Building The Ultimate Apocalypse Vehicle Part 6

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What an amazing learning experience this has been so far! Although we might have blew a few things up, we managed to figure it out. This military truck has been one of the most enjoyable projects we have ever done and the possibilities are endless with it. We have so much more coming for this beast and we can't wait to finish it up. Thanks For Watching!!!
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GB Ventrix
GB Ventrix 15 dagen geleden
Darma Sastha
Darma Sastha Maand geleden
Billy sir you are looking cool with the yellow glasses
Top TenZ
Top TenZ Maand geleden
I love how they are working on a apocalypse truck during an ongoing nearly apocalypse 😂
tactical highland
tactical highland Maand geleden
i tried to rewire the plug socket and ended up electrecuting myself never again all i felt was a zap and i was thinking for a moment hmm i should stop there b4 i become steak
Let’sDestroyHaters 2 maanden geleden
It was a pain when I saw him walk on the solar panel’s
David Farah
David Farah 2 maanden geleden
Damn you could run the solar panels in parallel so it would be the same voltage with double amps
Undeadviper82 2 maanden geleden
Jrxkid501 2 maanden geleden
How many cars do you guys have
electro cooper
electro cooper 2 maanden geleden
You don't have 800 watts you have 160 volts 100 watts you neet to put them in parallel to have 800 watt so you can use all the panels
Frank Handy
Frank Handy 2 maanden geleden
You need to have a vent fan for your batteries because of gases in them can build up becausee the heat
Ahmed Dawood
Ahmed Dawood 2 maanden geleden
You shuld do 2 sets of the 4 in series and connect the 2 sets of 4 in parallel
SaintApoc 2 maanden geleden
Me, recognizing how little they knew about the solar system in the previous video: "Please don't wire the batteries in series, please don't wire the batteries in series." goonzquad: ::Wires batteries in parallel:: Me: "Oh good, they're in the clear" goonzquad: "so we blew up the solar charge controllers because we ran our solar panels in series" Me: "Shit, forgot that was a possibility..."
mrmotofy 2 maanden geleden
Don't run a 500w A/C on 1-2 batteries. That's around 40a off em. You'll kill em. Run your panels as 2 in series then paralleled.
Jorge Frias
Jorge Frias 2 maanden geleden
More solar panels is better than more batteries I'm just saying. In a apocalypse the life span on batteries is max 4 to 10 years panels last over max 25 to 30 year's
Guru GA
Guru GA 2 maanden geleden
bro i got an idea put a trailer behind the zombie apocalips truck .Behind the truck is the house lets call it as the home
Joseph Hunt
Joseph Hunt 2 maanden geleden
Run the last two solar panels and charger to a electric dirt bike mounted on the back
o weddle o
o weddle o 2 maanden geleden
Idiots have no idea what they're doing!!
Zayed Al Mheiri
Zayed Al Mheiri 2 maanden geleden
Full the roof with suler pano
Zayed Al Mheiri
Zayed Al Mheiri 2 maanden geleden
fi you agree with me then Hit the like button
Abdul Majeed Ashraf
Abdul Majeed Ashraf 2 maanden geleden
Guys your videos would be great if you listen to your viewers suggestions
Grey Wolf
Grey Wolf 2 maanden geleden
Y'all should look at using LifePO4 batteries, much better.
Paul Hoffman
Paul Hoffman 2 maanden geleden
Yeah that’s cool, where is the video of the hot tub and bitches ???
Red Roof Videos
Red Roof Videos 2 maanden geleden
This is a good video on how not to set up solar. 🤣
alberto salinas
alberto salinas 2 maanden geleden
That blue charge controller looks like a head bonker where it got mounted
Teddy W Gardner
Teddy W Gardner 2 maanden geleden
Lol ok you already screwed the table thing in but I can almost promise you that you want 2 more than 1 especially because that piece of wood isn’t that thick and it either will bend a lot on the edges with one or even snap so I would highly recommend using 2 well spaced out to give a lot better support
XxLord BelxX
XxLord BelxX 2 maanden geleden
With a few metal studs, some sheet metal, caulk, and paint you could take those back doors off and frame out a step down area. #1 you'd have a single door and enclosed stairs that'll be nicer on bare feet or slippers; #2 the extra room left and right becomes closet space and or pantry; #3 everyone doesn't see the entire interior just opening the door; and #4 that truck frame can easily handle a 2-4' cantilever off the back end if you don't care about a tow hitch... 2' of lower level space is awesome.. up to 4.. psh, Taj Mahal..
XxLord BelxX
XxLord BelxX 2 maanden geleden
Then you could even add undercarriage storage blow the stairs with a metal undercarrage box; like a secret stash accessable from only the inside..
Manav Dawar
Manav Dawar 2 maanden geleden
Dont cover the ac
Ferry Vjerman
Ferry Vjerman 2 maanden geleden
7:42 the person who sits there is shaking
Wilhelm O'Luinigh
Wilhelm O'Luinigh 2 maanden geleden
I just started watching your videos a couple hours ago. I was stoked to see you in Chattanooga! Are you guys in North GA?
Kelly McDonald
Kelly McDonald 2 maanden geleden
Ah you guys are killing me rn!! Please dear god please go blast through some van life videos or something. There are millions of people doing this at home using NLposts’s subscribers to help them through and doing the research. Can’t get over how much moneys just went down the drain 😩
Eric Boo
Eric Boo 2 maanden geleden
I wonder how they manage to keep their caps on when driving that convertible.
Joshua D
Joshua D 3 maanden geleden
AHHH.. i miss my S2000 so much... :-(
John SandBech
John SandBech 3 maanden geleden
The Roaming Kilt
The Roaming Kilt 3 maanden geleden
I don't think they make a HVAC unit that small. AC units also need an exaust. You shoving it in a non ventilated box will cause it up run less efficient and cause it to burn out quicker.
Habolaga Nb
Habolaga Nb 3 maanden geleden
damn guys you so stupid😂😂😂
King Masterlord
King Masterlord 3 maanden geleden
Hang on, y'all are in Chattanooga? Man I ain't too far from y'all, you need a pair of hands?
Sebastian Baand
Sebastian Baand 3 maanden geleden
Way you have 2 mil subs i hope you Can get 10 mil subs good Lock Nice workshop
Hendrik D'Hooghe
Hendrik D'Hooghe 3 maanden geleden
nice work guys
Del T
Del T 3 maanden geleden
Easy repair, so you haven't lost $400
Andy Branch
Andy Branch 3 maanden geleden
Did you guys figure it out?
Random Bailey
Random Bailey 3 maanden geleden
You may be able to salvage those solar controllers if you buy the capacitors (make sure they're Japanese capacitors) and solder them on.
Dallas Bolen
Dallas Bolen 3 maanden geleden
I just found this channel. I'm afraid to watch the future videos. Hopefully, they haven't killed themselves or burned down their neighborhood. Don't they EVER read directions?
bl36ky 3 maanden geleden
Btw angled solar panels generate more energy when tilted im just sayin
Just Stuffman
Just Stuffman 3 maanden geleden
manuel corcos
manuel corcos 3 maanden geleden
POR DIOS QUE PAJEROS camina arriba de los paneles y las baterias esas liberan H, aparte rompieron dos controladores nono lo q es ser yanquee q envidia igual
mike horton
mike horton 3 maanden geleden
if you're storing your solar equipment in that storage space you should ass some pc cooling fans in the side of the seating area to keep it all cool in hot weather :)
My old Account
My old Account 3 maanden geleden
Invest in some nickel cadmium batteries, they are a lot more efficient than lead acid
Pulsar’s pencils
Pulsar’s pencils 3 maanden geleden
His favorite words are pretty dang and sucker
Kevin Hall
Kevin Hall 3 maanden geleden
Need to make sure have good ventilation for battery
bonzology 3 maanden geleden
That solar setup will NOT run your ac, you can use all the extra panels, just wire in series and your voltage stays the same
Thomas Jenifer
Thomas Jenifer 3 maanden geleden
Just a side note for the future you can mount the solar panels on slides that way you can still access the roof for whatever you want to do
Unknown Regions
Unknown Regions 3 maanden geleden
I dont understand why they dont run the solar power to the batteries already in use by the truck, also please get some waterproof gromets for those cables going through the walls.
Richard Cress
Richard Cress 3 maanden geleden
you can use all 8 solar panels. if your running a 12v system you need to have 24 v coming from your solar, by running your panels in parallel you will not increase your volts only your amps.
harrison dennison
harrison dennison 3 maanden geleden
“We got some water” picks up pink liquid 🤣🤣🤣
Kanin DRAKE 2 maanden geleden
TTV YoBoiT yes
TTV YoBoiT 2 maanden geleden
Brandon Wallace
Brandon Wallace 3 maanden geleden
Michael Coy
Michael Coy 4 maanden geleden
Commenters: No!!!!! Goonzquad: Okay chill
Sidney Griffiths
Sidney Griffiths 4 maanden geleden
That table has absolutely no stability! Cheats!
Prince of Babylon
Prince of Babylon 4 maanden geleden
The sink is huge you should’ve pick a smaller one but good job
Brad Brent
Brad Brent 4 maanden geleden
I'm concerned thees guys are millionares and cant wire a decent off grid system. I'm sorry boys but this is a fail in my books. No lithium batteries and not enough juice to do what you want your numbers are way off. Its not just wrong batteries.
Christan Ornelaz
Christan Ornelaz 4 maanden geleden
Good job
Bo Andresen
Bo Andresen 5 maanden geleden
I do not get why you are not putting solar ALL over the top of the truck. ...and all military look... not white walls.
Grinds Gaming
Grinds Gaming 5 maanden geleden
make a mini cargo rack on the roof
Bruno Zagorac
Bruno Zagorac 5 maanden geleden
Goonzsquad: ok let's make a survival apcalypse vehicle also Goonzsquad: * builds a luxury home *
pa h
pa h 5 maanden geleden
why would you put batteries inside and take up valuable space, when you have the whole undercarriage. build a battery box and mount to frame
dazzleyd 5 maanden geleden
you could use the spare solar panels to charge the truck batteries, its good to have a spare system in place of any malfunction.
John vellis
John vellis 5 maanden geleden
Hi guys nice job you need someone protecting the solar from trees aluminium base a WISH good health from GREECE
Sippy Sharma
Sippy Sharma 6 maanden geleden
Love ur videos Nd love FROM INDIA🇨🇮
chris flanagan
chris flanagan 6 maanden geleden
Fellas - come on, I love your enthusiasm but you’re approach on the solar is ready, fire, aim... slow down and learn first!
Rainbow Cookie
Rainbow Cookie 6 maanden geleden
Why don't you fix your solar charger That's a pretty easy fix A new capacitor and a new diod
Daasmangi DIGBY Holeong
Daasmangi DIGBY Holeong 6 maanden geleden
A bit of googling will help...
man dalay
man dalay 6 maanden geleden
I once said you guys we're idiots seeing this video I realize that I still believe you guys are idiots however I like the fact that when you made a mistake you explained it and showed how to correct it you have since turned me into a believer of you or Channell I really like watching guys fix things and learn as you go keep up the good work
Anthony Greaves
Anthony Greaves 6 maanden geleden
Personally guys I recommend installing those batteries on the outside of the rig and also run 4 battery to have longer power overnight and also help with extra reserve power when it cloudy and in the shade. 12 volt Golf Cart batteries is the best for constant charging and discharging (such as the military grade batteries on that rig) and, yes golf cart batteries are expensive. Stay safe all
mrmotofy 2 maanden geleden
GC2 are $85/ea at Costco or $90 at Batteries +
jacob haas
jacob haas 6 maanden geleden
look at his smile at 17:27
Adventures 6 maanden geleden
where yo gloves boy
AcousticTheory 6 maanden geleden
You need to open up some more ventilation around your AC unit; the louvers in the front of the box aren't enough but you could add some ventilation in the bottom of that box where it sits so that the side vents and the front of the outdoor coil can get the hot air out and it doesn't just build up in that box. And you have to isolate the inside of the AC from the outside otherwise heat will just flow back around the AC unit into the space. The AC can only be effective if it operates between two relatively sealed-off spaces.
AcousticTheory 6 maanden geleden
So I find these guys way too bubbly and positive but I like the project so far, and also the Gradall forklift project.
Steven Faber
Steven Faber 6 maanden geleden
Caulk over the nuts too.
tommy broughton
tommy broughton 6 maanden geleden
you might have a need to rebuild the battery side as a sliding tray for future access...
Peter Faria
Peter Faria 6 maanden geleden
Hey should of added the panels to a bracket so you can tilt them depending on where the sun is, good luck tho
naufal aqil
naufal aqil 6 maanden geleden
Im still waiting an update on the viper and the ferrari
Lone star state 4x4 lifted life
Lone star state 4x4 lifted life 6 maanden geleden
You should build a metal or plastic tray for the batteries because they will probably leak acid and ruin the floor.
That GUY
That GUY 6 maanden geleden
I think your original plan for the table was better.
David Kelm
David Kelm 6 maanden geleden
learn to blow stuff up 👍
dave halloween
dave halloween 6 maanden geleden
You keep going out to store and public. Think about you and brother distance your selves from your parents. Your safe older adults is whst this virus is hitting be careful ok love you guy your great
dave halloween
dave halloween 6 maanden geleden
Just a reminder should you vent where battery are for fume . And the big access panel hiuw about hing it to get to generator
JEFFREY JOHNSON 6 maanden geleden
it would be good to use fire-rated plywood with at least 1-hour rating.
Trey Senn
Trey Senn 6 maanden geleden
What would y’all think about putting the solar panels on sliders so they could slide off the roof. That would give you “so much more room for activities” as well as a canopy for below when the panels are extended. Ehhh ehhh?
Jay Jonah
Jay Jonah 6 maanden geleden
you guys could have also done a series - parallel, connect 4 solar panels in series, and then the other 4 in series, and then put those two groups in parallel. and what everyone has said, you really should vent your battery chamber
Jonathan Avila Cabrones
Jonathan Avila Cabrones 6 maanden geleden
Doesnt watch goonzquad for a week cause of work... now I have an hour and ahalf of videos🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌 cant get better then this
D H 6 maanden geleden
There's hope for America yet with Young Men like these. Lord keep you.
Joseph Bosquez
Joseph Bosquez 6 maanden geleden
Mobile break room😂😂 love the build
Arrie Sekhon
Arrie Sekhon 6 maanden geleden
Watching this in country lockdown from another part of the world .. aren’t you guys locked down ?
bilishu aliss
bilishu aliss 6 maanden geleden
Take a shot every time he throws his arm out when he’s talking
Erick Simple Mechanics and More
Erick Simple Mechanics and More 6 maanden geleden
U guys are doing awesome job right there. If u guys are taking that car for off road u should do a tent camping on the top of the car, it will be look really cool.
bilishu aliss
bilishu aliss 6 maanden geleden
Take a shot every time he throws his arm out when he’s talking
Guy Fawkes
Guy Fawkes 6 maanden geleden
A lot of negative comments on here. I just wanted to say something positive. Thank you for all that you do and keep making your ideas manifest regardless of the negative people.
bilishu aliss
bilishu aliss 6 maanden geleden
Whats sad is these guys don't read their viewers comments, and they will go on a trip and end up getting hurt in the unit because they didn't move batteries as viewers
beedsj roiue
beedsj roiue 6 maanden geleden
it. Just do Formica. It’s cheap and lighter weight too.
bilishu aliss
bilishu aliss 6 maanden geleden
lithium batteries like they are in electric vehicle and the are usable from 1% to 100% :p
Sean Dalton
Sean Dalton 6 maanden geleden
How about LiFePO4 batteries? They'll go to 80% depth of discharge and they'll last for 1500 to 2000 cycles.
Owen Morales
Owen Morales 6 maanden geleden
Devon P
Devon P 6 maanden geleden
You guys should route your cables to the truck battery with fuses so that when the truck is on the alternator will charge your solar panel batteries too. I can give more explanation on that if you guys want. I do it on my upfits for customers for their power inverters with their inverter batteries.
beedsj roiue
beedsj roiue 6 maanden geleden
Goonsqaud what do you do when your not recording what’s your daily life??
William Irons
William Irons 6 maanden geleden
Hei sorry to ask buta are guys twins,or something cause I get confused sometime. First time I would see your faces together in this video
SuperMultisports 6 maanden geleden
More merch on your site please
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