Rebuilding The Worlds Biggest Forklift!!!

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This is going to be an epic rebuilding journey!!! This massive piece of heavy equipment is going to make our job a whole lot easier. We purchased this loader from an insurance auction which minor dents and scratches as the damage report. However upon further inspection we noticed it was a lot worse than that. This is definitely going to take our knowledge to a different level and we are happy to share it with you guys! Thanks For Watching!!!
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Samuel Packard
Samuel Packard 4 uur geleden
Came for a big forklift... found a small telehandler...
amanita333 2 dagen geleden
yaaaw bruhh can u move your hands a little bit more please i have a hard time reading ur expression! thanks!!
Avery 10 dagen geleden
Thomas Phillips
Thomas Phillips 11 dagen geleden
i have bigger forklift where i live
Boris Badenov
Boris Badenov 17 dagen geleden
Punk crap.
Pott's Hill sanctuary
Pott's Hill sanctuary 18 dagen geleden
I've seen one that makes that one look tiny
Bahast Kurd
Bahast Kurd 21 dag geleden
Painting a the worlds beggest forklift
Milo Benson
Milo Benson 24 dagen geleden
The subtle flexes, though.
Kayden Sackrider
Kayden Sackrider 24 dagen geleden
dude dude dude XD
Bob C
Bob C 25 dagen geleden
Made in New Philadelphia Ohio by Gradall. Now called Alamo. One of my largest customers. Probably sold them the welding equipment and filler metals used to make your beast! Gradall built some of the best! Good luck with her!
Brighton Whitman
Brighton Whitman 28 dagen geleden
its not a forklift its a telehandler because it has a boom
Mufaka Jones
Mufaka Jones 29 dagen geleden
You have to give their parents a shitload of kudos for how they raised those guys because can you imagine had they gotten into drugs, they would be like the two whiskers on a turbo cake mixer spinning at 18000 rpm with all the energy they have without any. It's to bad more parents don't raise their kids to have this kind of enthusiasm towards hard work.
Tony Villacci
Tony Villacci Maand geleden
liked subed am bell all
DIALINGLUNAR /_\ Maand geleden
Chevy ran Detroit’s in their trucks in the 90’s before the Duramax, they also went in boats semis and lots and lots of heavy equipment
sans hpyer took
sans hpyer took Maand geleden
of it?
John Carter
John Carter Maand geleden
what school did you 2 attend?
AARØN FØNES AKA The Fonze Maand geleden
do you realize there is a 50k forklift right?
jerry paller
jerry paller Maand geleden
I drove 20 ton forklift 50 years ago THE cab was 2 storys off the ground. we actually drove it on the street where I worked argon national
KRAYMO1 Raymond
KRAYMO1 Raymond Maand geleden
Like r30 skyline backlights ha ha back whels steer so turn opposite Direction im sure cool
BroodjeKaas Maand geleden
Is it an 10 tonner? i can drive till 10 ton bigger needs another license
BroodjeKaas Maand geleden
Just for the fact this isnt the biggest one lol ive seen bigger once but you need an 10+ ton license
Blu Keed
Blu Keed Maand geleden
Slap some FORGIATOS on that thing DUDE.....😀
Focu5 More
Focu5 More Maand geleden
y do they just keep saying dude
Heather Russell
Heather Russell Maand geleden
9ooiioooi i oiii[ioo0988p]o 9
Gor Cer
Gor Cer Maand geleden
Heavy machinery must have mandatory teardown and inspection @ 10 years ???? 😲😲🤫🤫🤫🤠🤠🤠🤠
Anthony Robertson
Anthony Robertson Maand geleden
Looks like 2 Kids that don't know what the hell there doing
Andrew brummer
Andrew brummer Maand geleden
The amount of stupidity in this video
Mike Weeks II
Mike Weeks II 2 maanden geleden
I got a 554 y'all missing out
MrFlames1975 2 maanden geleden
Did it come with some training to drive it?
Joe Campbell
Joe Campbell 2 maanden geleden
Must be nice to waste money buying something you know nothing about. If you want to see giant forklifts go to the port. The one you have is tiny in comparison.
onebabyguerilla Johnnysparks
onebabyguerilla Johnnysparks 2 maanden geleden
Love the channel but fellas thats definitely not the world's biggest forklift, I mean just for starters a cat DP150 with the lowest stage mast would make that fella look small....
Severino Patricio
Severino Patricio 2 maanden geleden
Vocês conversa demais gosto muito de você mas vocês conversa demais
john brooks
john brooks 2 maanden geleden
Definately not the worlds biggest forklift.Not even the worlds biggest Tele handler
Health Nut
Health Nut 2 maanden geleden
Everything e I hear you guys” pops is gonna help us” I think of my dad. The things we used to spend time on when I was younger.
Swaggy Subscriber
Swaggy Subscriber 2 maanden geleden
Oklahoma anyone? Ik yall saw that license plate
sans hpyer took
sans hpyer took 2 maanden geleden
i will
sans hpyer took
sans hpyer took 2 maanden geleden
hello guys i we sigh in so i guesty is a 33k my vdieos mmm i can say something's so byee!
sans hpyer took
sans hpyer took 2 maanden geleden
Jack Jacke
Jack Jacke 2 maanden geleden
Love the green paint!
CoLew Gaming
CoLew Gaming 2 maanden geleden
Usually don’t see authentic energy and excitement from a 2mill+ channel. That’s a yuge forklift. I drove one almost like that in the AF. 10k AT Lol
Eduardo Sotelo
Eduardo Sotelo 2 maanden geleden
Ditroit 430. Or. 470. Very. Good. Ingene. Guys. !!!
Eelco van Tilburg
Eelco van Tilburg 2 maanden geleden
Repaint it !
Gary Bentley Sr
Gary Bentley Sr 2 maanden geleden
If your going to sell it Let buyer get it hauled
CORA MILLER 2 maanden geleden
I love your channel
ROSA 2 maanden geleden
flip it!! hydraulcics nightmare!! to old. to overhaul engine $25ooo.oo flip it and buy all terriain one!!new
Mattias Fürstenbach
Mattias Fürstenbach 2 maanden geleden
why is this in my recommended
Chris Frederick
Chris Frederick 2 maanden geleden
How have these dummies not killed themselves yet? Lol.. wow. Hopefully its mostly just an act.
Ethel 2 maanden geleden
Hertzy Bertzy
Hertzy Bertzy 2 maanden geleden
this is a pretty big telehandler, but its nowhere near being the worlds biggest forklift
don genova
don genova 2 maanden geleden
far from the biggest.
Oriental Beauty
Oriental Beauty 3 maanden geleden
click bait.
david hemphill
david hemphill 3 maanden geleden
That’s not the “worlds biggest forklift” what’s funny is that’s a little one 🤦🏼‍♂️ these dudes don’t think before they talk
Howling Beats
Howling Beats 3 maanden geleden
Technically this thing called a telehandler. Not a forklift.
Leo Osborne
Leo Osborne 3 maanden geleden
Twin turbos lol
Dylan Troutman
Dylan Troutman 3 maanden geleden
Why do they like turbochargers so much?
Dylan Troutman
Dylan Troutman 3 maanden geleden
Like how he says the forlift has a little bit of rust. He was looking at the outside. Thats fixable. Just make sure the frame isn't rusting out.
LiquidBlackWolf 3 maanden geleden
Its not that big... and its not a forklift.. and I've worked besides A LOT bigger
french fries
french fries 3 maanden geleden
I like how the time of the video is 20:20
Joe 3 maanden geleden
Jake Mellowzz
Jake Mellowzz 3 maanden geleden
DiamondFoxyfan 3 maanden geleden
Why is this the first video when you search up youtube?
Peter Finsaas
Peter Finsaas 3 maanden geleden
CEO of dude
Google User 10
Google User 10 3 maanden geleden
Bro... his hand movements and his hype in the intro is so corny lol
j k
j k 3 maanden geleden
Thats not even the Worldest biggest forklift. I've seen them way bigger.
opnwndo 3 maanden geleden
Far from biggest, our old one could pick that one up easy.
David Giles
David Giles 3 maanden geleden
if you deliver Ill give you a ben franklin that recently pressure washed/laundered for it
darkstar777 3 maanden geleden
the axle moves forward to displace the weight on trailer I'm a truck driver /diesel mechanic / aviation mechanic
darkstar777 3 maanden geleden
I'm also hydraulic systems trained
zakary lennon Moucka
zakary lennon Moucka 3 maanden geleden
I see he drifted forklift almost crash it
TrukenX 3 maanden geleden
I think you should rename this video *Rebuilding the World's Cutest Compact Boom Reach Forklift* still keep up the good work.
Reba Lewis
Reba Lewis 3 maanden geleden
Ivan Madrid
Ivan Madrid 4 maanden geleden
Haha this one is a great episode 👌😂
Monalisa Lorena Santos
Monalisa Lorena Santos 4 maanden geleden
Amber Condrey
Amber Condrey 4 maanden geleden
Like 👍 The
Clyde Carr
Clyde Carr 4 maanden geleden
I frickin love these guys!!
MrMover52 4 maanden geleden
That is a Baby .A 50 tonner thats a real forklift .
Roman Duque
Roman Duque 4 maanden geleden
Thats not the worlds biggest forklift.
hollie bradley
hollie bradley 4 maanden geleden
Robby 4 maanden geleden
by far one of the worst videos ever. first off, where did you get the idea it is "the worlds biggest forklift"? totally downhill right from the title.
peter d
peter d 4 maanden geleden
speak normal...
Rober alpha
Rober alpha 4 maanden geleden
poisonchildofaol 4 maanden geleden
worlds biggest forklift... hardly... lol we have lifts that could lift that little thing... lol
AbDuL_MuEeZ Mughal
AbDuL_MuEeZ Mughal 4 maanden geleden
wow I spammed 7 on my keyboard and he kep sayin boom
Ivan Madrid
Ivan Madrid 4 maanden geleden
Crash.. almost.. haha that was great dude!!
Jeannette Bertelsen
Jeannette Bertelsen 4 maanden geleden
wayne palmer
wayne palmer 4 maanden geleden
As a general mechanic(diesel/heavy equipment) for several years , I wish I had the opportunity to share my knowledge with these guys. Yes they are young but they need proper guidance before someone gets hurt. I suggest looking at some operating safety videos
nevaeh duncan
nevaeh duncan 5 maanden geleden
Donald Prairie
Donald Prairie 5 maanden geleden
One of the sticks should operate extend. Right extend. left retract.
Leo Osborne
Leo Osborne 5 maanden geleden
The Detroit diesel is a 2 stroke diesel, uses a blower to push air into the cylinder through ports and they usually have either 2 or 4 exhaust valves per cylinder. Because the engine is a 2 stroke it sounds like it’s running twice as fast as it really is.
Leo Osborne
Leo Osborne 5 maanden geleden
Those 4-71 Detroit were sometimes factory turbocharged, so you might be able to get a kit and a stock replacement turbo. I believe the engine is a 4-71 Detroit Diesel, 4.6liters, or 71 ci per cylinder.
TheAtomizer 5 maanden geleden
there are actually far bigger forklifts....
Jeremiah 5 maanden geleden
Words biggest forklift? NO IT"S NOT!!! More like you guys are the world's biggest assholes for putting out false headlines! We've got a bigger forklift at a tiny shop in South Dakota. THUMBS DOWN to your FALSE INFORMATION!
Illiya Kuryakin
Illiya Kuryakin 5 maanden geleden
Oh, and "Two brake pedals"...OMG, lol.
Illiya Kuryakin
Illiya Kuryakin 5 maanden geleden
"Dang son" and "Dude"
BigMo 5 maanden geleden of your viewers recommend a boom style forklift a few months ago....I wonder who that
ghost _FC
ghost _FC 5 maanden geleden
John Brick
John Brick 5 maanden geleden
They were made 5 miles from my house in New Philadelphia Ohio
BrickImagination 5 maanden geleden
this guys an idiot, i have a bigger one
Anthony Supplee
Anthony Supplee 5 maanden geleden
Wait until they learn it can boom out!
Kevin Klingner
Kevin Klingner 5 maanden geleden
They are GM made same as duramax guys . They can be had in two stroke or four stroke. They were used in all is and terex earth moving gear some brands of farm tractors tractor and some trucks. The do naturally leak oil but are very economical to run and very reliable.
Royz Nesh
Royz Nesh 5 maanden geleden
I think you should paint this sucker
Nick C
Nick C 5 maanden geleden
I tried to count how many times the word "Dude" got said but I lost track
YT Golfy
YT Golfy 5 maanden geleden
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