Building The Ultimate Apocalypse Vehicle Part 7

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We had to make a few changes but it was all for the better!!! This rig is basically a mini house on wheels. We are starting to make it look like a 5 star hotel room. There are so many options to build this beast and were just pretty much free-styling it. We can't wait to show you guys the finished product. So stay tuned and thanks for watching!!!
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Ronald Dinslage
Ronald Dinslage 25 dagen geleden
Where the hell do you guys get all the money? You all spent dollars like they are m&m's. Really unbelievable.
Mumbi Ngige
Mumbi Ngige Maand geleden
What are the names of your dogs
Tipsterbl Maand geleden
Electric glass cooktop would be much better. What else do you need propane for? Cleaner look, less space and you don’t run it for that long. Looking great!
Lacy Grinnell
Lacy Grinnell Maand geleden
they have refrigerator straps that you can get
Alvin Brown
Alvin Brown Maand geleden
the water pump must be vertical in order to pump just right
The King
The King Maand geleden
98 + 98 = about 300
TIm Nash
TIm Nash Maand geleden
Tim from Canada you should’ve cut out your sink before you stained it you should’ve took the dimensions and get a pattern for your sink cut it all out before you stain your wood now you’re going to have to go back and re-stain everything. By the time you get this or anything I have said it will already be built but for the next person
Travis Manning
Travis Manning 2 maanden geleden
love your build and channel but godamn do you look like idiots putting rubber gloves on going to home depot
James Miles
James Miles 2 maanden geleden
Goonzquad: Its European, That's an exotic piece of wood. found out it probably came from the UK
Vivan Solace
Vivan Solace 2 maanden geleden
Save the sink cutout and use it for an extra Cutting board for your home or Sell it as a momento for one of your fans to own
Austin Lee
Austin Lee 2 maanden geleden
The dirty water is called gray water
David Barr
David Barr 2 maanden geleden
I wouldn't use liquid nails on the counter top. You won't be able to remove the fridge if it goes out.
Rhudelion Ormasa
Rhudelion Ormasa 2 maanden geleden
It would be good if you had a pull out pantry behind your refrigirator
Patrick Payne
Patrick Payne 2 maanden geleden
LMAO... "Push it in a little bit" (that's what "she" said!) Lol...
Travis N.
Travis N. 2 maanden geleden
$511 .... aight so $600 later and were set 👊🏻😂
RazerStorm 2 maanden geleden
No toilet?
Jake H
Jake H 2 maanden geleden
Painting is fun
James Garvin
James Garvin 2 maanden geleden
Bro you guys spend so much and you don’t even put adds on your videos!
zScout YerYT
zScout YerYT 2 maanden geleden
You could find a system that separates the dirty water and grim from the sink and it pours it back into the water tank so it’s endless water supply
Muscles Mouse
Muscles Mouse 2 maanden geleden
propane not cheap during apocalypse
Andrew 2 maanden geleden
this episode is feeling a bit like a version of This Old Military Vehicle House.
BLAZ3 FF 3 maanden geleden
Bro you are worrying about how it look in the apocalypse I would put guns everywhere👀
Ghostbear 3 maanden geleden
The water tank will last them about 2 and a half weeks.
The Awesome YouTuber
The Awesome YouTuber 3 maanden geleden
I hope you guys use that piece that you cut off for Used for a sink cover.
Anthony 3 maanden geleden
You gonna need better protection than a face sock. Need minimum P2 mask
Ho'olulāhui 3 maanden geleden
Loving everything but the b roll music
Nicolas Nygaard
Nicolas Nygaard 3 maanden geleden
Errrpean wood ;)
Richard Cress
Richard Cress 3 maanden geleden
get child safety magnetic latches
Richard Cress
Richard Cress 3 maanden geleden
use to water from the AC to fill your internal tanks
Jag Heter
Jag Heter 3 maanden geleden
At 15:00 you should've had Tense1983 fly out to try to get the job done. If he is feeling too happy just have him play CS, and oh, don't forget to make sure he has a problem with Green.
Top Secret
Top Secret 4 maanden geleden
Привет парни. Столешницу советую покрасить лаком.Клееное дерево боится воды даже с пропиткой. Из России с любовью. Hi goonzquat. I advise you to paint the table top with varnish.Glued wood is afraid of water even with impregnation. From Russia with love.
Lysha Powell
Lysha Powell 4 maanden geleden
Did any of y’all hear that he couldn’t whistle 9:50.
Yeet King
Yeet King 3 maanden geleden
yep lol
C. Bird
C. Bird 4 maanden geleden
Daaaaaannnnnnngggg Duuuuuuuuude!
Pablo Montoya
Pablo Montoya 4 maanden geleden
Hey im a new subscriber and i enyoy this proyect, I suggest if you could figured a way for the water to be recycleble filter and clean like an automatic system so you dont have to take your tanks and refill each time you need to if you can avoided great is eassier for the watter in use
Sidney Griffiths
Sidney Griffiths 4 maanden geleden
Now those are some nice handles Listen to the people commenting o n the batteries!
Robin Hood
Robin Hood 4 maanden geleden
Super smart job dudes
Bo Andresen
Bo Andresen 5 maanden geleden
Off the grid water system..collecting rainwater thing😄
Maria Grigoropoulou
Maria Grigoropoulou 5 maanden geleden
when you started the water it sounded like a war siren
pa h
pa h 5 maanden geleden
I feel like i am watching Bill and Ted Excellent Adventure.
Schmidt Autohaus
Schmidt Autohaus 5 maanden geleden
Guys on top of pump is adjustment screws for flow. Also look at your wiring again for mains, generator and solar should be able too hook 3 modes up and have them all controlled by one module. The mains can be set up like shore power for camp sites and at home. The batteries can be charging when hooked up to this and also from solar
Adam Ostler
Adam Ostler 5 maanden geleden
For the fridge you could have used the strap for a fridge from a child proofing kit.
FiveOhHoe 6 maanden geleden
So how about the hot water?
Keith Blanchard
Keith Blanchard 6 maanden geleden
Looking really awesome
asam mahmood
asam mahmood 6 maanden geleden
All that good stuff 🤦
Adventures 6 maanden geleden
jk i dont have the virus but im doinxg a give awady
Adventures 6 maanden geleden
i have the virus
Carlos Rivadeneyra
Carlos Rivadeneyra 6 maanden geleden
Given the way you intall it... the water it's going to come to the bomb with gravity... so you need to put it on the flor so it fills with wather... and then it will start
Carlos Rivadeneyra
Carlos Rivadeneyra 6 maanden geleden
Put it on the floor
tommy broughton
tommy broughton 6 maanden geleden
recommend a microwave instead of a stove...
Blake Gower
Blake Gower 6 maanden geleden
You should get a piece of wood to put over your sink to give you even more counter space. Then just remove it before you use the sink
Jason Brown
Jason Brown 6 maanden geleden
Did they just run the water into same junction box as the solar wires ???🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
Michael Preyer
Michael Preyer 6 maanden geleden
Who are those masked men? 14:46 - That's what he said!
Meer Murtaza
Meer Murtaza 6 maanden geleden
Near to 2M subscribers 😍😍
Landon Schrecengost
Landon Schrecengost 6 maanden geleden
Use that cut out slab from the countertop and make a cool goonzquad sign out of it and hang on the wall in there!
csorrows 6 maanden geleden
The sink hole would not drop through because your jig saw is not aligned correctly. It made a tapered hole. You also need to seal under the lip of the sink so water does not get on the edge of the cut or in the cabinet and rot it out.
canuckrules07 6 maanden geleden
put a push button starter button on the water pump, leave the tap open then you"ll just have to press the button when you want water ..just a suggestion build .
EAS MCMLXXII 6 maanden geleden
Normally, when a check list starts out with "got our masks; got our gloves", the video you are about to watch is going to be an armed robbery. Instead, just a normal trip to the Home Depot. Welcome to 2020.
David Kelm
David Kelm 6 maanden geleden
MotoRebel 6 maanden geleden
you guys should use a collapsible table leg for the table that way it will be a support for the bed in the down position.
Dave Smith
Dave Smith 6 maanden geleden
Imagine walking into a store like that a month ago, "with the mask" they would call the cops on you..
mrmotofy 2 maanden geleden
Never thought I'd see the day where one can walk into a store openly carrying a gun with a mask on and nobody looks twice at you
HellFire350 6 maanden geleden
i know im late but if u put the septic tank inside it will stink up the whole back of the truck and i think you should start workng on the front
avirampeeri 6 maanden geleden
Do not weld anything to the chassis of the truck! Use only nuts and bolts
Soubhagya 6 maanden geleden
When's channel Goonzbuilds comin up?
Duke Tamalco
Duke Tamalco 6 maanden geleden
Nice work. Good progress
N. Tromb
N. Tromb 6 maanden geleden
Erpean...🤦‍♂️euro pean
Dave Oxtoby
Dave Oxtoby 6 maanden geleden
Did you guys forget to vent the water tank?, cause if you didnt it will create a vacume and you'll over work that pump.
Wewill MakeIt
Wewill MakeIt 6 maanden geleden
The fridge needs some air being able to circulate to the back?
Thijs Wijnmaalen
Thijs Wijnmaalen 6 maanden geleden
You only need one leak and you have yourself a dangerous situation. water and electronics isn't a desired combination.
coldogno7 6 maanden geleden
u can collect water from the ac unit drain pipe u installed
Charles Avalos
Charles Avalos 6 maanden geleden
Make a goonzqaud chrome plate to put in the open area on your countertop
MrMae77 6 maanden geleden
I our caravan we have the watertank under the seats and you fill it up from the side through a hole. It looks like it will be a little difficult to fill your tank.
Ste Cuz
Ste Cuz 6 maanden geleden
Put a vent in the top of the water tank it will stop the pulsing on pump . Great job 👍 you two do keep safe 🙌
Internethugg 6 maanden geleden
Your pump needs to be closer to the water tank/source.
Lifeguard4343 6 maanden geleden
What are those masks called
Celebrity World
Celebrity World 6 maanden geleden
215 dollar one piece of wood,,, here you can buys 2,3 full tree with this price and make 30 40 pieces like this,,,
William Lesar
William Lesar 6 maanden geleden
Put a steel bar through the handles of the cabinet so the doors don't open
Benedict taylor
Benedict taylor 6 maanden geleden
Corian is the most hygienic counter you can find no butcher block
Carl Stiegler
Carl Stiegler 6 maanden geleden
You get a dual propane/electricity12v fridge. Do you have a pressure switch for the pump?
Dwight Smith
Dwight Smith 6 maanden geleden
It is better to run the pump upside down. The motor will last longer!
james novalis
james novalis 6 maanden geleden
If your sink is below the waterline on your tank, you could just gravity feed water and not need the pump . Also make sure the power inverter has plenty of air circulating around it. He don't want to have an enclosed area where it can overheat. Those things generate a lot of heat when you are using them at higher capacity.
A P 6 maanden geleden
I really like your content but the "dude" and "that looks sick" gets annoying. Sorry.
Josh Hernandez
Josh Hernandez 6 maanden geleden
Shark bite fittings would do better then the fittings you guys used les chance of leaking
Veikra 6 maanden geleden
you`re supposed to keep the countertop under the faucet holes.
Shawn 6 maanden geleden
Gutters and errrpean wood. Solid jokes
Nathan B
Nathan B 6 maanden geleden
Lol, typically you don't route water lines through an electrical junction box. 19:28 is what I'm referring to. Water+electricity = bad son!
vkturbo 6 maanden geleden
Hey guys not sure if you have a vent behind that fridge but that sucker is goibg to run hot as with little ventilation. Looks good but.
Jaime Melendez
Jaime Melendez 6 maanden geleden
Great job guys! Love the channel. Might want to use rubber gromits on the openigs for the water lines. Over time the vibration from driving will cut through those lines, causing a leak.
Joe Mama
Joe Mama 6 maanden geleden
the number on the front of the truck though
xmu69 6 maanden geleden
Add a inline hot water heater get some hot water
Jeremy Freer
Jeremy Freer 6 maanden geleden
Get an RV water tank or a squared plastic container. It can be mounted easily under the container.
هشام جابر
هشام جابر 6 maanden geleden
Who would of thought Home Depot has auto parts.
Richard Guzman
Richard Guzman 6 maanden geleden
Use magnetics to secure every door and to hold silverware
daniel saul
daniel saul 6 maanden geleden
Wow turning an army truck to a camper amazing
J. Bentley
J. Bentley 6 maanden geleden
Collecting rain water would be really cool
stick004 6 maanden geleden
This 35 gallon tank should last at least a week. *buys a 5 gal/min pump... by my math, it should drain that tank in about 7mins. 🤨
Wrallychamp 6 maanden geleden
The water part is the funniest!!! You guys make my quarantine go so quick;)
Muegano Design Group
Muegano Design Group 6 maanden geleden
Yo’ll need a biger sink, Belive me i hate the one i have and its just like yours, also a foot swich for the water pump would be nice!!!
wael pauomi
wael pauomi 6 maanden geleden
13:45 put 2 of them
Aiden McCullar
Aiden McCullar 6 maanden geleden
We bought a 65 gallon tank for our deer lease, it last about a week
Willsbuildz 6 maanden geleden
My bro just said hunt fish 😂😂 6:01
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