Building The Ultimate Apocalypse Vehicle Part 3

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What an epic experience!!! Offroading a huge military truck was something we never imagined we would do. This military truck is going to be the coolest and most capable beast out on the streets. Were have some awesome things planned for this truck to make is self sustaining and perfect off-grid mobile. Be sure to follow along and see what happens next!!! Thanks For Watching!!!
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Allan Whorrall
Allan Whorrall 17 dagen geleden
You two are doing great !!!! What fun !! Looking great. Would love to be with you while you are doing a renovation like this Monster Truck. Great video to watch. What is your next project on this Beautiful Beast? Please tell me if you ever receive any of my Positive Comments.
Ronnie Stiltner
Ronnie Stiltner 20 dagen geleden
Try google for "FMTV", Family of Medium Tactical Vehicles. It will take some research, good luck.
Eashan Maxx
Eashan Maxx 22 dagen geleden
animal cracker
animal cracker Maand geleden
never wrap your thumbs around the wheel if there is a problem and the wheel turns you will break your thumbs
gary lyon
gary lyon Maand geleden
What you need is back above rear door camera for you to see when you revert and also extra head light and front.
Tipsterbl Maand geleden
Floor first??
Dev Maand geleden
Frank Sattler
Frank Sattler Maand geleden
I love it when you take a trip and show the area and the scenery. The first stop was beautiful, and I think it would have looked even better on a sunny day. I also liked it when you did the price breakdown of the one Jeep build, not the Trackhawk but the Jeep before it, and you went up a mountain. Nice stuff. I guess this truck, beast, is an automatic??
Adam Dane
Adam Dane 2 maanden geleden
Where was that park? I live in Chatt. Was that Signal Mountain?
FBI 51
FBI 51 2 maanden geleden
FBI 51
FBI 51 2 maanden geleden
How many times did they say dude
elgiacomo 2 maanden geleden
12:07 Welcome to beautiful Chattanooga, Tennessee!!! Seriously worth a visit if you're traveling to the Southeast. Lived here for almost three decades and still find myself in awe of the area's beauty.
Brian Kaitschuck
Brian Kaitschuck 2 maanden geleden
actually doing the floor first is actually done by professionals too. only because there's a thing called trim or moldings that are installed. the floor first will give the right demensions for the trim or moldindins. Putting the sideways or long ways is neither right or wrong it's up to the person's doing the job. or how an owner wants them placed.
TIm Nash
TIm Nash 2 maanden geleden
Tim from Canada I’m sure you can find a military graveyard that has parts that you need or military scrapyard maybe in your area it sounds like you guys are from the south sometimes they have scrap years for military vehicles.
TIm Nash
TIm Nash 2 maanden geleden
Hello Tim from Canada if you’re looking for or battery powered Grease gun Dewalt makes a grease gun Ryobi makes a grease gun that runs on batteries both of these brands run on batteries I’m sure if you Google battery powered grease gun you might get the one that you like or when you’re at Home Depot because I know you guys go to the Home Depot ask him battery powered grease gun..... do not know if Milwaukee makes a grease gun but google battery grease gun you might get what you were looking for
Brian Kaitschuck
Brian Kaitschuck 2 maanden geleden
Dude show us some work on your head quarters and less of this off roading more builds.
KIREME 2 maanden geleden
Can someone tell me how many time they say « You know what I mean »
Garrett Glass
Garrett Glass 2 maanden geleden
TN is the best.
Lewis Gordon
Lewis Gordon 2 maanden geleden
Where the box is I am sure some of them you can lift it of
Mr. Zyclonic
Mr. Zyclonic 2 maanden geleden
I wonder if it has a horn
Ian Wright
Ian Wright 2 maanden geleden
Do you need a different license class to drive it?
Shadetreemech66 Jcoop
Shadetreemech66 Jcoop 2 maanden geleden
Things like head lights and engine parts you should be able to get from Caterpillar and GM Stay away from surplus markets unless absolutely necessary
The cool Boys
The cool Boys 2 maanden geleden
Maybe you can get the sensors at auto parts
Dale Melson
Dale Melson 2 maanden geleden
Why didn't you paint the inside to prevent future rust prior to installing the floor.
StormChasingUnit -4
StormChasingUnit -4 3 maanden geleden
Subscribe to the guys they are amazing builders they built that truck
Dan Sammons
Dan Sammons 3 maanden geleden
"Dude, I think we can hit the highway! Wa'da'ya think?" ...... "SHETCH!" I about died. ROFLMAO
marcoxtv 3 maanden geleden
wow what state do you guys live in it looks really nice
Garrett 3 maanden geleden
if I where you I would put some train horns on that beast!
Leo Osborne
Leo Osborne 3 maanden geleden
Might be worth your time to make sure that you don’t have to have a CDL to drive it.
Olson Kids
Olson Kids 3 maanden geleden
sub to Olson Kids for more like this!!!
W A Kasun Prabodha
W A Kasun Prabodha 3 maanden geleden
are u sure about those tires are no problem. about that shack
Nathan Peters Clark
Nathan Peters Clark 3 maanden geleden
3 words "electric grease gun" you will thank me later.
Jack Greenwood
Jack Greenwood 3 maanden geleden
If you have a kick-start pedal, double tap the accelerator pedal to drop a gear and get a kick on launch, useful if your starting from an incline or need to get off the traffic lights fast
Jack Greenwood
Jack Greenwood 3 maanden geleden
Make sure you drive on the roads and hard roads in 2 wheel drive and only use the 4 wheel drive when you need more traction. Save you fuel and its designed to be driven like that rather than 4 wheels all the time
Georg Koppel
Georg Koppel 3 maanden geleden
Allison gearbox learns as you drive, so if you kinda stepping on the pedal guy then the gearbox will learn that and next time you press it will lower gears more. Also if you press that "mode" button once it will go to eco mode saving more fuel and so. Holding mode you can check also fault codes from the gearbox. Learned that from the army btw.
ناصر الزفزافي
ناصر الزفزافي 3 maanden geleden
It does remind me to the mercedes unimog wich is a german beast
Sjad Sfaa
Sjad Sfaa 3 maanden geleden
🇮🇶😍شني بس انه عراقي متابعه
Sjad Sfaa
Sjad Sfaa 3 maanden geleden
Gern Blanston
Gern Blanston 3 maanden geleden
Allison transmission are learning transmissions, the more you drive them the smoother they get.
Prestonisswag 4 maanden geleden
Those railings look as if they would attach to benches for troops to sit on
Madisyn Tovar
Madisyn Tovar 4 maanden geleden
Have it in the back just in case we’re cooking a sausage!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣💀💀💀💀
Shane S
Shane S 4 maanden geleden
#goonzquad.... I know you guys know vehicles but these guys can be pretty rugged but they can be pretty picky too. As someone said before when lifting your cab use your protection of the T-bar for the cab. Wheel seals suck if you let her sit and pay attention to them. Pay attention to your roll gauge as it's a top heavy vehicle. The ring in the top of the cab is for a machine gun mount. You may have to RTV it as they tend to leak. CTIS is awesome but can leak. There is an attachment for an AC for the back of your box. The best thing to find is an external generator and brass grounding rods to go with this. If you can get your hands on it, find what's called the NSN number for your vehicle and get an Army 10 and 20 maintenance manual for the vehicle. They can be hard to read, but they will show you everything from maintenance to electrical on your vehicle. I had one like yours for 10 years in the ND Guard!
Justin Claiborne
Justin Claiborne 4 maanden geleden
Anyone know what this logging/park road place is called? Looks like it's on suck creek? I'd like to check it out.
Lisa Glessner
Lisa Glessner 4 maanden geleden
Are you going to get that part at Bentley’s hardware in America where I live if you come I’ll meet you at the airport so by sixes if you
Hector Caban
Hector Caban 4 maanden geleden
R those tables right below the windows?
Karli Nieman
Karli Nieman 5 maanden geleden
The way he said sketch got me dying
Robin Hood
Robin Hood 5 maanden geleden
Great dude
Davis Frantzen
Davis Frantzen 5 maanden geleden
Y’all need to make a rock crawling Jeep and come out to Katemcy rocks mason, Texas
Richard Herman
Richard Herman 5 maanden geleden
I have to hand it to you guys you guys are definitely
Richard Herman
Richard Herman 5 maanden geleden
Super handy Super smart everything you touch you can do it's incredible honestly keep up the good work much love
par4par72 5 maanden geleden
I don't think your supposed to fill those grease fittings to capacity. just a couple of squirts every time you do PM (preventive maintenance). too much can blowout seals. Also, I think this is very specific grease .. not synthetic. broad range in ambient environment temp. (not that it matters). I'm not exmilitary so...not sure.
Bram the Man!
Bram the Man! 5 maanden geleden
I'm so jealous, would be a dream come true owning a FMTV or LMTV.
crazyc99 5 maanden geleden
You should see if centramatic makes any balancing rings for your rig ... if not out some balancing beads in the tires to balance them
Cory G
Cory G 5 maanden geleden
23:25 😂 I wouldn't even had laughed if you didn't make that face and laugh when you said "cooking up a fat sausage" LOL what kind of faces does the man behind the camera make lol
zzrguy 5 maanden geleden
You should do a Murphy bed the folds up into a couch
chris simmons
chris simmons 5 maanden geleden
When you are going down a steep hill flip the switch that says retard. It will kick on an engine break and help slow the decent.
TomKat FPV
TomKat FPV 5 maanden geleden
i used to grease these trucks as my job
Garage35_Racing 5 maanden geleden
Cooking a Sausage 😂😂
Chris Sullivan
Chris Sullivan 5 maanden geleden
You need train horns on that beast
Stephene Entera
Stephene Entera 5 maanden geleden
You both look more like a trucker than a youtuber now😂
Linus Perez
Linus Perez 6 maanden geleden
You should have painted the walls before laying the floor. And maybe used some paper under the floor.
خالد العبيدي
خالد العبيدي 6 maanden geleden
حلوو عاشت الأيادي ❤️
Ismail Boudouft
Ismail Boudouft 6 maanden geleden
So you don’t need isolation ?
Max Bragg
Max Bragg 6 maanden geleden
Go in deep water/ mud
xXBam BamXx
xXBam BamXx 6 maanden geleden
Can anyone over 18 drive a truck in the states?
jackie johnston
jackie johnston 6 maanden geleden
Hello my name is Jackie Johnston I am a military man one recommendations we always did when the truck it sit for long for time and had been greased and a long time is after about 100 miles of it three grease all the driveshafts and you joints because they been dry enough to you from him and would even make a move last a whole lot longer what new greased now thank you I like your videos it's really cool.
Devolante 6 maanden geleden
Maybe you should’ve applied underlay to insulate and absorb vibrations. Idk your the experts to be honest! 👍
Devolante 6 maanden geleden
Is Goonzquad buying the wrecked Gemballa Mirage Carrera GT that was wrecked in NYC? 🤔
YooDisMike 6 maanden geleden
those metal plates might have been to help lower the center of gravity so it wouldn't be so top heavy, those heavy rails may have acted as a "counter balance" to help keep from tipping over...sweet truck tho!
TRCK5 6 maanden geleden
grease gets everywhere
Sergio Camarena
Sergio Camarena 6 maanden geleden
I could be wrong but....dont they have to have an Air Break Endorsment to "legally" operate this miltitary vehicle?? Unless its registered "historic" vechicle...then you done need that air break endorsement..
Hunter Meier
Hunter Meier 6 maanden geleden
You can ride in prentice cooper for days and never get bored
Jerk Of All Trades
Jerk Of All Trades 6 maanden geleden
Repaint it because that camo paint job is awful. It screams DIY. Btw the paint is not the military chemical resistant paint you idiots are taking about.
Jerk Of All Trades
Jerk Of All Trades 6 maanden geleden
Should’ve painted to wheels in satin black
Ahmed Almdrade
Ahmed Almdrade 6 maanden geleden
Brent Lane
Brent Lane 6 maanden geleden
Awesome videos guys! Where is that trail road located at?
Ed DeBolt
Ed DeBolt 6 maanden geleden
Keep the exhaust as quiet as possible. That is important stealth feature. Straight pipe that and Zombies will home in like magnets. Insulation is most important feature of a build like that. Helps in any climate to have best insulation.
George Nikolaou
George Nikolaou 6 maanden geleden
You can download the manuals on line use the NSN national stock number on the dash plate
Billy Ward
Billy Ward 6 maanden geleden
Those weight plates you removed were probably to help keep center of gravity lower
DVNelson 6 maanden geleden
goonzquad: "It would probably be super hard to break this thing" Soldier: Hold my beer...
Storm 6 maanden geleden
DVNelson did not detect the funny
DVNelson 6 maanden geleden
Guys...please wear a respirator when sanding that coating...its not regular paint it's CARC paint...Chemical Agent Resistant not breather the dust
Arik Stupke
Arik Stupke 6 maanden geleden
Dewalt grease gun¡¡
Royal_Gaming 6 maanden geleden
Rebuild a destroyed c8 corvette now
Damian warshaft
Damian warshaft 6 maanden geleden
One massive head lol
Manuel Serrano
Manuel Serrano 6 maanden geleden
I had the same problem with the ctis system on my lmtv. Try disconnecting the cable from the ctis control box and then reconnect it again. It’s Like rebooting the system. It normally worked for me. Good luck!
Josh Admire
Josh Admire 6 maanden geleden
If you ever want to get that windshield replaced I am in auto glass!
RIIID UNIVERCE 6 maanden geleden
Lmao they call that off road?😅. Dude if it is off road there must not be a road. Even my corolla will go on it
wirenut003 6 maanden geleden
This should keep you guys busy for a while building it into a camper. You guys are lucky when you buy stuff,like brand new
creeper boi
creeper boi 6 maanden geleden
The 370z :O
Tyler Shelton
Tyler Shelton 6 maanden geleden
Actually actually actually actually actually actually actually actually
Bryan Moring
Bryan Moring 6 maanden geleden
On the vinyl plank flooring you can score your cut line with a razor knife and break it with your hands. It’s way faster than cutting it. Just for future reference.
rivieramike 6 maanden geleden
I dont think you could break this thing if you were trying to. Anybody have any idea what this thing cost the army? Can't be cheap right
Kabeer Eldemire
Kabeer Eldemire 6 maanden geleden
One brother always drives more than one
Scott Sime
Scott Sime 6 maanden geleden
Dude DUDE Dude Dang Dude, ah Dude it's you know any other words...ridiculous
Scott Sime
Scott Sime 6 maanden geleden
"Alrighty guys we painted wheels and put some TIRE shine on the tires.." Seriously it's camouflage and an ugly truck WHY?
Stan Chase
Stan Chase 6 maanden geleden
Need to buy a second one. One for each of yas. Ya don't wanna have to take your girl out in the woods if the urge hits yas while the four of yas are camping
Stan Chase
Stan Chase 6 maanden geleden
Should have painted b4 laying floor.. Would have made things a little easier on yas..
sean chartier
sean chartier 6 maanden geleden
Fold down railings on top to make a rooftop patio! Could run some string lighting up there.
Shane Hurenkamp
Shane Hurenkamp 6 maanden geleden
"Dang thats some OEM wood right there". These guys seem to have an obsession with OEM. We all know that OEM stuff is the cheapest stuff the manafacturer could get to do the job.
james novalis
james novalis 6 maanden geleden
I sure hope you guys have a CDL. If not, let your dad take that out on the public roads. Two reasons, the citation you can get and public safety.
Talis Kadzejs
Talis Kadzejs 6 maanden geleden
You should cut open the round hatch in the cab and put in a sunroof and a way to get to the roof on the box
stephen bartels
stephen bartels 6 maanden geleden
Rhino line the floors.
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