The New Goonzquad Headquarters Part 14

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We are making tons of progress on the inside if the house and on the outside as well! This project is definitely one thats going to expand out horizons and open up some new doors. We are learning so much in the process and we enjoying it all. Cant wait to finish up this well house and move on to bigger and better things! Thanks For Watching!!!
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Isaiah Courtright
Isaiah Courtright 2 dagen geleden
blue and red pipe in the wall is Uponor expansion pex.
Connor and fyn fishing 1
Connor and fyn fishing 1 7 dagen geleden
Bro what are you doing where is the battons u need battons before the ply
Earl Torkkola
Earl Torkkola 14 dagen geleden
The red and blue pipe is called PEX AKA cross linked polyethylene pipe NOT SAFE FOR DRINKING WATER
Casey and Breelyn
Casey and Breelyn 18 dagen geleden
bruh look at all those nails that missed the 2x6 hahha, why not just redo them?? I'm no builder but it would be smart to redo that right?? Or am i crazy?
Christian Cox
Christian Cox 20 dagen geleden
13:27 That is an adult Diadophis punctatus. They are venomous snakes but their fangs are too small to break your skin, and they only grow up to 6-10 inches long. Great for keeping bug eggs down and smaller rodents and pests.
Legend17 20 dagen geleden
18:29 omg that was funny he wants to make sure hes recording everything LOL
Connor Gadbois
Connor Gadbois 21 dag geleden
Rats will eat that pex pipe like crazy since it’s out in the woods , could have done ductless mini splits for the heating and cooling part
Michael Preyer
Michael Preyer 23 dagen geleden
3:00 Nailed it!
Turtle 24 dagen geleden
You guys make the best videos
Deksam101 24 dagen geleden
You could put the plywood on the walls b4 you guys lift them, like building a floor almost, we used to do that all the time back in the day, saves on some scaffolding building for 2nd story places
Pluec 25 dagen geleden
I do hvac
All Computing
All Computing 25 dagen geleden
The blue and red tubes are called Pex tubing
Juan Salazar
Juan Salazar 25 dagen geleden
Og’s know where that tool box started at 20:44
Anthony Attaway
Anthony Attaway 26 dagen geleden
WELL thats a lot of well puns lol
Swirt Coyote5.0
Swirt Coyote5.0 26 dagen geleden
Great work guys! I like seeing y'alls dad out there helping y'all.
Ryan Romano
Ryan Romano 26 dagen geleden
So which one of you gets the master bedroom
Kevin Gallagher
Kevin Gallagher 26 dagen geleden
The one wall covers half of the pvc conduit pipe. They should have been brought in a further into the building before you poured the floor
tommywells100 26 dagen geleden
get pops out there to giterdone!! :)
Janis Barzins
Janis Barzins 27 dagen geleden
Why trhow out all the used wood? Burn it all and use the ash for plants in the backyard
Apache APACHE 28 dagen geleden
Congratulations to you brothers for making your dreams come true!! It’s awesome seeing you two brothers accomplish the dreams that not many young guys you’re ages do . So thank you for sharing all you’re videos wish us..
Tj V.
Tj V. 28 dagen geleden
A garage door on the shed would be good if you wanted to hang out for a min. Not having the doors in the way. 🤠
don pace
don pace 28 dagen geleden
Reminder Never throw away your scrap lumber as much as it cost you will always need lumber for something !!
Ricardo Figueiredo
Ricardo Figueiredo 28 dagen geleden
Nice job
Ethan Macheras
Ethan Macheras 28 dagen geleden
everything looks great!
Josh 28 dagen geleden
Comment section full of cry baby’s, the lads are learning and having fun!
mitch tucker
mitch tucker Maand geleden
all those 2x4 pieces yall are throwing away should be used for bracing between the wall studs and rafter joists
iporcupinetree Maand geleden
support.... you guys don't need support.....
iporcupinetree Maand geleden
try screwing that ply on......
Camryn Loghry
Camryn Loghry Maand geleden
That hanging smile killed me😂😂
GaLoS Maand geleden
How they plan on living there with 2 small rooms?
Mike Parker
Mike Parker Maand geleden
Umm, who's going to cut the grass on that hill when it grows?
Caleb C
Caleb C Maand geleden
18:31 I just could not stop laughing when he popped his head up.
John barfneck
John barfneck Maand geleden
exterior osb here is $22 each what is it there again ?
Tony Hash
Tony Hash Maand geleden
Build a storage closet around the hvac where it pops out into the garage with shelves under it
Allan Moulton
Allan Moulton Maand geleden
Guys, you need a double header and vertical studs around the door opening in order to prevent the weight of the roof from causing he door to bind.
Sam Hines
Sam Hines Maand geleden
Do Americans not use 'noggings'? And plasterboarding/ aquaboarding or just all plyboard
trust Maand geleden
for that size home, you don't need two hvac. you need just one havc properly planned.
Paul H
Paul H Maand geleden
Blue and red water lines is called pex pipe.
Jay P
Jay P Maand geleden
'This right here just gives it some character' (all the missed nails)
Yung Scooter
Yung Scooter Maand geleden
Put a sliding barn door on the well house
Phil Brouzes
Phil Brouzes Maand geleden
You may want to put H-5 hurricane hangers to your joyces they will keep your roof from flying off during heavy storms or winds.
Phil Brouzes
Phil Brouzes Maand geleden
Yes, a Tree house cabin would be epic. I think you can ask for or request tree house plan's from Tree House Masters. He has built the most awesome Tree House all around the world. On the side of your steep sloop like 15 to 20 ft off the ground with a wood bridge connection from upper level, wood stove, large deck overlooking the valley, refrigerator, jacuzzi or Sauna and a couple of hammocks and a bar. It would be a epic build. Keep up the great videos guys you are awesome. God bless
Travis Hill
Travis Hill Maand geleden
Like the pressure? Wait until you have a tank and jet pump... you won’t be able to stop the hose with your thumb
Tyron Williams
Tyron Williams Maand geleden
you need a fire hose water the plants
SWITCH7425 Maand geleden
🙌way to go.....don't mind the arm chair critics...who have never held a hammer before.... enjoying the content wall the way from Ndola ZAMBIA 🇿🇲🇿🇲🇿🇲
kingmanx420 Maand geleden
The red and blue lines are called PEX
Joe Tucker
Joe Tucker Maand geleden
Well I hope you two are happy, you have brought back the safety squad in full worry wart mode and they brought all the keyboard contractors with them. I cant help myself from looking for these assholes in the comments.
Peter Labiak
Peter Labiak Maand geleden
You can use OSB boards but they have to be waterproof external quality type, which is more expensive than equivalent ply (depending on locality etc.). Great feeling learning new skills while doing it, well done! Few things to remember for the future: 1. Always add DPC (Damp Proof Course) under your base plate - concrete is hygroscopic and "sucks" water up from the ground, even if tanked. Using treated timber there will help but will not stop the rot, fungai, etc from attacking your timber. If you bolt through to fix it make sure you are at least 2" away from the edge of the concrete. Bolting through is not the best solution as it first of all "opens up" the sole plates (pressure treatment doesn't really penetrate all the way through timbers) and provides an additional route for moisture to to "creep up it". Best is to measure and draw your walls on concrete plate, drill holes and use chemical resin anchor bolts. 2. OSB is not structural and doesn't offer much membrane stiffness to your walls and roof compared to plywood. It feels "solid" when you push against it but with strong winds it will fold like a house of cards. To prevent it install diagonal bracing on at least two walls and on underside of the roof. You can use steel flats to achieve it without loosing internal space, just notch the faces of studs internally. 3. Since you used OSB make sure you install breather membrane layer on the outside (Tyvek or equivalent) and moisture barrier on the inside. Fill studs and in between rafters with rockwool material and then staple 2000 gauge plastic to the internal faces of the studs (after you installed cross bracing, and all the services i.e. electrics, plumbing, etc then install internal wall & roof finishes of your choice. 4. All that needed as first of all you want it to be frost proof (you might want to install some heating to ensure the internal temps never go below zero) and last long. 5. Externally make sure you have bottom of the wall drip flashing and at least 5" wide gravel border around your pump house, this will help with keeping your walls as dry as possible. 6. Don't forget roof drip flashings and install a gutter and rain down pipes on each side to take away the rain water from your shed and keep it clean from mud being splashed up the walls by rain water. 7. Lay down some anti slip resin paint on flooring system like you used for your car workshop but give concrete 6 weeks to dry first unless you use green concrete compatible floor paint system. 8. Fixing broken cars is much easier :)
Curious K
Curious K Maand geleden
Sheeted... got the roof sheeted up. 👍🏽
Brian Hunt
Brian Hunt Maand geleden
the red and blue plumbing is so your plumber knows hot(red) cold(blue)
TAP001 Maand geleden
New challenge for Goonzquad fans, Count the OSHA violations and compare to the OSHA inspector who is watching.
Joel Scott
Joel Scott Maand geleden
mohammed asam
mohammed asam Maand geleden
That back yard looks on point 💯
SuPrAmAd101 Maand geleden
7:50 firing nails towards yourself, genuinely thought you would have learnt from the near miss in the last video. You know what they say.. you cant teach stupid. Love the content but at the same time i wish you were more invested in your own safety.
Stevie Wildey
Stevie Wildey Maand geleden
You should put the jacuzzi on the rear deck 🤙🏻
Juan Garcia
Juan Garcia Maand geleden
I saw a few hvac problems that you would encounter with how they set it up
Andre Escriche
Andre Escriche Maand geleden
Don’t trust the truss
Esod Mumixam
Esod Mumixam Maand geleden
What is glooooove!? Baby don't hurt me...
Matt T
Matt T Maand geleden
Watching the previous videos again bc the new video isn't up yet :( lol
Dwayne Wright
Dwayne Wright Maand geleden
Y'all won't do cars no more, I mean the thing that got y'all started and put money in your pocket . I have a firestick full of home improvement shows, I suggested that y'all start building luxury cars but that might be too much money for y'all. Dang son y'all built a shed.
Alex Wildner
Alex Wildner Maand geleden
well done, and a bit risky on this roof. looking forward for more motivational vids.
Claudius Kube
Claudius Kube Maand geleden
Wow its crazy guys, your NLposts channel is growing so fast, unbelivable to be a part of that hole Journey.
Vespito Maand geleden
Pops rocking de durag 😂😂
Gman Maand geleden
Wasted time and money on a well house when the well equipment could easily be put in a closet in the garage. Not impressed with the quality of work by your plumber (too many lines on exterior walls) or the HVAC contractors. Too much use of flexible ducts instead of rigid ducts.
Ivan Popovich
Ivan Popovich Maand geleden
i love the house
Joe Smith
Joe Smith Maand geleden
Don't worry you'll feel it when you get older!
Kenneth Sumner
Kenneth Sumner Maand geleden
Do they know danger
FishaholicTherapy Maand geleden
I am just checking to see if the next video is out , just like I do every other day! Always excited to see what you two are up to! Cheers guys!
Gilbert Lakes
Gilbert Lakes Maand geleden
Okay guys I am very proud of you you're a hard-working young man you have accomplished so much by helping each other true Brothers learning together I'm so proud of you I'm a older man have children of my own but I wish you were my grandchildren I really love your work ethic keep in touch many comments likes your friend from the Corvette Bowling Green Kentucky
david galloway
david galloway Maand geleden
Wow, I watched this on a friend's new Samsung 65" 4k television! Incredible. Quite a difference from seeing it on my Samsung S8+ phone. I need a new tv! Love these boys ...their "pop" too. 👍😊
Robert Volpendesta
Robert Volpendesta Maand geleden
Missing the builds! Did you sell the Camaro yet?
stacey lendzian
stacey lendzian Maand geleden
I would like to see long videos
Reason & Understanding
Reason & Understanding Maand geleden
I'm starting to like the home remodeling video's more than the car repair video's. Love the property, u guy's are very talented and your pop's looks very proud! Much success fellas.
Oddbjørn Gebhardt
Oddbjørn Gebhardt Maand geleden
Just saw a youtube channel remake of one of your productions, with some people recording new dubs on it to make a sellable product for NLposts. The name of the channel is The Pals. Don't know if you approve of this, or not, but at least now you know.
gerry mac
gerry mac Maand geleden
Love the show.. watch you lads from Ireland can't wait till you get into your new workshop. When will be ready.🇮🇪🇮🇪🇮🇪🇮🇪🇮🇪
CHEATER BRE Maand geleden
rajesh patel
rajesh patel Maand geleden
now i know how a hurricane blows up a house easily. in US.....nice job boys..keep it up.....just worried bout strength of urs house
Lazy Dave
Lazy Dave Maand geleden
What are these guys names?
Nivek Marshall
Nivek Marshall Maand geleden
You can adjust the exhaust on the air nailer so its not in the dirt
harold fred
harold fred Maand geleden
Kevin Sk
Kevin Sk Maand geleden
When will episodes 15 be posted? I'm longing for it already.
Nick M
Nick M Maand geleden
Hey guys friendly comment. Love the vids but I’m 29 and I stopped jumping out of trucks and stuff cause it will affect your back early. Take care of yourself! Though I would comment when you jumped off your well house lol
Gary Packwood
Gary Packwood Maand geleden
Good, I'm glad you did comment. With tens of thousands of young people watching it won't take many formal complaints before Goonzquad needs to post videos on the history channel. When preparing content for really young people the rule is always ... Do No Harm.
Roger Thaine Sr.
Roger Thaine Sr. Maand geleden
Let the Pro's finish the house/you guys get back to what you're really good at...... Rebuilding Vehicles.
Hafiz JF
Hafiz JF Maand geleden
Where's the next video @goonzquad?
sandra folsom
sandra folsom Maand geleden
Jumping off the roof with a hot nail gun. That’s money.
r sprockets
r sprockets Maand geleden
Covering called. Sheathing. Male trayed cieling for garage. Get concrete screws with plates to hold don sills in pump room
Walter Dominguez
Walter Dominguez Maand geleden
After the hard board wet area you need to primer then paint where the tiles go with a wet area water barrier, like a pool paint to stop leeks.
Chris MTB
Chris MTB Maand geleden
Man i miss the boys: Max, Buddy and Thomas
Brett Walker
Brett Walker Maand geleden
stick to building cars.....your framing is scary.....
Jake Risner
Jake Risner Maand geleden
Definitely at least get the tar paper done on the roof. You dont want that shit to get wet and I know you guys get rain often in the mountains.
Randy Higgins
Randy Higgins Maand geleden
Don't you need a cross brace to keep the roof from pushing the walls out in the middle....pretty sure you need one...
Urban Outdoorsman
Urban Outdoorsman Maand geleden
Who are ya'lls parents man?? Damn, you guys know how to do EVERYTHING.
Jim Huntress
Jim Huntress Maand geleden
couldnt the well house have been half that size? this looks like a shed more than a well house.
surlycrosscheck1 Maand geleden
Love the channel and love all the work guy but boys, please stay focused and don’t get complacent with the tools you guys are rockin’. Some of the chainsaw stuff had me cringe a little, safety glasses or goggles are a no go and the throwing/flipping of tools are whatever but holy hell, that nail gun against the knee did me in!! Boys, I was picturing a nail flying out, traveling through the knee, down into your tibia and out the other side. Absolute destruction. We’re talking major surgeries, major pain, major meds and minimum year to recover (if you ever fully recover). Be safe guys so you can continue the great stuff you do. That was terrifying.
dad E
dad E Maand geleden
Hey Goons lol can u change the background music on intermission to something better then that rinky dinky stuff I've been listening for like 2 years,play somethingsmoother, cooler or even better, music that u and your family love,please I'm interested in what you & your brother listen 2....if it's even possible, thanx brothers, Edwin.
michael ryall
michael ryall Maand geleden
Re name the channel "Bodge it and Scarper" You two are excellent at Rebuilding cars, stick to that , there is so little thought process going on with this home build.
Merial Dumel
Merial Dumel Maand geleden
You guys should paint each room to match a car you rebuilt an painted
Gary Packwood
Gary Packwood Maand geleden
Good thought ...Or select a museum quality framed photograph of a car they rebuilt for each room.
Jerk Of All Trades
Jerk Of All Trades Maand geleden
Osb is crap
xempt. one
xempt. one Maand geleden
Thats bot plywood guys. Thats particle board shit. Swells up like nobodies business when the water gets in. Hope youve sealed her up properly
T_ Grajek
T_ Grajek Maand geleden
Anyone else look at their hand and arm movements as they talk Lmaoo
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