The New Goonzquad Headquarters Part 10

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We are back and things are getting epic!!! We finally found a spiral staircase that going to make the entire backyard super unique. Also we start on the landscaping in efforts to prevent any type of soil erosion. This has been a super interesting project so far but we are enjoying every bit of it. Cant wait to show you guys whats next!!! Thanks For Watching!!!
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That one guy
That one guy Uur geleden
Mulch and flowers not grass
Keylan Trahan
Keylan Trahan Dag geleden
Y’all need to do the concrete to the end of the posts then put the fake grass between the rocks and the concrete so it’s no maintenance
Rob Trudel
Rob Trudel 2 dagen geleden
Ronnie Stiltner
Ronnie Stiltner 4 dagen geleden
16:32 Escavater ???? Excavater
Ross Kerns
Ross Kerns 7 dagen geleden
Hi How about savior all your wood for a fire pit
Jamarius Williams
Jamarius Williams 12 dagen geleden
yall know damn well yall cant be playing around on that dangerous equipment lmao
Pier Alla
Pier Alla 16 dagen geleden
If I were in you, i' d dig a ditch above the rocks straight though the cliff from right to left, than put a drain hose inside and cover it with gravel, that way the water coming down the cliff will fall into the drain hose and be drained away. And will even be masked by the grass 😊
KOOL_KID 17 dagen geleden
Imagine they order food and someone has to drive up a mountain.
Franzz 18 dagen geleden
Okay, day 3 of watching goonzquad and i'm on part 10 already, saw their new post 3 days ago about their headquarters and i was like, you know what? Im gonna watch it starting to part 1
Robert Hubbard
Robert Hubbard 21 dag geleden
Plant some blueberry bushes in front of the rocks and cement the rest.
Jake O'Connell
Jake O'Connell 21 dag geleden
Quit with the damn hand waves every 2 seconds🙄
Deksam101 22 dagen geleden
All the fire wood you guys are throwing out... =(
Jeremy Augustine
Jeremy Augustine 24 dagen geleden
@8 mins that’s the billy goat da a a a ng son 🐐 😂😂
Ethan Macheras
Ethan Macheras 26 dagen geleden
staircase and rock wall turned out better than i thought it would!
Jami Sorensen
Jami Sorensen 27 dagen geleden
do mulch
rawa majeed
rawa majeed 28 dagen geleden
eNZy lb
eNZy lb Maand geleden
8:30 am i the only one hearing a rattlesnake noise?!
Kalani.21 Maand geleden
Some grass between the concrete and the rocks would look super good
HoneyBadger Motorworks
HoneyBadger Motorworks Maand geleden
Your view and open area in the front will be a great spot to do some trap shooting!
Brian McIntyre
Brian McIntyre Maand geleden
Drain system.
DARK Spirits
DARK Spirits Maand geleden
make the deck a garage under it
Jay G
Jay G Maand geleden
stamp all the concrete
octavious harris
octavious harris Maand geleden
if y=you put concrete their than it could be a space for cars.
Grahame Davis
Grahame Davis Maand geleden
Is this still a car show I don’t know what the fuck going on are they’re going to but wheels on that house legit and all that good stuff
Zephyr Pitre
Zephyr Pitre Maand geleden
Your path going by the staircase looks a little narrow.
Anthony Tofstad
Anthony Tofstad Maand geleden
what would you do if your dad pulled up when you where swinging on the end of the excavator
Noeljr chavez
Noeljr chavez Maand geleden
The soccer skills😍😂
Kodgamer197 KC
Kodgamer197 KC Maand geleden
Please put all your time lapse of your backyard where all your rocks are all together and and have it all in a video,
Salvador Solano
Salvador Solano Maand geleden
Muros de piedras escondites de VÍBORAS 🐍🆘️
SiccNote Maand geleden
can I just give you guys a tip, you can use a bag of dried sement with the dirt you guys are digging up, put it in loose areas of your wall to make it strong also help hold back any water back if it gets in there and make the wall as one huge rock, but have to say this is looking amazing good work guys.
Ray Spencer
Ray Spencer Maand geleden
I think a fire pole off the deck is a must have. The guys would love it!!
Aaron Breckenridge
Aaron Breckenridge Maand geleden
No maintenance all concrete....Dang Son!!!!
Kurt Mondrush
Kurt Mondrush Maand geleden
Make sure you put a drain in for all the water runoff.
Kayden Rohlik
Kayden Rohlik Maand geleden
Do all concrete
Go Havel
Go Havel Maand geleden
Didn’t know your video was going to Turn into a first person Minecraft game for like 30 seconds
MrSpidave Maand geleden
What you made is just really amazing. Good job !
W.P. M.
W.P. M. Maand geleden
Awesome work!! Closing in the garage: Cement to the rocks. Cement to at least edge of the house, All stamped. Maybe a rock edge at the far side house cement edge so it is finished off like the wall.
Mar cus
Mar cus Maand geleden
@ 20:20 Is it just me or i see a bear in the wood just chillin?
Mar cus
Mar cus Maand geleden
Oh, it was just the angle. It looks like a cave
Rob Rowland
Rob Rowland Maand geleden
Love the deck and the idea too pour a cement patio under it. Just a idea too make it useable all year and in any weather (rain and snow and great shade). If u install corigated roofing panels under the deck(patio roof) slope it slightly too a gutter and down spout. This will create a dry useable patio/bbq area off the kitchen all year long. The deck will hold the weight of snow and roof panels will catch melting snow and rain. Looking great keep it up 👍
Nathan Hastings
Nathan Hastings Maand geleden
Best NLposts channel
Nathan Hastings
Nathan Hastings Maand geleden
Love you guys
Nathan Hastings
Nathan Hastings Maand geleden
2:03 y’all I feel ya that me lol
ali yt gaming
ali yt gaming Maand geleden
20:11 whats that in the back ground
Mankyjs Jankyjs
Mankyjs Jankyjs Maand geleden
7:24 minecraft
Michael Worthington
Michael Worthington Maand geleden
You may want to consider putting a concrete footing under the staircase, rather than just 4" of concrete. They may move up and down unless you pour a footing. FYI
ash ley
ash ley Maand geleden
boys wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy toooooooooo many ADS
Edforce One
Edforce One Maand geleden
Stamped concrete all the way.👍🏻
Darrin Douglas
Darrin Douglas Maand geleden
Stenciled concrete would go with the bush rocks for sure......
Lhey Motovlog
Lhey Motovlog Maand geleden
Nice build,i was enjoying watch your video,nice video editing guys😀.,keep it up.,
Peter Langford
Peter Langford Maand geleden
Ramo Hemalas
Ramo Hemalas Maand geleden
Gotta love the proper English boys, less steepest and most tallest.. It gets no more technical and that ...Hee Haw...lmfao
Edilson Carneiro
Edilson Carneiro Maand geleden
Esse lugar é show
Edilson Carneiro
Edilson Carneiro Maand geleden
Ryan May
Ryan May Maand geleden
It looks great, but I seriously doubt you are anywhere close to what code stipulates in terms of space around the stairs...
Battle Tude
Battle Tude Maand geleden
Ok, me can't stands no more. The rocks are Shale. And it's not bush hogging. It is brush hogging. Ok, rant complete. I really like what you boys are doing there though. Very nice.
nikkolaus Maand geleden
0:03 Somebody from OSHA is having an aneurysm right now...
juan2205juan Maand geleden
Now that the deck is done, can you guys go on top of the roof and check out the view from there?
mitch tucker
mitch tucker Maand geleden
snakes gonna love sunnin on that warm rock wall!!LOLOL
Richard Poblete
Richard Poblete Maand geleden
4:05 Looks slippery when wet, need to make those steps rough for anti-slip for outdoor use.
Brian Dale
Brian Dale Maand geleden
Your loud bugs are nicknamed JAR FLIES because of their loud jar like sound not sure what kind of bugs they are but grampa called them jar flies.
Lukasz Maand geleden
Nice build you guys keep doing what you doing liking what you doing stay safe stay legal
eldys diaz
eldys diaz Maand geleden
I dont work in construction and dont just kill me all of does who know about construction but if it was me on the stairs situation instead of cutting the last step i would leave it in... thats only if the finishing floor level of the concrete is above the step that would make those stairs beyond solid ..
B Gee
B Gee Maand geleden
I'm with the grass patch next to the concrete, just adds a touch of texture.
A Grant
A Grant Maand geleden
Think a set of forks for the skid steer would make that easier. Keep up the good work fella's.
larry tait
larry tait Maand geleden
Really nice wall. You are really lucky to have thick flat limestone like that. It would cost a fortune to buy and install stone like that. Kudos. Love it!
TheSiekieramotyka Maand geleden
Correct, do not waste wood !
Loud Music Me Dancing
Loud Music Me Dancing Maand geleden
“Water Falling Through Those Rocks Would Look Awesome!” Drop A Like If You Agree✅
Andre Mauvis
Andre Mauvis Maand geleden
Goonzquad, where have your adverts gone? Are you de-monetized? You need to fix pronto!
That One Leafs Fan
That One Leafs Fan Maand geleden
Put the concrete to the edge of the porch and then make a nice garden between the edge and the rocks
Devin Maand geleden
Y’all should do a waterfall
Toby Clark
Toby Clark Maand geleden
Y'all should do bead liner or rhino liner what ever y'all call it on the stairs thats what i would do its safer and you would git better grip
Roberto Tario
Roberto Tario Maand geleden
Milk moss search it up it could help for the moss in the rock 💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯
john off grid trion solar
john off grid trion solar Maand geleden
hi there nice place form john off grid
UPbuild Maand geleden
That’s fantastic, looking awesome. Looking forward to seeing this area finished 👍👍
jorge rojas
jorge rojas Maand geleden
why dont you guys take more of the mountain off. I feel like it could become an issues when its raining and could be a land slide and affect the house
Chris Laughren
Chris Laughren Maand geleden
Chris Laughren
Chris Laughren Maand geleden
Do you know how much money you saved building the retaining wall?
Chris Laughren
Chris Laughren Maand geleden
Should the backyard wall of mud be braced somehow?
jason castillo
jason castillo Maand geleden
What’s next 🤔rebuilding a plane
Trey Driver
Trey Driver Maand geleden
Definitely gonna subscribe to your channel
John Young
John Young Maand geleden
Take note of the comments boys. You need advice on land draiage and ground strata. You think those rocks will hold back ground, no way. Thats like pissin in the ocean.
gaborsvt Maand geleden
For the railing a suggestion place a smaller square tube inside the railing to make the joint 100% stronger than a butt weld. The way I would do it!!! The retaining wall looks awesome. Glad your reclaiming the stones...You saving money at the same time!!!
steven dyndiuk
steven dyndiuk Maand geleden
Ok fellas, here is what I'd do with that area... Pour a cement slab, up to the rocks the entire length of the house. I would also look into having a roof installed to the bottom side of the deck just for a free dry space.
Dave Stubbs
Dave Stubbs Maand geleden
Building a massive retaining wall is a matter of physics. If it's not too late, you guys should spend a few bucks and have an engineer spec out the requirements for the retaining wall. You don't want rain to loosen the dirt/clay on that slope and have it all slump under your deck. There's already evidence of mass wastage on the one face of the hill. So, be mindful.
SMXVI Maand geleden
you should of built the deck last.where you put that spiral stair case , you should of wrapped the deck around the house that way you would have a sik view of the valley and not a view of a wall hill.. its funny to watch you both act like builder engineers
Dave Stubbs
Dave Stubbs Maand geleden
So, did I hear correctly (@8:40), one of the brothers is named Lou?
Low TV
Low TV Maand geleden
let me ask something is that a mini cave? or else in behind you 20:03
rgbigdog Maand geleden
Patio Pavers under that deck would look great.
Cory Frye
Cory Frye Maand geleden
Love the progress y'all have made keep up the good work guys
Chris S
Chris S Maand geleden
Snakes are gonna love yall!
tim goodsell
tim goodsell Maand geleden
If this NLposts thing doesn't work out, you guys could get excavator operator jobs.
Mason Milks
Mason Milks Maand geleden
You’re going to want to put a rubber backing behind the rocks so the water doesn’t erode the dirt behind it👍👍
Jeff Campbell
Jeff Campbell Maand geleden
Twere it me, I'd paint the treads on the stairs with bedliner.
Joey Ostrom
Joey Ostrom Maand geleden
Y’all should rebuild a crashed dump truck!
banga8080 Maand geleden
Love the rock wall And it actually provide extra seating for parties
Mitty Plamer
Mitty Plamer Maand geleden
Stamp the patio area with rock print and then keep the driveway flat
Fisherman978 Maand geleden
I'll give $500 to the first person who can tell me how much goon squad has donated in their internet presence . Hint its 0
Skippy roo
Skippy roo Maand geleden
You should leave the bottom step on it will act as an anchor when you concrete around it
Aku Bro Z
Aku Bro Z Maand geleden
Rebuild rotary car pls😢
Chris Dayton
Chris Dayton Maand geleden
Anyone seen the castle that's built down the road from here?? looks crazy.
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