Building My Dad His Dream Truck Part 12

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This is almost the end!!! We have successfully complete a 2012 to 2020 Dodge Ram 3500 conversion. This has been an absolute blast to conquer and learn all at the same time. We have never thought we would be building something like this but the opportunity came knocking. Our dad is going to be super happy once we hand him the keys! Thanks For Watching!!!
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Cris Rabadan
Cris Rabadan 10 dagen geleden
How is it a dream truck if it looks like a newer body ram? I mean it can’t be a dream if it just came out. Dream is something you’ve always wanted, not a year or 2 🤔
Richard Hamilton
Richard Hamilton 12 dagen geleden
Really like watching both of you restoring wrecked vehicles. Don't know how you know how replace the parts in the right place. Great job!
Rafael Batu
Rafael Batu 16 dagen geleden
You do such an awesome job on all your builds I enjoy it very time, just on request. If you could share the products you use to shine that awesome cummins. I wanna try it on my wheels. Greatly appreciated.
Travis Thompson
Travis Thompson 26 dagen geleden
do all rams hoods shut with the gap on top like that at the front over the grill? just seems like a rock/salt/water collector.
Trapper Bill
Trapper Bill Maand geleden
what about the windshield
Randy Quick
Randy Quick Maand geleden
Two young men who are definitely not afraid to put in the work required to do things 100%. I enjoy watching you two and I bet your dad is so proud! Keep up the good work You are an inspiration.
HAMMER TIME Maand geleden
a 20 min ad just came on by OZY media THE CARLOS WATSON SHOW his guest Roxane Gay was trashing Trump and I just want to say TRUMP 2020 TRUMP is my president MAGA
Joseph Sullivan
Joseph Sullivan 2 maanden geleden
Did they ever get the windshield fixed because i noticed it throughout the build
MadCowV 2 maanden geleden
Great video as always. What is that squeegee thing you use to dry the car?
NowGoGetYaShineBox 2 maanden geleden
Bill & Ted bogus adventures!!! Dude !!! Dude !!! Dueee dannnng !!!
jgucci Jacgucci
jgucci Jacgucci 2 maanden geleden
Love watching the show you should powder coat the bumper same color As the truck blue
DOYLE PRICE 3 maanden geleden
nice young men.. no cursing and no complaining . just hard worker's ....
Thomas Sanjaya
Thomas Sanjaya 3 maanden geleden
21:29 Oops, mirror!! 🤦‍♂️
Mohit Surtani
Mohit Surtani 3 maanden geleden
Truck looks amazing. Paint match the bumper and boom .
Yves F
Yves F 3 maanden geleden
Guy's I watch from picking the truck up to now ,and I think both of you are brilliant ,smart ,and real hard workers ,what a job ....***** ,thank you keep the Video's coming ......
Adam Barkley
Adam Barkley 3 maanden geleden
Anyone else see them hit the garage
Elizabete Haliti
Elizabete Haliti 4 maanden geleden
Chris Dolan
Chris Dolan 4 maanden geleden
Thumbnail says Glass Finish 😬🤣
Octane Street - Apprentice Mechanic
Octane Street - Apprentice Mechanic 4 maanden geleden
Heary nearly stopped at the end when they almost backed out of the garage and snapped the mirror off! Haha close one!
Carlos R.
Carlos R. 5 maanden geleden
Is that a supra?? 5:16 Nice work, i really like what you do. Wishes from speain.
Pheaktra Nuon
Pheaktra Nuon 5 maanden geleden
I wonder if any water got in with that big whole in the windshield
Raptor _Adventures
Raptor _Adventures 5 maanden geleden
Only thing I would of changed is paint matches that front bumper
Tmn48 5 maanden geleden
Can I have one of those supermotos please
Rainbow Cookie
Rainbow Cookie 5 maanden geleden
tbh black white grey cars is kinda boring why so much black/white/grey i really like the blue
Rainbow Cookie
Rainbow Cookie 5 maanden geleden
13:08 why did not you clean the windows that green is kinda gross i know you cant see that but still
j jones
j jones 5 maanden geleden
Love it!
curtis wilcock
curtis wilcock 5 maanden geleden
This paint is sick well done as always you do a good job
Brock George
Brock George 5 maanden geleden
Y’all are the two cutest things on the Internet. What are your names and are you twins?
Corkey Michael Lloyd
Corkey Michael Lloyd 5 maanden geleden
You guys do amazing work big ups to y'all and keep doing what y'all do best i know your dad was happy as fuck
كا سبر
كا سبر 5 maanden geleden
james D.
james D. 5 maanden geleden
An actual 2020 looks and performs much better than this shitty 2012 “modification”.
Legend17 5 maanden geleden
Do I have to sand down before I polish or swirl remove or can I just polish and swirl remove with a machine ?
Jeffrey Navallo
Jeffrey Navallo 5 maanden geleden
Dang Dude! you guys are killing me with when you talk!
cameron graham 07
cameron graham 07 5 maanden geleden
y’all should go through every build even if the video is long
Steven Hartung
Steven Hartung 5 maanden geleden
The gleaming smile from your pops says it all. Lots of respect for you guys. Keep doing what you’re doing! It’s inspiring me to start taking videos!
Fredrik Holmberg
Fredrik Holmberg 5 maanden geleden
The 3M polish is the best👍🏻
XqeDiosXqe 5 maanden geleden
I would be afraid to work in my engine bay while it's raining but after seen how you boys wash your engine bays with pressure water I don't think a little rain would be a problem.
fael 5 maanden geleden
Please buy and rebuild the wrecked Mirage GT Gemballa. And don't let him(the owner) buy it back.
Roger Elkins
Roger Elkins 5 maanden geleden
Y’all should post the diagram for the headlight wire conversion
cameron graham 07
cameron graham 07 5 maanden geleden
do an old truck build
imjustinjong友然 5 maanden geleden
@21.27 you hit and scratched the left side mirror.
supdus 5 maanden geleden
should paint the ram the silver
Brian Munoz
Brian Munoz 5 maanden geleden
Idont know if you’re fine the sky or the sky?? Aaahhahhaa
Fight Me
Fight Me 5 maanden geleden
I got a black 2014 Honda Accord, I would like to repaint or if it can be buffed? Price?
Stephen Barnes
Stephen Barnes 5 maanden geleden
If you want to go a step further on the finish, i can highly recommend this stuff
Stephen Barnes
Stephen Barnes 5 maanden geleden
Great for faded black plastics and tyres.
nuhj cruz
nuhj cruz 5 maanden geleden
Watching from Philippines..
Mahmoud Ayoub
Mahmoud Ayoub 5 maanden geleden
We miss it
Mahmoud Ayoub
Mahmoud Ayoub 5 maanden geleden
When will use do Another video on it
Mahmoud Ayoub
Mahmoud Ayoub 5 maanden geleden
What happened to the the boat
Patrick 5 maanden geleden
where did the power running boards go
Esteban Cantu
Esteban Cantu 5 maanden geleden
Mannn idk i feel like the front bumper would look good in silver/grey
Richard Litherland
Richard Litherland 5 maanden geleden
As ever great video, the only thing vexing me a little is the front bumper in black. If it was me I would paint the bumper silver and the tubes in the blue, it would look OEM and totally in keeping with the rest of the Truck. I am sure either way, your Pops is stoked with his new wheels.
Brett Bowden
Brett Bowden 5 maanden geleden
Looks gr8! Color match the bumper?
Lee Obrien
Lee Obrien 5 maanden geleden
Clean up you’re work space and that drive way sucks
Joe Metzger
Joe Metzger 5 maanden geleden
That looks amazing fellas! Check out Meguiars Synthetic Sealant 2.0. I use it when I detail as the last "protectant" step and it just finishes it off super nice.
Martin Castro
Martin Castro 5 maanden geleden
Dude you cracked the windshield standing on it at 5:45 😭 whyyy? Lol
Cleve Wilks
Cleve Wilks 5 maanden geleden
Is their any modifications you have to do for the 2020 front conversion
Spiritus Sanctum
Spiritus Sanctum 5 maanden geleden
RAM plate must be chromed I think.
haga41cat 5 maanden geleden
Come on own up who was driving it and clipped the mirror when you were reversing it out of the workshop lol
Rexious 0
Rexious 0 5 maanden geleden
can you guys clear coat the bumper? it’ll probably help with the rock chips since the truck will be on the road lots
Walker Landel
Walker Landel 5 maanden geleden
Who else wants to see them do some tech interior upgrades... Steering wheel, etc... 🤓
Enter Box
Enter Box 5 maanden geleden
Would u sell the this as 2012 or 2020
Alexis Ocampo
Alexis Ocampo 5 maanden geleden
What's is that yellow like squeegee to remove the water on the truck?
NielstB 5 maanden geleden
You Should have painted those R A M badges man
Mosab Taani
Mosab Taani 5 maanden geleden
ليش بتتأخرو بالفيديوهات ..... مش حياة معكو
Alex Kazak
Alex Kazak 5 maanden geleden
Lol touch up that mirror while your at it 😂.. but awesome build. And also why don’t you guys fix a lot of the windshields on some of the cars?
Jared 5 maanden geleden
I own a 2011 Taurus SHO in kona blue. It's really starting to become my favorite color. Looks great!
David Ellison
David Ellison 5 maanden geleden
Dad gave it a 👍🏻 so if he’s Happy with it that’s all that Matters! L@@KING SHARP!!!!
Ryan McCarthy
Ryan McCarthy 5 maanden geleden
gd, like 10 commercials during this video.
DAILY RICER GARAGE 5 maanden geleden
Look nice finally finished
Miranda Schuver
Miranda Schuver 5 maanden geleden
Goonzquad I watchs your vidoes everytime you post them my favorite youtube videos I like how you buy wrecked car and rebuild them
Albert Hoelting
Albert Hoelting 5 maanden geleden
Should do the letters in silver to match the undertone and make the bumper two tone as well
Shadi Ahmad
Shadi Ahmad 5 maanden geleden
Congratulations 2M You deserve it 💪
Vinayak Agarwal
Vinayak Agarwal 5 maanden geleden
Post the NEW VIDDDDDEEEEEEEOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nigel Henry
Nigel Henry 5 maanden geleden
Part of me wonders whether the front bumper (not bars) should be painted silver like the rear bumper. It sort of looks unfinished. Just my view of course..
Nigel Henry
Nigel Henry 5 maanden geleden
Kinda sorry I've noticed that now!
BISHOP Theodore R Bacon Sr
BISHOP Theodore R Bacon Sr 5 maanden geleden
The Dodge ram 2012 for pop needed complete, love God bless you all continue the great work, give Pop truck 2020 complete make over!!
FerretMe 5 maanden geleden
he cracked the windshield by sitting on it
Francesco Allavena
Francesco Allavena 5 maanden geleden
It's a Cummins or hemi?
Skiridr22 5 maanden geleden
Wow 😳 OEM dude
Dylan Chasm
Dylan Chasm 5 maanden geleden
When you say dodge ram 3500 you usually say dully because there is a truck were it is a 3500 but not 4 wheels in the back
ALPHAMIX 6 5 maanden geleden
Danggg son It does like like a million bucks you guys did a amazing job!! Speaking of million? Your almost 2 million subscribers!! Congratulations guys keep it up and stay safe! Much love! 🐺👍❤️
misha frog
misha frog 5 maanden geleden
Superb job guys only nitty fault i miss is the RAM on the front hidden by the bull bar, prehaps a RAM sign on the bull bar front to complete the picture please.
Bricks By Marco
Bricks By Marco 5 maanden geleden
Sick!!! Your pops is gonna be so proud on you guys! Much love! Peace!
ricky gibson
ricky gibson 5 maanden geleden
Melvin Thomas
Melvin Thomas 5 maanden geleden
@goonzsquad Those roof lights must get changed. Does not match the front end
Mikethebutcher 5 maanden geleden
Sick rag, it’s like a Chemical Guys Clay Block. What is the name of the rag? Thanks
Mikethebutcher 5 maanden geleden
Idk maybe that Honda Silver and the RAM emblems... to make it pop a bit.?
DESERT ALIEN d[ *_* ]b
DESERT ALIEN d[ *_* ]b 5 maanden geleden
JagFan Hilton
JagFan Hilton 5 maanden geleden
Yeah, do that whole entire thang 😉🤣😂
RABIUL SUNNY GAZI 5 maanden geleden
Broo plz you next time build ford raptor , mini car, and smart car best of luck broo
Paul Levy
Paul Levy 5 maanden geleden
Your Dad doesn't talk much, but that smile says it all.
Charles Ortiz
Charles Ortiz 5 maanden geleden
I'm really surprised at how this turned out, you two have really done a fantastic job. 👌 Awesome!👍
Freddie C
Freddie C 5 maanden geleden
You guys love cleaning and washing trucks, on some of youre T shirts on the back put some of youre sayings , like Get Er done son, or Daang!, and others, When is the new Goonzsquad building getting started?? been a while, before you start it, fix pops truck & get him to move the 2 trailers with all the tiles to the bottom of the site, probably have to release the brakes first, give you more room for new building!!. Great video, most other USA sites stooped videos but can depend on you guys. thanks.
Chuckter 99J
Chuckter 99J 5 maanden geleden
Aren’t you guys going to replace the cab lights there old and faded
Markus Aarekol
Markus Aarekol 5 maanden geleden
What happened to the burnt Lambo
CrsTFR 5 maanden geleden
👍👍. You guys are 💯
Cnoevo Auto Adventures
Cnoevo Auto Adventures 5 maanden geleden
man that truck came out nice , the windshield bugs me though hahahaha
Mitchell Edwards
Mitchell Edwards 5 maanden geleden
That 3M is amazing.
Gerald Mazhawidza
Gerald Mazhawidza 5 maanden geleden
Whoo esle saw the left rear view mirror swiping the garage door at 21:28
Taetse Möller
Taetse Möller 5 maanden geleden
How did you start your carreer . I want do rebuild to when I am older .
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