The New Goonzquad Headquarters Part 13

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There is so much going on at the new goonzquad headquarters! As the plumbers start to finish up, the HVAC guys arrive and start installing an entire system. While we wait for them to finish, we start to construct our well house that's going to hold all of the well components. We are doing a lot of this stuff for the first time so there's a lot to learn. However we are still enjoying this entire process! Thanks For Watching!!!
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Rossville,GA 30741
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Brandon Dexter
Brandon Dexter 7 dagen geleden
Nice job guys for your first time with concrete finishing👍
Joe Monardo
Joe Monardo 12 dagen geleden
the aggregate in the cement was big
Dan Ruquist
Dan Ruquist 18 dagen geleden
When does this home improvement stuff end and get back to why I watched you from the start THE CARS. I'm very happy for your success but let's move on!
Legend17 20 dagen geleden
how come you guys dont wear masks at stores?
Justin Shawn
Justin Shawn 22 dagen geleden
In the future I'd recommend schedule 40 for your outdoor electrical pipes fellas.
Axel Reyskens
Axel Reyskens 23 dagen geleden
For the next time: don't add gravel to a concrete mix that has been made by a factory, unless explicitly told to do so by the factory! Adding extra gravel can compromise the composition of the concrete recipe. This way, the result could be that the concrete is weakened and even prone to cracking.
Danial Hakim
Danial Hakim 23 dagen geleden
Build tree house n bunker.
Ikan-D 25 dagen geleden
300 bucks isnt a lot? that more than half my paycheck after a week of work
Anisur Choudhury
Anisur Choudhury 27 dagen geleden
I honestly think they should do a car build for their brother
Ethan Macheras
Ethan Macheras 28 dagen geleden
4tra 29 dagen geleden
21:04 - be more careful next time....
Dave Can Smoke it
Dave Can Smoke it 29 dagen geleden
Deer sells the same equipment your cash went to Japan or whenever Kubota is based, But when you are rich hey who cares right... Get back with building cars.
Matt Seigel
Matt Seigel Maand geleden
Woooopsss pipes weren't far enough inside. Who else saw that while they were pouring?!
gofukursef Maand geleden
You should wet concrete after it's set for about a week. More water means stronger concrete. Your slab would have been better if you hadn't put gravel in it and instead do a rebar lattice that would've bound the concrete together. What you did is OK for the application, but don't do it for actual occupied spaces.
402ACM 06
402ACM 06 Maand geleden
I like these videos but miss the car content.
Jay P
Jay P Maand geleden
Kubota mud drifting
Daniel Boogert
Daniel Boogert Maand geleden
Getting the old vibes back in the days when you two where fixing houses
Eduard Porton
Eduard Porton Maand geleden
Why nailing everything? Here in The Netherlands we use screws for building up timber etc.
Canklez Maand geleden
you guys forgot to put your names in the cement.. nooo
The Bigdick
The Bigdick Maand geleden
Get some mexican friends
Apoorv Singh
Apoorv Singh Maand geleden
That TATA front is the front grill of an Indian truck. 🔥 🔥
Joshua Martin
Joshua Martin Maand geleden
ok guys, a few comments on the slab job- water and concrete are friends- the more wet you can keep it, the longer it cures, and the stronger it gets. Rain will not hurt poured concrete. However, did I miss the episode when you installed rebar into the slab? If you don't have some kind of steel in that slab, it's gonna crack in half and be ruined pretty quick! Concrete has excellent compression strength, but crappy tensile strength- it cracks easily, which is why you put in rebar or at least steel mesh to hold it all together. Lastly, in the future, put some tape over any drain holes or PVC openings. Then you won't have to worry about getting concrete in the holes while you're pouring. Looks good though!
HoneyBadger Motorworks
HoneyBadger Motorworks Maand geleden
Should have used some treated lumber on the concrete!! Love the progress!!
MrTo YouBoy
MrTo YouBoy Maand geleden
You stuffed up the penetrations on the floor for the power and water in/out locations , ask questions before you pour a slab , now you have that shit coming up inside your wall
Mike's POP Shop
Mike's POP Shop Maand geleden
Confused why nobody is wearing a mask? Is it not required in Tennessee?
nicholas eckbold
nicholas eckbold Maand geleden
Why am I now getting the notification
Billy Wilder
Billy Wilder Maand geleden
Concrete was a tad to wet
Spy Fearless
Spy Fearless Maand geleden
How many sheets of plywood and how many stacks are there and 2x6
Ashton Maldonado
Ashton Maldonado Maand geleden
Wear your mask in public
Pets Maand geleden
U guys need battery powered tools its 2020
RR_Productions Maand geleden
concrete without rebar and stones instead sand?? strange for my european brain
Tripnotyst Maand geleden
no rebar or steel mesh in the slab? Why?
LivingLife Maand geleden
U guys need a RockHound attachment for that Kubota . Great for prepping yards for hydro seeding or sod installation.
Gabe 634
Gabe 634 Maand geleden
For the future: concrete doesn’t dry, it ‚hydrates‘. Meaning: it’s a chemical process that even works under water. Important is that you keep it wet until the process is done! Don’t try to dry it out etc, but get a hose and slightly water it every couple of hours. You’ll prevent micro cracks and an overall better quality slab. Good job you guys did there!
Honky Kong Productions
Honky Kong Productions Maand geleden
Will you guys be up at the Chattanooga Fall Meet October 3rd?
No One
No One Maand geleden
21:02 that nail was so close to hitting his finger
corbin mestanza
corbin mestanza Maand geleden
Good job on the concert
smartie021 Maand geleden
hello guys, I have a suggestion for your house, to save space you can place a basement garage under the house you have a lot of space and a constant temperature and protection against the elements of nature and an entrance via the road at the bottom, it is just an idea. Good luck
Veikra Maand geleden
That slab needs an epoxy coating for S&Gs
Flabio Rivas
Flabio Rivas Maand geleden
Badass 🇲🇽💯
Paul Levy
Paul Levy Maand geleden
Diagonal bracing on the inside will stiffen the walls up while waiting to put up the outside walls. That concrete was rather fresh to start building on.
Terry Leary
Terry Leary Maand geleden
21:26 fuck yeh dude hahaha gold.
young11984 Maand geleden
You are going to miss that 4n1 bucket, go ahead and get you a grapple bucket. Once you get used to a grapple bucket, get used to it you wont hardly ever use that standard bucket again
Lawrence Aiello
Lawrence Aiello Maand geleden
That concrete pour is gonna crack in weeks because the simple variation of widths of material poured. Also, those concrete nails are no code, no way no how. They are saying it's "code" to sound like its being built to code, haha. Gotta love these guys.
Mr.IansteinIsland Maand geleden
I see honeycombs! Not bad for first timers👍🏾👍🏾
Bunny Wabbit
Bunny Wabbit Maand geleden
16" from center*
Thijs Wijnmaalen
Thijs Wijnmaalen Maand geleden
billy quote: "You can put it on full auto and just go pop pop pop pop"
THEGAS Maand geleden
they don’t wear masks?
Reverend D
Reverend D Maand geleden
The house You Tube built, figuratively and literally. Good job guys, I dig you aren't afraid of nothing. Keep up the nice work.
thejohnhend Maand geleden
That was some soupy mix guys
thejohnhend Maand geleden
I love how you guys show how you can do almost anything these days from watching NLposts videos
salman faris
salman faris Maand geleden
I liked this content
Joe Pee
Joe Pee Maand geleden
21:05 Almost got a nail threw your thumb.
Jessi Tipton
Jessi Tipton Maand geleden
What fan made up your minds about making it and miny house for the 🐋 house just really cerious
Junius Griffin Jr the III
Junius Griffin Jr the III Maand geleden
On your next pour, for a stronger structure use some rebar... itll also be easier to build the build the walls when you leave a nice amount of rebar coming out of the concrete... Rodbusters 💪🏾
SVS Group
SVS Group Maand geleden
No flipping it right now 😹
Peter Zijlstra
Peter Zijlstra Maand geleden
do i hear a train on 16:11 or is it dad :-)
Fayol Maand geleden
Also daaaaaaaaaaang sooooooooooonnn😆
Fayol Maand geleden
The ambition they have is just fascinating to watch🔥
udovdh Maand geleden
Why no diagonal supports in the frame of the well house?
Hardy Hydra
Hardy Hydra Maand geleden
And are you not supposed little wood pieces between each vertical timber?
Hardy Hydra
Hardy Hydra Maand geleden
why didn't you guys use steel rebar inside the concrete for strength.
rene valenti
rene valenti Maand geleden
you fo got steel mat in the concrete.....
michael carydakis
michael carydakis Maand geleden
yo need studs between your build frame
SuperGliderman Maand geleden
You 2 realy do put some graft in am loving all the house build and landscaping vids looking forward to more
xicano001 Maand geleden
That concrete is gonna crack, you forgot to add metal square things looks like fencing to keep it from cracking. If you're gonna add insulations shouldn't you have used 2x6 instead. And I think you missed several things in the door frame wall. Not into construction but even I know some basics.
DaddytechEnt Maand geleden
*you could have run heat strips in the floor if that well house and power it off of solar to keep your well house from freezing in winter. it doesn't have to get super hot in there, just warm enough to keep the pipes from freezing then when you install your water lines from the well into the well house and into the house wrap them in heat tape too and you'll never have a problem . Also you'll want to put down a barrier to keep rodents and bugs out of that well house typically a thicker flashing around the base covering the firs 8" of wood does the trick*
Life in Washington
Life in Washington Maand geleden
They should make a yt movie. At least 120min.
Josef Gubler
Josef Gubler Maand geleden
My boys! Go to harbor freight 👍😉
Sam House
Sam House Maand geleden
Love yall from RHODES 👪
My Story Book
My Story Book Maand geleden
It's blessed to have friends like you two.
ReaLTalK09 Hernandez
ReaLTalK09 Hernandez Maand geleden
Why don't you guys ever do a give away????
stacey lendzian
stacey lendzian Maand geleden
Could you please put out longer videos
Jonathan Smith
Jonathan Smith Maand geleden
Have y'all brought the dirty max
jiggahype Maand geleden
Guys, please use safety glasses..🙏🙏
Ariel Garcia
Ariel Garcia Maand geleden
Y’all should do the roofing as well!
༺DaVinci༻ Maand geleden
wtheck no rebar?
Lee Knudson
Lee Knudson Maand geleden
Nice to spend1000 dollars every time you go to the store
James Newman
James Newman Maand geleden
My brother bought my dad that same air compressor and it is really good
TennesseeBoy13 Maand geleden
honestly the concrete yall poured is better than the concrete that the pros did on our house😂
top hauler
top hauler Maand geleden
i see someone didn't know how much concrete to order.Small jobs usually order 1/2 yd extra
Christian Krob
Christian Krob Maand geleden
One hurricane...all in stones, not frames
Jerred Calwell
Jerred Calwell Maand geleden
If it were me? I would make the top flat the house extended out on the top lot (Build a bigger house) As for the road that breaks to the left in the drive way (down the hill) I would make that the road to the garage..
Jerred Calwell
Jerred Calwell Maand geleden
Down the hill I would build a helipad out of steel extended out from the driveway.
David Hawkins
David Hawkins Maand geleden
With how thick the concrete slab is you should have put rebar to make it stronger but you did an amazing job for the first time guys keep up the good work 👍🏻
Randos Maand geleden
Hey guys. Just a question. Did you put any type of moisture barrier between you slab and the VBP (very bottom plate) of your wall to prevent it absorbing moisture through the concrete? Great work though
L Zed
L Zed Maand geleden
That concrete is a bit green to sink any concrete nails into it. Also are you going to use any hurricane straps for wind protection ?
Austin Case
Austin Case Maand geleden
What time do they normally upload?
Zach Weinberg
Zach Weinberg Maand geleden
21:04 almost lost a finger
Paul Johnson
Paul Johnson Maand geleden
You guys' work ethic is really admirable, enjoying watching the progress and process
John Vigna
John Vigna Maand geleden
Where’s the new vid ???
Zara Maand geleden
You guys should post pants on please??????
chris18228 Maand geleden
Just remember $300 a lot of money for some people
Gary Packwood
Gary Packwood Maand geleden
True but just imagine their quarterly tax billing before they purchased their mountain 🏔️ top home for their work! Now they have deductions for their work other than food for their shop dog 🐶 and cat 🐈!
Arvin Nguyen
Arvin Nguyen Maand geleden
Like and subscribe and comment and staytoon for the shop
Aaron Banga
Aaron Banga Maand geleden
The wetter the concrete when you pour it the weaker it is when hard. That is going to be some weak concrete
Adam Crux
Adam Crux Maand geleden
I think Billy has a little dirt on his upper lip and chin...
Samuel Kanyotu
Samuel Kanyotu Maand geleden
These guys will do everything, they technically the navy seals of Chattanooga
rakesh rathi
rakesh rathi Maand geleden
Too much talikng each other it's very boring
Gary Packwood
Gary Packwood Maand geleden
Sorry that isn't your cup of tea but motion picture movies or videos without dialog die a quick death mainly because the great majority of the members of an audience from the west (USA for example) expects to be told what they're seeing. Somehow they knew that beginning with video # 1 and much to my amazement, they figured out early on that video and audio had to be planned and synchronized for each and every video. You can't edit content that hasn't been planned.
James Veigl
James Veigl Maand geleden
Simpson Strong-Tie everything to the foundation. I lived in North AL most of my life in tornado alley, but now I live on the Gulf Coast. What I wished I had known about was anchoring walls to the foundation for “acts of god.” Down here all new homes have crazy steel strapping so they can handle up to 175mph winds. I just endured Hurricane Sally, lots of trees down, lots of damage, but we are safe and I owe a ton of that to how these structures were secured. That small pump house will endure some weather at some point so while it’s framed go ahead and strap the walls to the foundation and the roof structure to the walls in all four corners.
Mark Zelinski
Mark Zelinski Maand geleden
You all should have a show on TV!
Invade Sniper
Invade Sniper Maand geleden
You guy should have gotten a backhoe
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