The New Goonzquad Headquarters Part 8

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Things are starting to flow at the new goonzquad headquarters!!! We are moving from the interior to the exterior and things are looking good. We have some pretty rough terrain in the backyard where the deck is going to get built but we have a few ideas for it. This is going to be an epic journey and we are super happy to share it with you guys!!! Thanks For Watching!!!
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dubcotics 15 dagen geleden
Are u guys gays or just best friends? No offence intended just curious, peace and love!
M L 15 dagen geleden
Lol, they're brothers
Widword 26 dagen geleden
At 3:04 I’d guess that’s about 12,000 pounds of rock sitting right there. Would be good use for a huge firepit
Ethan Macheras
Ethan Macheras 26 dagen geleden
can't wait for porch to be done!
Ben Budgen
Ben Budgen Maand geleden
You should build a pond/ pool where those rocks are
Old Man 2020
Old Man 2020 Maand geleden
Just how big their property....
Commander Wyatt
Commander Wyatt Maand geleden
Might wanna clean/wash out the tracks, get all the mud out.
Mjhj _13
Mjhj _13 Maand geleden
JJM Maand geleden
Imagine the cost oooweee
Ramon Sutton
Ramon Sutton Maand geleden
Why don't just get a hammer attachment for the digger to brake the rock because they slate rocks
ibby mehmood
ibby mehmood Maand geleden
Are u just going to focus on the house or are u gona work on some cars to
fire surfer
fire surfer Maand geleden
This is what you need for that wall. I guess you have realized you should have done the retaining wall first. The walls are not easy, you really need to consult with a local retaining wall company because of the clay.
Kodgamer197 KC
Kodgamer197 KC Maand geleden
Please put all your time lapse of your backyard where all your rocks are all together and and have it all in a video,
HeyItsChive Maand geleden
I swear it rains in every single one of your videos.
Danial Hakim
Danial Hakim Maand geleden
and 120 bucks later😂
Legend Maand geleden
Man i want to see that sucker hit some Hurricane Laura Clean up work man i bet you all could make a big difference and the views of course cause Charity work always gets more views!
Legend Maand geleden
I bet that your Father is one of the proudest men alive guys don't ever let him down!
kolim jone
kolim jone Maand geleden
If only y'all could get full sun out there 😂 I love the determination!!
Angelo Russo
Angelo Russo Maand geleden
Infinity pool with that view its a must
Siddharth Subandh
Siddharth Subandh Maand geleden
I wish God could have given them the ability to speak.It hurts man 😔 @15:36
asioe kiou
asioe kiou Maand geleden
Such an awesome video!
Wes Damon
Wes Damon Maand geleden
Take one of those long wide rocks and have your name etched/engraved on it at entrance to yard or driveway.
kolim jone
kolim jone Maand geleden
they got cars They got a dope house But most importantly They got rocks..
gary lyon
gary lyon Maand geleden
Is nice what you doing, but have you ever check if their a bird nest? On trees, and also need cut back tree on top those edges of cliff before rain because you will get mudslides and all will fall down to your out, which you can see those on ground slippery mud.
Noah Kane
Noah Kane Maand geleden
asioe kiou
asioe kiou Maand geleden
9:24 ????
Thrifty Garage
Thrifty Garage Maand geleden
I’ve been landscaping for 15 years, most projects valued between $50k to $100k. A few tips for best results and longevity. Move those boulders by the spiral stairs and give yourself at least 3’ of clearance; I’d recommend 4’. Regarding concrete do not pour all the way to the rocks. They will inevitably shift and move causing unsightly gaps. But to achieve the same look you can use curvy forms 3-6” away from the rocks and fill the gap with gravel. @goonzquad Keep up the good work!
Can Tezel
Can Tezel Maand geleden
you must light up the hill, maybe like you can put philips hue at the back of the rocks.
SkywallGuttz Maand geleden
3000 dollar door with no key and a big ole scratch on it.
Cnoevo Auto Adventures
Cnoevo Auto Adventures Maand geleden
cant wait till you start working inside
Aref Eshghi
Aref Eshghi Maand geleden
19:07 Why soon no jungle or bush will be left! “Cut down the trees, so we can see the sunset!”
Manuel Cabeza
Manuel Cabeza Maand geleden
Try dont kill more trees dude. Keep your nature... grettings from Venezuela
Jair Ramos
Jair Ramos Maand geleden
CHEATER BRE Maand geleden
Check playlist of some older builds:
Andre Boardman
Andre Boardman Maand geleden
“early start late in the day”
Roberto Carlos
Roberto Carlos Maand geleden
Could you guys please stop cutting trees for a damn sun set view.
寺崎幸治 Maand geleden
This content is Lit
This content is Lit Maand geleden
they got cars They got a dope house But most importantly They got rocks..
Josh Lacrosse
Josh Lacrosse Maand geleden
Dude those trees are so nice don’t remove them
4MyTube4Ever Maand geleden
if you dont want to have problem with snakes... dont have rocks around you...
OT OT Maand geleden
9:24 ????
Dallas Asher
Dallas Asher Maand geleden
Y’all need to put a retaining wall on that back side. It’s literally a wall that keeps the soil from going away and prevents a landslide from happening. The soil below the trees are caving in and at some point will cause them trees to fall. Then you’ll have a much bigger problem instead of the rocks.
Shane Beard
Shane Beard Maand geleden
Daniel Griffin
Daniel Griffin Maand geleden
Let me know if you guys need some advice/guidance on that slope area in the rear. Inbox me and I will give you my email so that I can send you over some options. Keep the vids coming!
Joe Smith
Joe Smith Maand geleden
Where's the pool going???? If you don't put a pool that's a fail :( And you guys should build it yourselves!!!
Doug Dorrer
Doug Dorrer Maand geleden
Build a pond with waterfall off the hillside. You can use a pond pump to move the water up the hill.
Holston Kennedy
Holston Kennedy Maand geleden
We have those same doors in our house
You know Who
You know Who Maand geleden
Dang son !!! Plant more trees will ya just don’t just cutting them.
Octane Street - Apprentice Mechanic
Octane Street - Apprentice Mechanic Maand geleden
It's pretty ridiculous that that thing can just run trees down lol jesus. A skidsteer is it? With a ground shark? Man. That's some serious equipment.
Natasha Cubric
Natasha Cubric Maand geleden
Would've preferred the trees over the rocks tbh
Sal The Rookie
Sal The Rookie Maand geleden
Hey guys, I just wanted to say that you have inspired me and lots of people worldwide to DIY and work on their car projects. Thank you for making your videos so simple and so honest. I would also like to say that I have started my NLposts channel and it is called Sal the rookie. I know it is miles away from your work of art, but one day I will gain the needed experience to provide some content worthy like yours. If you could spare a second and like or subscribe to my channel that would be amazing.
Eric Binney
Eric Binney Maand geleden
lol 😂 hot pockets in the oven
Eric Binney
Eric Binney Maand geleden
Lol boys those ain’t no rocks those are boulders lol 😂
Norco Corp Sealy
Norco Corp Sealy Maand geleden
I think you need a waterfall in your backyard using the from the property.
mauro calde
mauro calde Maand geleden
you guys need a hydraulic hammer for the skid steer
David Brown
David Brown Maand geleden
You guys should install a big diesel and gas tank in the ground. 1,500 or 2k gallon tank
Andries Cornelius Nienaber
Andries Cornelius Nienaber Maand geleden
Hi there, now that you are working outside. Can you please use one of those portable microphones.
Mohammad Tak
Mohammad Tak Maand geleden
Don’t harm nature too much PLEASE
Adam84 B
Adam84 B Maand geleden
I'm so happy for you guys. I look forward to watching your videos everyday ..You guys deserve the best
MORNING BREW Maand geleden
Lol 4:30.... some brushes!?!? Think he meant bushes! 😂
Sam Crawford
Sam Crawford Maand geleden
Make a rock water feature with a waterfall from the over hanging rock round the back of the house
Robin Hood
Robin Hood Maand geleden
Great job
Michael Yarmie
Michael Yarmie Maand geleden
You little bastard's have too much cash.
Vijay Vijay
Vijay Vijay Maand geleden
Bro your house super
bobbycone2 Maand geleden
Team Trees: let's plant 20 million Trees Goonzquad: no.
bobbycone2 14 dagen geleden
@lucas voorburg so you're talking about Respiration and technically trees/plants go through respiration not only at night. However the amount of CO2 that is sent out from Respiration vs the amount that is consumed by plants during photosynthesis in the day time is far less. Not to mention the life giving O2 that we need that is produced during photosynthesis. So no, cutting down trees does not decrease CO2. It absolutely increases it.
lucas voorburg
lucas voorburg 15 dagen geleden
@bobbycone2 well at night they throw out co2
bobbycone2 15 dagen geleden
@lucas voorburg not sure you understand how trees work there brother.
lucas voorburg
lucas voorburg 16 dagen geleden
less trees is less c02 :P
Spicy Maand geleden
goonzsquad: team trees is dead so y net bury them?
bobbycone2 Maand geleden
Do the long bar... More cabinet space, more counter space. And the space you will have if it's not there isn't enough to do anything with. The long bar is the gold idea. I'd keep it.
bobbycone2 Maand geleden
Gotta seal that plywood with some zip board or something like that so water doesn't get behind the stone and rots the wood. Even when yall tore out the window I saw rotted wood which means that house wasnt sealed very well to begin with. I'd be careful on that.
bobbycone2 Maand geleden
It's pronounced Ex-Ca-Vator
darryl haynes
darryl haynes Maand geleden
$120 FOR a key They saw you coming a mile away.
delta3garcia Maand geleden
Give the skid steer a nice power wash. 👍💯
kevin schumacher
kevin schumacher Maand geleden
why dont you guys make a threehouse/platform where you can watch the sunset in sted of clearing all the threes because te threes makes the property pritty dang epic
RODZILLA Maand geleden
Dang Son! Do you know how much rocks like that cost in the Houston area?
canal realiti show
canal realiti show Maand geleden
oh man!! just dig the big hole and put it in this big rocks dude, so much easy!
Derek Gremminger
Derek Gremminger Maand geleden
To wash off that stuff dont use a power washer. Get one of those pump spray up weed killer sprayers. Put 30% bleach and water with it. spray it down and rinse with just water.
Pissed up Gamer
Pissed up Gamer Maand geleden
Nice water wall LEDs and a fire pit be an amazing chill zone
Sw3rve_Eclipse Maand geleden
Rebuild a giant excavator!
off-road- Kid
off-road- Kid Maand geleden
You guys should post daily!!
Robert Irsai
Robert Irsai Maand geleden
Pops is helping out love it. He is probs thinking finally getting the boys kicked out of the house and having some parking space back hahah
Zarif Danial
Zarif Danial Maand geleden
This is my first time watching this video with 1080p the quality just crsipy
Elmar Nieuwold
Elmar Nieuwold Maand geleden
Is it goon zquad Or goonz quad
rgbigdog Maand geleden
OSB is not plywood.
Phil P
Phil P Maand geleden
If you make that wall come straight down to a flat ground at the bottom in stead of a slope like it is if a rock does fall down once it hits the flat ground it will stop rolling but if its on a big slope like that it will pick up alot of speed.
Maverick Maand geleden
You guys are some hardcore bushwankers
devilselbow Maand geleden
Ok 15:45 was a lil sketchy there guys lol.
Masdanial Channel
Masdanial Channel Maand geleden
hi goonzquad from malaysia✌🏻🇲🇾
GoldForzaClips Maand geleden
Should of done the posts steal to last longer, because after 5-10yrs those wood posts will rot and need replacement. You can’t have the decking and wood support beams just sitting on top of the wooden posts because if you haven’t protected every joint where each piece of wood meets with paint then water will get in there and start to rot the wood away. By the looks of it those workers just screwed it all together. Which won’t be good in the long run.
Thomas An
Thomas An Maand geleden
Would never put deck door in existing bay window area. Better to remove whole Bay Area and have a straight rear wall.
Ryan Parsons
Ryan Parsons Maand geleden
What’s the plan for getting electric service up there? Is there a line nearby to get temp power/saw pole?
M Smith
M Smith Maand geleden
I'm thinking the old home owners knew the hill in back of the house couldn't be stopped, so they got out before it was to late. A retaining wall can't stop what's there for ever. Wishing them best of luck
James Leach
James Leach Maand geleden
I'd personally get rid of that useless garage and turn it into living quarters. What a piss poor idea of putting it on the backside of the house like that.
Carlo Miller
Carlo Miller Maand geleden
I been watching your videos for a while, and enjoy them, but sometimes your terminology is off! Lol, especially when it comes to the helicopter build!
Carlo Miller
Carlo Miller Maand geleden
Did you ever get the cold start video of my car? Never received a reply! Thought you might like it, but the real question was could you figure out what kind da of car was it?
Youtube Member
Youtube Member Maand geleden
Am i the only one hearing that annoyimg sound in the background, Just nunstop sound???
Jeffrey Knokke
Jeffrey Knokke Maand geleden
This Great guys are so awsome, they are living the real minecraft 2020.0 🙃😌
edward serema
edward serema Maand geleden
I like thefact that you are always hands on,Thanks Guys for the isnpiration and journey Support from Botswana
Power House tv
Power House tv Maand geleden
What about using the big rocks as a big ass fire pit??
Carl Johnson
Carl Johnson Maand geleden
get back to cars soon- thanks
cody coggins
cody coggins Maand geleden
When will the next Robinson r22 helicopter video be??? Really excited to see the goonzquad chopper finished
Rupert Vimpany
Rupert Vimpany Maand geleden
What about using all that stone to stop the land sliding onto the house.
Curtis B
Curtis B Maand geleden
A pool would look great between the deck and the rockwall
Uno 5.0
Uno 5.0 Maand geleden
Car content soon?
Tauheed Safi Mehmood
Tauheed Safi Mehmood Maand geleden
Cutting a lot of tree's
Mark Wilson
Mark Wilson Maand geleden
So many trees down :(
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