Building The Ultimate Apocalypse Vehicle Part 5

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Now this is a real bug out/apocalypse rig! We have been doing alot of brainstorming to build this beast to our exact specs. The best place to get these ideas was at the local camping and rv center. We also found almost everything that we need to get this thing completely built. We cont wait to see how this turns out. Thanks For Watching!!!
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Leandro Baden
Leandro Baden 20 dagen geleden
Tank Nimrod
Tank Nimrod 28 dagen geleden
Why don’t you guys put a router and WiFi box to help record videos and if y’all get stuck you can get yourself out with a buddy
Bonnie Russell
Bonnie Russell Maand geleden
I really don't think that refrigerator was meant to be used in a solar application. It'll still work, but it's 120 volt and is not designed to be used like this. With solar you wanna mitigate the amount of energy needed to keep your appliances running for as long as possible. Just that one appliance is going to drain your batteries.
Justice Stevens
Justice Stevens Maand geleden
U live in Oklahoma
ᎯᎧᎢ• ᎽᎯᏚᏚᎬᎡ Maand geleden
Badhon Ebrahim
Badhon Ebrahim Maand geleden
I love it
Ivan Madrid
Ivan Madrid Maand geleden
I noticed someone is left handed... My mom always told me that god made a few perfect people and the rest he made right handed 😁
After watching breaking brad, and they keeping saying '' this thing os legit man'' remained me of jesse and his friends 😂😂
maged med7at
maged med7at Maand geleden
love you guys from Egypt 🇪🇬 ❤
Max Dawson
Max Dawson Maand geleden
Bunch of idiots
Josip Kasalo
Josip Kasalo Maand geleden
Comfienes isn't main thing when it comes to surviving in apocalypse
chris niner
chris niner Maand geleden
Loud, slow and 5 mpg. Good luck escaping thousands of looting idiots in that thing. Money down the drain
TIm Nash
TIm Nash Maand geleden
TIM from Canada if you were going again to. The trailer world please take a picture with your phone so you know what you were looking at everyone now has a cell phone if you take some pictures just for your layout
Philippe Je Suis From The Future
Philippe Je Suis From The Future 2 maanden geleden
Sean Miller
Sean Miller 2 maanden geleden
that is a 3-phase power panel. Your generator outputs 2 "hot" wires. Residential circuit breakers boxes have 2 hots. This panel has 3 hots. A third of your power plugs are connected to the third hot bus, and will just never work if you don't connect third hot from a 3-phase generator. The air conditioner is probably 3 phase, and will never work, unless you connect it to 3-phase power. Does the circuit breaker for it look like it's 3 breakers molded together? If you can abide just never having some of the power plugs work, then what you're doing is fine. Otherwise you have to find a 3-phase gennie or have to rip out the circuit breaker panel and replace it.
Eustace Watthour
Eustace Watthour 2 maanden geleden
Again here appears the wanna be white rappers 😂
anttt69 2 maanden geleden
Justice Lee
Justice Lee 2 maanden geleden
You guys need a 120v panel. Spend a few bucks for an electrician. You need serious help with your electrical.
Thomas Shaffer
Thomas Shaffer 2 maanden geleden
Yeah definitely not electricians. There is no 'negative', there's a neutral.
BenBen153 2 maanden geleden
If you vote for Trump take your camping business to other stores than camping world. Look it up.
Dustar ion
Dustar ion 2 maanden geleden
y'all might actually be needing this rig real soon with the riots and shit going on
Mohamed Yagoub
Mohamed Yagoub 2 maanden geleden
This guy said *dude* more in 15 minutes then I have ever in my life
Tod Bryant
Tod Bryant 2 maanden geleden
Its probably a three phase panel 208/277 and you bought a single phase genie 120/240
Michael Howell
Michael Howell 2 maanden geleden
If the virus was as deadly as they would have us believe it is, that store wouldn't have been open neither would Walmart or any of the liquor stores, people wouldn't be wearing fabric masks they would wear haz mat suits. Don't live in fear, don't let the new world order scare you. Fear is the virus. Oh yeah ! and your bug out vehicle is cool.
Twiggy Webber
Twiggy Webber 2 maanden geleden
Dude wish ya'll lived in Canada, cause I would be so be with yahs building that beast of a truck, I wanna build an underground compound, keep up that awesome work homie
Star Heart
Star Heart 2 maanden geleden
I love how positive he is. Where he doesn't know the wiring he stays positive and can tell he has a passion for what he's doing.
Leevi-Gamer YT
Leevi-Gamer YT 2 maanden geleden
I hate how you blink your eyes so freaking much
MXL_WolfGamingYT 2 maanden geleden
there discracing a military vehicle
Mason Swoboda
Mason Swoboda 2 maanden geleden
Please go drive this through the Portland riots... for everyone’s sake
T Mac
T Mac 2 maanden geleden
Why is he flaying his arm's like that in the whole video
T Mac
T Mac 2 maanden geleden
This video is like a commercial made for rich white kids
Luciano Pertile
Luciano Pertile 2 maanden geleden
This is amazing greetings from argentina🙂
S Dew
S Dew 2 maanden geleden
solar is nice, when u got sun....
Charlene 2 maanden geleden
I was really enjoying your channel but you guys are under the deepest mind control that I've seen yet first of all you need to build up an immunity to this virus that's all it is guys it's a virus relax okay you don't need to be Lysoling anything standing 20 feet away from people you need to go near people you need to chill the hell out this is a form of Mind Control wearing a mask do you know that do some research guys really do some research look into this stuff I don't know what sites you're looking at but I thought geez here we go these nice young guys they look like American Patriots about to go on the road be free and you just seem like a couple sjw that are drinking the Kool-Aid wake up man you need to build an immunity to all viruses you know if nobody talked about covid-19 no one would even think it was a big deal and FYI since our great president told CDC that all hospital's had to start reporting to the white house instead of the CDC take a look at all that or retractions they made on the cases they said the flu an Cold was being marked covid just so you know I have a lot of customers that are nurses and doctors they're being told to Mark everything covid so you're panicking for absolutely nothing relax enjoy your Channel
TheGrinding Gamer
TheGrinding Gamer 2 maanden geleden
Y’all should get radio equipment for the beast
Twitch Mute
Twitch Mute 2 maanden geleden
Sayin legit to much it’s so annoying 😂
zhenter 2 maanden geleden
Rowdy Addington
Rowdy Addington 2 maanden geleden
All I’m gonna say is that I have that raptor we just got it a few months ago we love it
Wanderlust 2 maanden geleden
“The solar panels must be about 10 horse power” 😅 original way to measure the power of solar though
Mike34 2 maanden geleden
Joe dirt in the house. Lol like the content guys
Maximalt 2 maanden geleden
damn they really dont know anything about electrisity
Sid Mail
Sid Mail 2 maanden geleden
Militarded wiring is meant to not be civilian compatible.
Beast GamerYT
Beast GamerYT 2 maanden geleden
What is up guys hillbilly Jim here and today I’m gonna duck my truck
Poison street Lights
Poison street Lights 2 maanden geleden
CEO of dude
rubenvsr 2 maanden geleden
There just preparing whats coming..
Olle de Laat
Olle de Laat 2 maanden geleden
Nice video, retarded music
fausto lepe
fausto lepe 2 maanden geleden
Why not add a steel box on the outside for the generator
Budhi Gurung
Budhi Gurung 2 maanden geleden
All fun and games until the military pulls up
Junior MM
Junior MM 2 maanden geleden
They my living dream
Alex Shikin
Alex Shikin 2 maanden geleden
unfortunately the generator has nothing to do with cummins other than the name😪. Chinese generic generator. can't believe Cummins sold out
Drroa 2 maanden geleden
yall are weird and sheep for spraying lysol and wearing gloves lol
David Rosas
David Rosas 2 maanden geleden
Covid is a SCAM. It's about our rights, which we are losing.
salleh kamil
salleh kamil 2 maanden geleden
this is legit dude....
eksine 2 maanden geleden
Do NOT use lead acid batteries. The modern battery is LiFePo4, do your research, buy it off Alibaba or Aliexpress, they also have shipping warehouses in the United States if you need it faster. Watch Will Prowse NLposts channel for the information on how to do it
Lucas Hong
Lucas Hong 2 maanden geleden
R u Canadians??
DSB 118
DSB 118 2 maanden geleden
I would run from that thing if I saw it
Brodie Nunn
Brodie Nunn 2 maanden geleden
My head hurts how do ppl like this get famous...? Absolutely no clue in the world, definitely goons 4 sure
Brodie Nunn
Brodie Nunn 2 maanden geleden
I've seen better set up and ppl with more of a clue setup the back of a 2 seater Suzuki..
thrasherbuddy1 2 maanden geleden
Is it possible that you could do a video without moving your arms and hands🤣🤣
my mum says im special
my mum says im special 2 maanden geleden
Being "cautious" means not touch EVERYTHING 🤣👍
Jake anderson
Jake anderson 2 maanden geleden
You wore gloves but not mask?
Bob James
Bob James 2 maanden geleden
Putting a generator inside a home aint a joke a whole family died over here by doing that when they were a sleep
Marshall Harvie
Marshall Harvie 2 maanden geleden
I want one
josh 2 maanden geleden
Why are they wearing black gloves
James Thomas
James Thomas 2 maanden geleden
Replace battery with lithium iron phosphate
Bean148 2 maanden geleden
I sell the Cummins 4500 gens at my local camping world. Very rare we have one in stock 😂
Rich Mitchell
Rich Mitchell 2 maanden geleden
Guys, you gotta consider maintenance. Post apocalypse, it's going to be hell finding someone who can fix your solar panels if something happens. You guys should add a wood gas generator, or a campfire heat exchange generator. Who needs gas stations, or grid power anyway?
Rain Long
Rain Long 2 maanden geleden
You guys hAd masks but you didn’t wear them..
Leelo Tungal
Leelo Tungal 2 maanden geleden
How freaking spastic can a person be, jumping and waving his hands like this after every sentence
Follow me on instagram: __young__memes__
Follow me on instagram: __young__memes__ 2 maanden geleden
Quit youtube
caitgems1 2 maanden geleden
I like to lube my hand up first to dude.
2484marshall 2 maanden geleden
Why are you attacking me with your every 5th word at the start?
PARAPOLITICOS 2 maanden geleden
90s are over budd.
Cole Decker
Cole Decker 2 maanden geleden
why do i feel like a “that’s cringe” episode by cody ko would be hilarious on this video
Jacob Irwin
Jacob Irwin 2 maanden geleden
Hey I have 2 questions where did you get the solar panels and how much were they?
samuel mcafee
samuel mcafee 2 maanden geleden
Why do they sound so fake
Lorenzo Gonzalez
Lorenzo Gonzalez 2 maanden geleden
Y’all need masks
Derk Gold
Derk Gold 2 maanden geleden
A virus so deadly you need a test to see if you even have it.. think about it. Time to take your god given freedoms back and say no to mark of the beast , read your bibles.. repent and believe in Jesus 2020 AD!
mrmotofy 2 maanden geleden
200w Minimum size panels, less hassle less holes less wiring and cheaper than 2 100w panels. Check out the 200w Hightec panels that are made in the US with 25yr warranty for $185/shipped distributed from ContinuousResources dot com. For batteries much better off with 2 6v Golf cart wired in series for 12v from Sams club, Costco or Batteries + other VMax has great AGM batteries. Generator or Inverter should ALWAYS be a Pure Sine Wave. Their generator is the pure sine inverter style which is why it's got Eco mode and quiet. Honda Yamaha HF Predator Champion or Wen are decent and different price range.
General N9ne
General N9ne 2 maanden geleden
But is the windows bulletproof
Spencer Gittins
Spencer Gittins 2 maanden geleden
That's pretty cool.
Nik 2 maanden geleden
It is funny that they spray stuff down but don’t wear mask
Peyton Lee
Peyton Lee 2 maanden geleden
I had a mobile mansion before but one of the propane tanks exploded and my dad was in there and almost died
Tess 2 maanden geleden
Omg this dude is annoying with his hands
WolfA games
WolfA games 2 maanden geleden
What that the stuff only the army has access too 😂
Relocks 2 maanden geleden
each panel will most likely produce about 100 watts.
James Kelley
James Kelley 2 maanden geleden
You'll still need fuel, right?
MARINO GENTALLAN 2 maanden geleden
I cant sleep with that on
Jorge Frias
Jorge Frias 2 maanden geleden
More solar panels is better than more batteries I'm just saying. In a apocalypse the life span on batteries is max 4 to 10 years panels last over max 25 to 30 year's
VoItrinx 2 maanden geleden
You lysoled everything, but didnt wear a mask at the store...
Chase Allen
Chase Allen Maand geleden
bean gang so why don’t y’all wear them during flu season?
Odin Shablodin
Odin Shablodin Maand geleden
@VoItrinx they were lied to about the cause of death. Do you have any idea about medical science? Koch's Postulate? Apparently not since you believe that the TV and the Government are telling you without question. Covid1984 is a haox, a litmus test to see who will easily obey when the hammer is dropped. Dont believe me, no problem. You will see soon enough what is about to happen to this country and the world. Hope you stocked up on food, water and ammo, cuz you're going to need it.
VoItrinx Maand geleden
@Odin Shablodin Then what do you have to say to the people that have lost family members to it? The virus was fake?
Odin Shablodin
Odin Shablodin Maand geleden
@VoItrinx Covid has never been proven to exist. Every hear of Koch's Postulate? Look it up. BTW, the CDC just said today that 94% of covid deaths were from co morbidity. Covid is a Mind Virus, a litmus test to see who will comply with the Draconian measures. Masks cause hypoxia, the box of the blue surgical masks state very clearly that they DO NOT protect against Cocid or any virus or pathogen. But your virtue signaling is strong, you are such a good person for wearing your mask. Good sheep doing exactly as its told. Enjoy your slavery fool.
VoItrinx Maand geleden
@KVRGA Kvrgic True, but if everyone wears it then you have a very low chance of getting a sickness.
Guru GA
Guru GA 2 maanden geleden
pls bro stay safe
Inposterum Sinesanguines
Inposterum Sinesanguines 2 maanden geleden
Good idea but you really need to calculate some stuff first.
Shaun 2 maanden geleden
Why do these guys take pride in purposely sounding as dumb as possible? They are obviously very smart, so what's with the act? Is it for views??
Vols Nation16
Vols Nation16 2 maanden geleden
Yo we live in the same town, my mom worked at THAT camping world
Justin Addison
Justin Addison 2 maanden geleden
You look like the kid from spy kids
Nathaniel Mccullough
Nathaniel Mccullough 2 maanden geleden
If I never hear the word legit again I'll be ok with that.
PunkSci 2 maanden geleden
Hey heads up with the n95 masks you had, the vented ones you have are no good for covid. The point of the mast is to stop you from spreading it not to stop it spreading to you, so the ones with the vent don't work as it lets unfiltered air out.
Mrtls 2 maanden geleden
Lol it’s funny that you invest a lot in an apocalypse vehicle when fuels like petroleum’s compounds begin to separate from each other after 4 years making it useless
David Munn
David Munn 2 maanden geleden
And it runs on most things flammable
David Munn
David Munn 2 maanden geleden
After that time a think they'll know how to make/remix it
Logan 232
Logan 232 2 maanden geleden
There's stuff you can add to preserve gasoline
Steve Hancock
Steve Hancock 2 maanden geleden
I hate covid-19
Pen Lavits
Pen Lavits 2 maanden geleden
For the lights. You guys should get leds. It uses less power and gives twice the output
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