tongue weight as it is a recipe for disaster. It can flat tow, but again, can not with stand what much older trucks with thicker frames could tolerate. The Jeep truck continues to be a great build. Glad to see you use a Warn winch. That would be my first choice always! Plate (C)
Ripp Allday
Ripp Allday 6 maanden geleden
Could you guys do a copart atv fix?
pangrac1 6 maanden geleden
That Jeep will be heavy like tank. 😁
pangrac1 6 maanden geleden
Goonz'R'us 😜🍭
pangrac1 6 maanden geleden
Where is your old cat? 17:22 there she is. 😺
Andrew Langford
Andrew Langford 6 maanden geleden
Can you actually go offroad. To be honest you should have just imported a Kings Dominator X and been done with it. 78.5% sure that these bois won't take this thing anywhere where they'll actually use this stuff
Avelos 6 maanden geleden
Great work helping out where you could with the storm damage :) That's really cool that you were also able to use the Apocalypse Rig to help clear some debris. Y'all are great.
TingleTheFairy !
TingleTheFairy ! 6 maanden geleden
So happy your getting rid the trashy plastic 😀
Techytech 6 maanden geleden
Great role models. Helping where you can is awesome.
William Tracy
William Tracy 6 maanden geleden
Glad you didn’t touch them trees on lines I do Power Line work and those lines must be tested and grounded to allow anyone to cut them
William Tracy
William Tracy 6 maanden geleden
Andy Black Forest
Andy Black Forest 6 maanden geleden
i am proud of you guys .. keep it up. all the best ... by
Forsaken Ace
Forsaken Ace 6 maanden geleden
Putting all this off roading shit just for it to be a mall crawler that we don’t see much of after they consider the build done
k j
k j 6 maanden geleden
That's what I like to see. Working outside. Lying on gravel under the car. Just the way I'm sure many of us do our project cars.
k j
k j 6 maanden geleden
All them parcels. Must be like Christmas/birthdays every delivery. Lol
dale haggart
dale haggart 6 maanden geleden
I'm down in Hotlanta and on the news they said you all got some bad storms. I hope you and your family's are well.
Nonsense Nick
Nonsense Nick 6 maanden geleden
Self appointed tree clean up guys
Joe Don Baker
Joe Don Baker 6 maanden geleden
Love the Goonzquad! You guys rock!!!! While others play video games all day.
Justin G
Justin G 6 maanden geleden
wheres the dodge man
Familyrcvideos Ds
Familyrcvideos Ds 6 maanden geleden
Love the build but I think that Jeep is going to be super heavy
BIGBOYGANG 252 6 maanden geleden
Hey guys I'm a big fan I want to know can I have your stock Jeep Wheels cuz I got a Jeep myself and them Wheels will look good on my Jeep
S23 BHO 6 maanden geleden
God bless you Goonzsquad.
Tj Mower
Tj Mower 6 maanden geleden
You guys are so talented and then you go buy a Remington chainsaw?!? What monsters
Zander peters
Zander peters 6 maanden geleden
Just like the old days before you guys had the shop
William Thomas
William Thomas 6 maanden geleden
Next video: *Goonzquad Rebuilds Wrecked Town* For real though, sorry to hear about all the damage in your town. Hope it all gets fixed up soon!
The jeep dude
The jeep dude 6 maanden geleden
factor 55 is the company your looking for
Hayden Thomas- Ferner
Hayden Thomas- Ferner 6 maanden geleden
How is the other land y’all bought coming along??
Mark Ammari
Mark Ammari 6 maanden geleden
I would of kept the front factory fenders i like the stock daytime lights/ signals.
Ren 6 maanden geleden
did you see how this guy wraps the video?? he should be a TV host... about the Gladiator, I think I prefer the original real bumper rather than the custom one. Also, with all these new parts, adding the supercharger was a very smart decision. keep rocking Goonzquad!
robert snodgrass
robert snodgrass 6 maanden geleden
My name is Robert and y'all should purchis Armerd truck to turn in to a bug out vehicol
Warren Faulk
Warren Faulk 6 maanden geleden
Yes electricity can travel through a tree. Do NOT touch it
Tom Liddle
Tom Liddle 6 maanden geleden
I've been having withdrawals not seeing any work being done on the JEEP... I was so excited to see you're back working on it! THANK YOU!!!!
Street Wise
Street Wise 6 maanden geleden
Goonzquad, there's a phrase you guy's have never heard of...................."We can't". Always admire your attitude, respect! Greetings from Cornwall ;)
Luke Gee
Luke Gee 6 maanden geleden
yall should color match the new fenders and bed line the inner fender covers
Darek Matuszewski
Darek Matuszewski 6 maanden geleden
Great taste guys and beautifull work with super final effect. It's an exciting time for the job, beautifull experience. Well, as it goes for preeching of an old guy and knowing It may be the last thought on your minds, but It's also a time (as allways) to rethink and make plans for future. Maybe engeneers, diplomas in technical fields - this should be the highest goal of course. But besides, I allways try to inspire young, inteligent people to look around and make use of their little spare time and try interesting courses, activities, lessons, where people in a short time can learn and gain usefull skills, which - no matter if you're professor or do something different in your life - will be usefull and available near by in your community. Sometimes even in some culture centers, schools, organizations there are short courses offered of how to do things fe. business, how to make good deals or business plans, komputer courses, construction courses, electrician courses, metal working, technical paintingu, welding, gardening, cooking, etc. They combined ut with practical studies. It may be funny now, but in time gaining knowledge, skills and diplomas from these courses gives you something special for the whole life and a possibility to talk authoritatively about many things with many people . Its also good to know something about fe. brick laying, metal characteristic and uses or electricity when inviting a technician to do something at your house - if you know what I mean... Suggesting you thing about it. It can be a great experience and make you happy also by meeting interesting people - of course on the parenthesis of your main course of university studies and hobbies. Sorry again for writing too much guys. Good luck again. Believe me getting diplomas and papier proofs of many little fields (of course besides the main ones) will make your life view wider and combined you'll know that life, science and professions go together perfectly. Professionals don't have to do much when you're a super professional.
The Living Miracle
The Living Miracle 6 maanden geleden
Goonzsquad, My biological Father lives in Chattanooga too and the tornado hit less then a mile from where he lives and the only thing he lost was his power, which is a blessing. I'm glad you guys are safe too.
Felipe Gonzalez
Felipe Gonzalez 6 maanden geleden
Hell yeah, I can't wait to see this finished project!
Anand Raj
Anand Raj 6 maanden geleden
Guys how about a snorkel for the jeep That would be lit!!!
MrSyddjurs 6 maanden geleden
hey I now have you guys full on youtube, and enjoy watching you buy an auto accident and then fix it. I really enjoy that when you are in the process of a SUV or a 4x4 looking forward to see what the next project yesterday is going to be, By the way I come from Denmark :) hope to manage the good idea here in this covid-19 time Greetings one of your fam from Denmark :)
Side Tracked
Side Tracked 6 maanden geleden
If you haven't already look into the reinforcement kit for the rear section of frame where the cab meets the bed. Some have been bending under "normal" use off road, there's no recall, and they are denying warranty for things as simple as oversized tires or even aftermarket shocks. I love jeeps and own 3 wranglers, a YJ, TJ, and a JK but I believe Fiat is on their way to ruining an American icon. I hope I'm wrong.
REBUILD IT 6 maanden geleden
I guess your parents park down the street?
Asif Ali
Asif Ali 6 maanden geleden
Damn sonnnn
Jon 6 maanden geleden
Did they fix the 4x4 system? I don’t recall them ever saying anything about it.
Jadriel Roman
Jadriel Roman 6 maanden geleden
I think you guys should fix a Tesla.
FissisionBBFL 6 maanden geleden
There was a second charger
Octane Street - Apprentice Mechanic
Octane Street - Apprentice Mechanic 6 maanden geleden
Thanks for showing us the footage of you guys helping out your neighborhood with the apocolypse rig. Got great feels from watching that, and seeing the rig already be put to great use! Also, not gunna lie it always makes me a TINY bit sad to not have had my pops around all my life whenever I see your guys' father come out and mess around with y'all haha. Keep it up guys.
Isaac Edward Dass
Isaac Edward Dass 6 maanden geleden
Father and Son bonding time...... Yes Sir!!!
Colby Hatfield
Colby Hatfield 6 maanden geleden
Goonzquad tree trimming NLposts channel?
Matthew Laun
Matthew Laun 6 maanden geleden
It's really cool that you helped out where you could. Nice seeing the Apocalypse Rig in action...But great that you know your limits and left the professionals to handle the power lines... especially right now, as many people as possible need to keep their jobs to help this economy get going again... Goonzquad is fortunate to have a platform that allows you to keep going in such a hard time for most...22 million unemployed in the last month...If you do more fundraising to help that, I'm in!
John Hidalgo
John Hidalgo 6 maanden geleden
Please put pops in more videos , we love to see him 👍🏼
John Hidalgo
John Hidalgo 6 maanden geleden
TAILGATE TABLE? Let’s see it boys !!!
Bryce olson32
Bryce olson32 6 maanden geleden
What happened to the shop?
Rass boss
Rass boss 6 maanden geleden
Show us all your cars
James Andonian
James Andonian 6 maanden geleden
Me: sees a lambo Also me: 😍 *auto like*
Adan Rothermal
Adan Rothermal 6 maanden geleden
My girlfriend said you guys breaking that piece of wood with your father was the most adorable thing shes seen haha
Chef Boiard
Chef Boiard 6 maanden geleden
Lemme buy that green Honda S2000!
Guy Hollister
Guy Hollister 6 maanden geleden
Please, PLEASE do another Lambo ! Do the entire range of them... I loved you working on that Huracan !! Amazing machine.
curtis wilcock
curtis wilcock 6 maanden geleden
You did a good job clearing those trees your a great part of the community and wow 🤩 that’s amazing the kit is going to be solid tuning out so sick
Rob M.
Rob M. 6 maanden geleden
Nice use of the ferrari car cover , lol
Guy Hollister
Guy Hollister 6 maanden geleden
Thanks god ! Was getting kinda sick of the big useless box truck thing !
Joshua Jarosiewicz
Joshua Jarosiewicz 6 maanden geleden
My favorate ytubers are goonzquad
Malcolm Not Malcom
Malcolm Not Malcom 6 maanden geleden
They should do a 2020 Charger
Joshua Jarosiewicz
Joshua Jarosiewicz 6 maanden geleden
I’m a big gmc fan, you guys are a big inspiration to me.
Regita Ardhya
Regita Ardhya 6 maanden geleden
Guys it's been a while since the last videos about your new hq, i really curious about the goonzsquad new hg
Southern Stripes Lawn & Landscapes
Southern Stripes Lawn & Landscapes 6 maanden geleden
Paint the jeep camo and pull it with the army truck
Fester Adams
Fester Adams 6 maanden geleden
that winch could lift that Jeep from a bridge! getting it back on all four's is another story, lol!!!
Nathan Grider
Nathan Grider 6 maanden geleden
I fell like they should get a bus and turn that into a home
girzone 6 maanden geleden
You’re looking for a Factor55. They make some great winching products.
wbzial 6 maanden geleden
one word: WORKBENCH.
Crew Zero
Crew Zero 6 maanden geleden
Yo we figured out which car they're hiding in the garage
Dylan Mcgarr
Dylan Mcgarr 6 maanden geleden
love the vids but please can the next build be something fast that's not a truck or an suv
Mike 2001space
Mike 2001space 6 maanden geleden
sell one of your rigs and pave that lot brah.
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