Rebuilding A Wrecked 2018 Jeep Trackhawk Part 6

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This build just got even crazier!!! We completely stripped the interior of the track hawk so it doesn't get damages during the frame working process. We had to remove everything piece by piece and we cant imagine how its going to go when we put it back together. We still got a bit to go before that but we are ready for anything that comes our way. We cant wait to get this build back on the road. Thanks for watching!!!
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Kevin Atkins
Kevin Atkins 4 dagen geleden
At 17:23 look you have a 20 dollar bill hanging out your pocket then it falls lmao
elmer gonzalez
elmer gonzalez 15 dagen geleden
I am aircraft mechanic, but my respect to this guys are incredible what are they doing, from south america. Awesome
Ahmed Is King
Ahmed Is King Maand geleden
Super easy. Barely an inconvenience
lucas voorburg
lucas voorburg Maand geleden
i bet this car can do 0-60 in 2seconds being this empty hahahaha
spinna6996 Maand geleden
If i'm not mistaken, that rear passenger door window you pulled out is actually bulletproof (to a degree) the stuff in between the glass is special a resin that not obsorbs the force and spreads the force of the bullet out to stop it going further! But, i could be wrong lol......that is how bulletproof windows are made though
weirdguy 54
weirdguy 54 2 maanden geleden
Um were not gonna talk about the red stain/blood... Ok
Keith Linden
Keith Linden 2 maanden geleden
i would not want to try and put all that shit back together
Spyingsnow 2 maanden geleden
He said Ejecto Sitto 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Jude Rudd
Jude Rudd 2 maanden geleden
One day they will open a seat and find like 2 kg of coke
ItsyoDogzack 2 maanden geleden
Was that blood on the seat
Ra'ef El Sebaie
Ra'ef El Sebaie 2 maanden geleden
I don't have thing to say wow nice I have subscribed to this channel 🙏👌🏻🇪🇬🇾🇪
lawrence matos
lawrence matos 2 maanden geleden
I have a 2019 Dodge Journey GT AWD and it has the same headrest as those , there called ( AHS ) ACTIVE HEAD REST . THEY DEPLOY LIKE A AIRBAG to help resist whiplash...
whatchusayin' 2 maanden geleden
Thomas Willcocks
Thomas Willcocks 2 maanden geleden
was it just me or did it look like the seat had blood all over it after they took the cover off?
Pranav Paliyath
Pranav Paliyath 3 maanden geleden
Was the red thing blood on the seat cushions?
RIP Jeff Hanneman
RIP Jeff Hanneman 3 maanden geleden
New subber here.. just wanna say you guys are phenomenal and very happy a friend sent me the link to your channel
ايمن بغداد
ايمن بغداد 3 maanden geleden
Im from Iraq I love you ❤️
Readonix Ohasahle
Readonix Ohasahle 3 maanden geleden
Limit the use of the term sucker and also you talk allot
Tam Kat
Tam Kat 3 maanden geleden
My son's a rapper if u want some new music! Just give him a plug and he's down!
Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen
Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen 3 maanden geleden
Uh was that blood on the seat ??
Fernando Luiz Proença
Fernando Luiz Proença 3 maanden geleden
Vocês são feras nas recuperação dos carros!
Tmn48 3 maanden geleden
Can I have one of the Super motos please?
J B 4 maanden geleden
It’s called privacy glass, a lot of trucks and SUV’s have it. laminated means it’s like a windshield, it’s 2 pieces of glass with a special kind of plastic in between that means if it get hit by a rock or something it will crack instead of shattering
Jav. Betancourt
Jav. Betancourt 4 maanden geleden
Kids working on muscle and supercar builds... dude dont know what a laminated glass is😂😂😂
Simon Bach
Simon Bach 4 maanden geleden
Coming from a Body shop guy, invest in a Pin Puller, and not the older American style, that makes a 2 cm heatzone/weld. Makes it heap easier to fix dents and i reckon you can get one for around 1-2000$ that runs on regular wall power. (The one that uses the triangle) (You can also use the waves with it)
Allison Martin
Allison Martin 4 maanden geleden
The semi should be a haul truck
Ezek M
Ezek M 4 maanden geleden
Yes it’s supposed to come off the whole dash in one piece ! I worked for Ford doing the instrument panels and they had bolts inside the end caps wich goes to the frame and you can pull it in just one piece.
Tim K.
Tim K. 4 maanden geleden
At min. 8:08 Yellow connection is normaly safety stuff like the airbags, so it could be an activ headrest for rear ended accidents.
DaGoaliee30 4 maanden geleden
20% on the front windows matches just about every factory OEM rear tinted glass. Both will meter around 17%, which is what it reads when you apply a 20% film over OEM clear front glass. The rear OEM tint is actually in the glass not a film over it. long story short, do 20% film on your front windows to match up to any OEM rear tint
Eron Fusion
Eron Fusion 4 maanden geleden
plese vin number give
Eron Fusion
Eron Fusion 4 maanden geleden
9:12 its blood
Adam M
Adam M 4 maanden geleden
Should've gotten red seatbelts
UPbuild 4 maanden geleden
You guys are doing a great job, I love that you show all the detail of stripping these cars down and all the work that goes into it. Your videos are very inspiring 👍👍
Florinel FIB
Florinel FIB 4 maanden geleden
Hi guys I love your videos! And all the projects is nice ! 👌Keep doing what you doing. All the best!! 👍
Timothy M
Timothy M 4 maanden geleden
I love how he can buy these builds totally out of repair budget for most people, for content to make money off of.
anthony wright
anthony wright 4 maanden geleden
I think you program your seat to your specs,and a second driver who might be smaller to their specs at the push of a button,it should be in the owners manual.Just a wild guess.
Danik Subota
Danik Subota 4 maanden geleden
please add Russian subtitles.🇷🇺You have very interesting content but I don’t understand English🙁
donttrusta hoe
donttrusta hoe 4 maanden geleden
What if it was when they cleaned the blood off the seats after the accident happen they cleaned it so hood it started peeling off leather
donttrusta hoe
donttrusta hoe 4 maanden geleden
I mean blood not hood
Luis Escobedo
Luis Escobedo 4 maanden geleden
When is part 7?
Stove Guy
Stove Guy 4 maanden geleden
Buy a flooded Jeep donor
Jack Hewitt
Jack Hewitt 4 maanden geleden
Hi guys do you know what’s the easiest way to get the airbag control module out ?
Tedi Pellumbi
Tedi Pellumbi 4 maanden geleden
Why aren't you continuing the jeep project ?
J 4 maanden geleden
Where is the rest of this build ?
MANC 4 maanden geleden
Watching you with that backdoor was painful you do loads of work key a dent puller and do it properly
Neil Brown
Neil Brown 4 maanden geleden
I hope you have better luck getting parts from Dodge than Junkyard Dave does . He has been waiting for wide body parts from them for ever
matt sedgwick
matt sedgwick 4 maanden geleden
hey where's the jeep on the frame machine?
Dedrick Mctier
Dedrick Mctier 4 maanden geleden
Make the Jeep 1000 horsepower
Trena Brown
Trena Brown 4 maanden geleden
Why no more uploads of the trackhawks progress 😫 I wanna see the rest
Rich Sady
Rich Sady 4 maanden geleden
So what's going on with the Jeep build?
Waldo 4 maanden geleden
Awd donuts isn’t a smart idea
Abdul Sattar
Abdul Sattar 4 maanden geleden
Hey goonzquad track hawk is very best car
Denis Magnaval
Denis Magnaval 4 maanden geleden
Bonsoir pour quoi vous faite pas suite Rebuilding A Wrecked 2018 Jeep Trackhawk Part 7 ?
Steven Chant
Steven Chant 4 maanden geleden
That orange cable is neutral override so u don't mess up your transmission or transfer case when u pull it onto a flatbed
Rouaan Jewaskiewitz
Rouaan Jewaskiewitz 4 maanden geleden
Where is the new uploads????? Today is ealready 6 JUNE
John Hanson
John Hanson 4 maanden geleden
crazy builds though guys nice Work!!!
John Hanson
John Hanson 4 maanden geleden
look into the edgejack for them pesky door edges thet get bent over its on the pdr sites its a new tool helps alot
Kurt Dukes
Kurt Dukes 4 maanden geleden
The button on the door side of the top of the seat is the release button for the headrest. Push it towards the headrest post and the headrest will slide out without force.
Tafirenyika Afirechigaro
Tafirenyika Afirechigaro 4 maanden geleden
When you guys purchased this vehicle I thought you were either brave or something else, but I admire what you're doing and looking forward to watching you guys restore this Jeep to its former glory, superb work well done on what you have done so far
Thuggerbae 4 maanden geleden
Bro said why would need a heater in a headrest lmaoooo!
Che Ero
Che Ero 4 maanden geleden
Part7 please
wirenut003 4 maanden geleden
Lot of parts to be put back >>>Dang
Vince Lombardi
Vince Lombardi 4 maanden geleden
Watching this use the hammer and dolly on the driver rear door was scary obviously know nothing on how to use those properly!
Cory Adams
Cory Adams 4 maanden geleden
How in the hell would you remember where everything goes, especially considering they just kinda toss the parts in the back. Not only all the parts, but some parts might have to be put on before others for it to fit, etc.
Ethan Macheras
Ethan Macheras 4 maanden geleden
Stripped down to the bones!
Ankit Tomar
Ankit Tomar 4 maanden geleden
I need next video series and i am indian i am watching video daily
Tony Nguyen
Tony Nguyen 4 maanden geleden
nice job filleting the seats ;P
c2089me 4 maanden geleden
I have been waitting and waitting for part 7 where is it???
Xaviers Garage
Xaviers Garage 4 maanden geleden
Wow your garage is amazing!!! 😍😍😍😍
You Cant HandleTruth
You Cant HandleTruth 4 maanden geleden
C45P3R 4 maanden geleden
Laminated glass is the plasticy layer that stops glass from shattering, its same for the windshield that's why it was all still all held together by the plastic layer which is the laminate layer. Most toughened glass panels are laminted for safety, stops the hundreds of pieces of glass that would otherwise be flying towards you in an accident. Good job guys wish you would do a classic car though something iconic 👌 maybe a delorean that would be sick.
Ігор 4 maanden geleden
rebuild this car
Ігор 4 maanden geleden
GrumpiestSmile0 4 maanden geleden
Hey guys. So for the glass. The reason it has 2 peices stuck together is more for noise control. Just another way to make the vehicle as quite as possible. I didnt know that they came with a tint in it already. I'm not sure if you knew it was for noise but if not. Then it looks like we both learned something new!! I love your videos and I cant wait to see another build. I know myself and a lot of buddies of mine would like to see an old truck rebuild. Like a 70s k10 or k30. Old square body trucks. Would definitely be a new challenge for you. I've done a few myself and would love to see how you guys respond to it!
David Kays (Consultant)
David Kays (Consultant) 4 maanden geleden
I had a Trackhawk drive by me the other day and it sounded "GRIZZLY"! I had never seen one!
3vuesaturn 4 maanden geleden
Just stumbled upon this and became hooked on your rebuilds. I don't do the work myself, but it's always been a dream. Fan from Newfoundland, Canada. Watching the Lambo now and waiting on the jeep.. Keep them coming..
BeauTheToe 4 maanden geleden
You should remove part of the back roof on the track hawk and turn it into a truck and then you could you dont have to put a different engine in it if you make a truck
Danielsalomón Elreymidas
Danielsalomón Elreymidas 4 maanden geleden
good. nights I really like work. they do to me. I would like to work. with you I would like TRUE
Michael Kahn
Michael Kahn 4 maanden geleden
Last weekend I got a new part for my washing machine after taking it apart and finding the door handle was broken. I took pictures while taking it apart so I could get it back together. Reassembled last weekend and it works perfectly. Without goonzquad’s videos I’d have never been able to do this so thank you boys. I still hope you’ll contact me about my 911.
C Chandler
C Chandler 4 maanden geleden
That is acoustic glass.
Austin Board
Austin Board 4 maanden geleden
I used to work at an automotive glass factory and that rear glass is called privacy glass. That's just the color of the glass. Each piece of that laminated glass comes on a big pallet and its referred to as raw glass. The non laminated glass is call tempered glass. Most door glass is usually tempered
Scott bob
Scott bob 4 maanden geleden
Less time me talking more time working will get more done In the videos
Biswabasu Dasgupta
Biswabasu Dasgupta 4 maanden geleden
Bros. The laminated glass is what the windshield is made out of... Normal cars use tempered glass for windows and laminated glass as the windshield. Isn't THAT CRAZY? Also the the thing in he middle is the laminate.
Steve Gachie
Steve Gachie 4 maanden geleden
Part 7 ,, ,,still waiting to see the complete make over .
Jonathon Tucker
Jonathon Tucker 4 maanden geleden
The cord to the headrest could be to speaker in it or for the option of a screen in the for passengers
Neal Head
Neal Head 4 maanden geleden
Laminated safety glass. One piece of plastic film sandwiched between two pieces of glass. In your case it's dark.
DuartJansen 4 maanden geleden
You guys should check the trackhawk supercarblondie used to smoke a tuned gtr! Should upgrade it the same way, 1000hp!
Will Westerlund
Will Westerlund 4 maanden geleden
How is it wet/raining/ damp every day in every vid
pro paramedic
pro paramedic 4 maanden geleden
The way they just pull and rip things off this car....glad I won't be the next owner.
forest city brickwork
forest city brickwork 4 maanden geleden
u guys are epic .
Robert Allardice
Robert Allardice 4 maanden geleden
What happened to the shop you were going to build on the land you cleared. I am a new convert to your channel. I have been binge watching your older content.
brett bivens bivens
brett bivens bivens 4 maanden geleden
If there was ever a time to super detail the inside of your car u found it clean that sucker up buddy
Gerhardus de Klerk
Gerhardus de Klerk 4 maanden geleden
enjoy your guys content. keep it up. Greetings from South Africa
vince c
vince c 4 maanden geleden
Luc Daigle
Luc Daigle 4 maanden geleden
Anti whiplash head rest, something they took from mercedes
LifeAsDaron 4 maanden geleden
I think it needs an alignment 🤣🤣
Ren 4 maanden geleden
come on Billy, don't do that just after a cold start!!
Madpwr41 4 maanden geleden
Madpwr41 4 maanden geleden
heads up the track hawk fuel rail needs to be upgraded because increasing power melts the pistons research it you’ll see why
Peter Cole
Peter Cole 4 maanden geleden
100% the most advanced and probably the most expensive jeep ever made!!
BradSpazz 4 maanden geleden
that string is the shift lock. it allows you to change gears if something binds or there isnt power to the car
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