Building The Ultimate Apocalypse Vehicle 9

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This build is getting very close to the finished product!!! We have had so much fun learning about this truck and learning on what it takes to convert it into a tiny house. We have made a bunch of progress but we still have a bit more to go. We are super happy to take on this project and be able to share it with you guys. Stay tuned and watch how it turns out! Thanks For Watching!!!
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Nance b
Nance b 3 dagen geleden
great job i want to buy it please ,can we talk , to buy apocalypse truck . for real please
Henry Parrish
Henry Parrish 4 dagen geleden
Yall smoke weed or what?
Cedric Suyama
Cedric Suyama Maand geleden
that has me dead "So nobody can steal our generator" and follows it up with a *screws exposed on the outside to just take it off right quick* But great video guys keep it up :)
Dev Maand geleden
you know what is funny all that cleaning on those store bought items don't really help because corona is a virus not a germ
Slooom S
Slooom S Maand geleden
ي بسوي راعي طلعات 😂😂😂🥳👌🏻.
Guillermo Hernandez
Guillermo Hernandez 2 maanden geleden
How about a real name for that:The goozcuad commander center office
William Peachey
William Peachey 2 maanden geleden
Just wondering if you have plans for a dedicated rugged trail trailer for the Chopper , so you can tow it out to the remote campsite, then you can scout the wilderness from the air, fly in town for extra supplies, and pickup Pops or the Ladies so they avoid the long rough ride to the campsite?
Let’sDestroyHaters 2 maanden geleden
They spent more money on the inside than the whole truck
scot yarborough
scot yarborough 2 maanden geleden
the inverter needs to be vented it has fans on it to cool down the unit as well probably the reason you guys burnt out the last one. no airflow.
mrmotofy 2 maanden geleden
A 10k watt inverter? You'll drain your batteries just having it turned on, no load. Probably draws 5a just sitting there. sheesh. That's like 833A on your 12v batteries. You don't need any more than like a 2000w or maybe 3000w good pure Sine wave direct wire. Your A/C is 500w, fridge is 100w running but maybe 800w max at startup. Lights might be 200w but should be 12v instead. We're gonna sanitize this couch but I'm gonna sit on it first lol
Polska ABDN
Polska ABDN 2 maanden geleden
Could you please stop saying sucker.
Asia black
Asia black 2 maanden geleden
I think you should of done another color besides all white, it looks washed out. And it’s going to be hard to keep it white because of the off roading.
nitrotmann 2 maanden geleden
Good job guys. That sofa is called a jack-knife sofa. Fyi
Suomalaista Pelailua
Suomalaista Pelailua 2 maanden geleden
could add some suitcase rack roof or something
Teddy W Gardner
Teddy W Gardner 2 maanden geleden
For the chairs on the very top of the Truck I think you should use them to look at the stars if you go far away from the city!! That will be amazing
Keith Vance
Keith Vance 3 maanden geleden
Shading the solar panels will reduce their efficiency by 90%.
Piotr Ciach
Piotr Ciach 3 maanden geleden
Sorry, but your generator is not waterproof. and when driving mud water and other trash there will be a multitude. This box should be completely airtight the only thing is air supply and flue gas evacuation must have :)
bonzology 3 maanden geleden
Ventilation on the gen box?
David Bolin
David Bolin 3 maanden geleden
should have made bunks
carl brown
carl brown 3 maanden geleden
You need vent holes in your generator cover, Its air cooled you will burn it up!
Christopher Auguste
Christopher Auguste 4 maanden geleden
Be careful for the hat do you don’t want the heart to be ruined
Jason 4 maanden geleden
Wait is the generator waterproof cause what if they go off-road and go in water
Cat Batson
Cat Batson 4 maanden geleden
Are you twins
Chef Mc
Chef Mc 4 maanden geleden
Why didn't you cover the bottom of the generator bay?
Ivan Madrid
Ivan Madrid 4 maanden geleden
Watch tiny homes or treehouse masters!! Love you guys! Keep up the good work
Wadaq Abdullah
Wadaq Abdullah 4 maanden geleden
Is the OEM rims of the gladiator for sale?
Marlon Ochoa
Marlon Ochoa 5 maanden geleden
The kitchen was better on the Oder side that way you didn’t need to move the exhaust and the water house don’t need to be to long 👍
pa h
pa h 5 maanden geleden
Glade you guys are reading and listening to the comments
Star Buck
Star Buck 5 maanden geleden
The masks you are wearing at home depot are not correct. The reason you are wearing it is to protect other people from yourself so a commercial mask which has the vent (square piece by your mouth) is not correct. It allows your breath and coughs to escape which is not what you should be allowing. You need a mask that captures your "droplets"
Dean Firnatine
Dean Firnatine 5 maanden geleden
Put in a toilet and shower next to couch instead of end table
Dean Firnatine
Dean Firnatine 5 maanden geleden
Love your curious German Shepherd
Rainbow Cookie
Rainbow Cookie 6 maanden geleden
You should do a rebuild in the drivers section add some stuff
major 6 maanden geleden
Are you both planning on sharing the same sofa/bed or planning on building a bunk bed for the other ?
Leighton Donohue
Leighton Donohue 6 maanden geleden
No one gonna mention the cashiers methods at 7:45?
TwistedGamin 6 maanden geleden
please add some vents to that aluminum box so that generator dont overheat. where is any of that heat gonna go and the exhaust will be trapped making the motor suck its output right back into input it wont work unless thats just a storage for it and u pull it out when u want to use it.
Dave Smith
Dave Smith 6 maanden geleden
Did this guy ever post his workout routine? He looks pretty ripped.
AmQuick 6 maanden geleden
the real OG is that guy in the lawnmower crossing the road lmao
jochempie 6 maanden geleden
i (and i think a bunch of other people) would really like to see a line-up of all you’re vehicles, and i mean cars tractors trucks lawnmowers almost everything that has a engine!!!!!! Goonzquad it would be such a cool video!!
Richard Cooper
Richard Cooper 6 maanden geleden
Why didn't you weld that box in an have the front lift up an down on 2 hinges because now you got to mess about putting that box in an out an line it up with the clips every Time you get it out an it probably rattles when u drive
Lazarus 6 maanden geleden
Rebuilding ???? Your dad still hasnt recived his , 3 weeks over time .....
Богдан Чернецов
Богдан Чернецов 6 maanden geleden
Izzey23 6 maanden geleden
You might want to think about adding a back and bottom panel to your generator box. Just add louvers for venting. Just a thought
عبد الله عليوة
عبد الله عليوة 6 maanden geleden Mercedes is a world of imagination
Darrell Roeters
Darrell Roeters 6 maanden geleden
Where is exhaust on generator directed?
gagiwe 357
gagiwe 357 6 maanden geleden
Is that generator waterproof?
Mike Andrews
Mike Andrews 6 maanden geleden
You should get one of those 4 stroke nitro engines for your rc truck. They are torque monsters! And of course totally freaking awesome! Avail on and and a few other places.
Mike Andrews
Mike Andrews 6 maanden geleden
If it's for an apocalypse your gonna need filtered air. Both in the cab, and in back.
Shawn W
Shawn W 6 maanden geleden
A little advice. You guys are using N95 masks, which is fine, but it means that you are interested in not catching the virus vs not spreading it. But when you place them on your neck when talking you are infecting the inside of the mask with whatever is on your neck or clothes, that you will then breath in when you put the mask back on. The safest way is to keep it in place on your face until you take it off and immediately throw it away. You then have to put on a new mask.These are instructions from a nurse in a NY hospital.
ceerw buty
ceerw buty 6 maanden geleden
Upgrade to all leds inside and out roof rack with jack an 4x4 tools and recovery tools. Wrap I in digital camouflage
Wisam Car show
Wisam Car show 6 maanden geleden 🔥🔥🔥
Rocket Master
Rocket Master 6 maanden geleden
Love watching thanks apocalypse truck is what I need around here .Nice set up it would be awesome for all 4 season nothing would stop that
ceerw buty
ceerw buty 6 maanden geleden
Isnt that generator gonna overheat in that sealed box and where does the exhaust come out from?
David Polan
David Polan 6 maanden geleden
"Way back in High School Days" LOL
Em-j Daskalakis
Em-j Daskalakis 6 maanden geleden
You need to put the tube that was connected to the exhaust back . You NEED to put it back because if you guys go through a river and the exhaust is underwater it can destroy your turbo or destroy your engine permanently.
Kedin Evans
Kedin Evans 6 maanden geleden
Hey billy I found your name on Wikipedia and it says you are also married
Spaceman321 6 maanden geleden
How about a access door that has a lock for the you wouldn't have to take the hold cover off to get at it. But Great Job guys rock.
bobbycone2 6 maanden geleden
Love the new shirts! Wish you guys would hook up with Bunker Branding for your merch! Their shirts are such good quality!!
bobbycone2 6 maanden geleden
Btw, when we gonna get to learn both your names. Not sure if "Billy" is real but what's early start dudes name??
bobbycone2 6 maanden geleden
Gonna have to start getting late starts to the videos since getting early starts somehow keeps causing you guys to work late in the day. East coast must have some sort of strange time warp ass backwards time keeping methods over there since that happens to you guys so much.
Scoobis Man
Scoobis Man 6 maanden geleden
Goonzquad I died my hair blond
Keith Sutcliffe
Keith Sutcliffe 6 maanden geleden
Hi there Goon Squad I'm a big fan want to know if they're storage underneath that coach that you guys bought got the same thing in my RV want to buy one for my RV
Jace Weathers
Jace Weathers 6 maanden geleden
Dakota Brauch
Dakota Brauch 6 maanden geleden
Finally painted that wall. It was driving me crazy!😂
Gerardo García Vázquez
Gerardo García Vázquez 6 maanden geleden
Junbug Uptown
Junbug Uptown 6 maanden geleden
You guys should camo the Jeep to match the camper that should look sick
Junbug Uptown
Junbug Uptown 6 maanden geleden
Thought I was looking at RC Sparks lol love the content
soiung toiue
soiung toiue 6 maanden geleden
Isnt that generator gonna overheat in that sealed box and where does the exhaust come out from?
Jacob Bagwell
Jacob Bagwell 6 maanden geleden
I am subscribed to a lot of NLposts channels and watch a lot of videos but this is by far my favorite and most relatable channel I follow these guys are absolutely amazing and they actually care about our thoughts
soiung toiue
soiung toiue 6 maanden geleden
fancy stuff , only the box w/sleeping quarters nothing else. What was the cost of a plain truck,Sir?
Allen Johnson
Allen Johnson 6 maanden geleden
Need a lil tv somewhere inside
soiung toiue
soiung toiue 6 maanden geleden
there no Apocalypse
Ben TheGuru
Ben TheGuru 6 maanden geleden
Just watching a few of these, the thing that keeps sticking out is the overkill steel-work. Much of the metal you are using is add way too much weight that is siply not needed. The exhaust, Maybe just have cut brackets off the muffler, rotate in 180° and side dump the pipe. The muffler could have been pulled up with strapping.
soiung toiue
soiung toiue 6 maanden geleden
You should make a real life replica of that RC car. Could be your next project
randy marsh
randy marsh 6 maanden geleden
7:47 social distancing payment🤣
TheXJthatCould 6 maanden geleden
RC4WD is a good rc crawler they make some quality shit
Ryan Benitez
Ryan Benitez 6 maanden geleden
Maybe Do a old style truckkk or a Silverado dropped or lifted i would love to see how you guys handle it
Jimmy_Weazel 6 maanden geleden
That rc truck isn't water proof guys. If you submerge it, the electronics will mess up on y'all.
Trumps Bunker
Trumps Bunker 6 maanden geleden
Corona virus proof or the next one?
david pinchbeck
david pinchbeck 6 maanden geleden
great builds guys but u might want to box in the back and bottom of the generator or on the road a lot of dirt will get flicked up into the box
OldManJM 6 maanden geleden
Capital City
Capital City 6 maanden geleden
What about storage for all supplies, cloths, sporting goods ...
Brian Games and more
Brian Games and more 6 maanden geleden
Awesome channel!!
Eivind Michelsen
Eivind Michelsen 6 maanden geleden
Sun film at the windows 😎
julio rodriguez
julio rodriguez 6 maanden geleden
hay guys this is julio i own a body shop like your builds do you want to sell ferrari and how much do you want for it ?
Jonathan Acosta
Jonathan Acosta 6 maanden geleden
You should make a real life replica of that RC car. Could be your next project
Jester Flight
Jester Flight 6 maanden geleden
Why do you move your arms & hands like a Rap music individual? I like the vehicle, where did you buy it without anything? I need one for my farms, however I don’t need all that fancy stuff , only the box w/sleeping quarters nothing else. What was the cost of a plain truck,Sir?
pisant 6 maanden geleden
there no Apocalypse
dale newb
dale newb 6 maanden geleden
You should try and attach some type of screen across the back where both big doors open up, so that you can leave them open and not worry about bugs. maybe there is a curtain type of screen that could attach, but then connects in the middle to make easy to pass through.
2H80vids 6 maanden geleden
Fair play to you guys. Reading and responding to the comments makes *SO MUCH* sense. Good call on the exhaust and batteries !!👍 Cool RC truck. I'd have thought it would have BF Goodrich on the tyres, in BIG letters. They maybe missed a trick there. Looking forward to seeing Mr Goon senior's truck getting finished too. A much better episode guys.👌
UslessRobot 6 maanden geleden
What truck I just see tires.
Terry Hesticles
Terry Hesticles 6 maanden geleden
Anybody else remember when these guys used to do....I dunno'....paint & bodywork on this now utterly jackass channel....??
Student Zachary Adams
Student Zachary Adams 6 maanden geleden
i didn't know this was a discovery channel 12:19 XD
PNW_MANUEL509 6 maanden geleden
Am I the only one wondering where their toilet and shower is? 🤷🏽‍♂️
Taylor Harris
Taylor Harris 6 maanden geleden
What happened to the boat
bryan ford
bryan ford 6 maanden geleden
Hey fellas, Great Rig!! Just wanted to touch on your al-you-minium cleaning technique, when you wire brush to clean, always go in one direction. If you brush back and forth, you'll drive contaminants into the surface. You may also already know, only use a dedicated(for aluminum, no steel) stainless steel brush.. Well, there's my 2cents....... might be 4cents, anyway, Keep up the great work and viddies!!! Oh, and "Push" your spoolgun, dont "pull", like you do with about a 5degree angle, that way you won't get as much sooty build-up. Alright, 6cents :)
Ashraf Abdella
Ashraf Abdella 6 maanden geleden
The latches on the generator box should be welded in, coz they could unscrew that and take it. Aren’t you worried on water coming in from the bottom side of the box?
Tye Evertsen
Tye Evertsen 6 maanden geleden
Id add a panel on the bottom cause you'll get water and road grime coming up from the bottom. Sweet build guys.
Wisam Car show
Wisam Car show 6 maanden geleden
it’s Wes ?
it’s Wes ? 6 maanden geleden
I love these guys
ismael niru
ismael niru 6 maanden geleden
me too
Chris Minter
Chris Minter 6 maanden geleden
You need to be careful with the generator and where the exhaust fumes go. There have been people get carbon monoxide poisoning from having a generator running too close to the camper at night.
K Williamson
K Williamson 6 maanden geleden
You guys fix the squat on the Jeep!👏
J G 6 maanden geleden
think ya should have wrapped it in digital camo
Lukas Lukutis
Lukas Lukutis 6 maanden geleden
I think you say to much sucker
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