The New Goonzquad Headquarters Part 15

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What an epic day!!! As we work on our well house, we are making some major progress and learning so much in the process. This well house is going to be a pretty pricey one, but it will be worth it in the end. As we run to several stores to find materials, we discover an outrageous home salvage store!
This place was just unreal, cant wait to share it with you! Thanks For Watching!!!
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Nommed Kid
Nommed Kid 6 dagen geleden
Where the fuckis yall mask -
Nayan Joz
Nayan Joz 7 dagen geleden
6:18 ambassador 😘
Classic Joe
Classic Joe 8 dagen geleden
Why cut a shingle in half to use as starter? Why dont you just buy shingle starter?
sjd73ss 9 dagen geleden
The roofing nails go in and just above the white line on shingles. Every single nail you put in below the white line will leak. I cannot believe what I just saw you guys do. Lololol
Pier Alla
Pier Alla 13 dagen geleden
That' s a well built storage, the only concerning thing is that it' s not anchored to the ground, it' s like "floating" on the gravel: i don' t think it' s gonna slide, because is heavy, but in case it' s gonna fuck up your plumbing 🤔
Dan B
Dan B 16 dagen geleden
Forgot the drip edge, I'm guessing there is no need for some sort of ice barrier where you are
Gregory Grunt
Gregory Grunt 16 dagen geleden
DANG DUDES You ask people to cop some merch constantly. Times are really hard right now! DANG
jubin ks
jubin ks 17 dagen geleden
3:17 TATA ഇഷ്ടം 😍
أبو ضاري
أبو ضاري 20 dagen geleden
Friends, you talk a lot. You talk a lot, you talk a lot, you talk a lot, you talk a lot, you talk a lot, you talk a lot, you talk a lot, you talk a lot, you talk a lot, you talk a lot, you talk a lot, you talk a lot, and you talk a lot.
Edilson Carneiro
Edilson Carneiro 20 dagen geleden
Esess carros são top
Ma.Rashel Dionisio
Ma.Rashel Dionisio 20 dagen geleden
Ken Thornock
Ken Thornock 21 dag geleden
Why didn't you guys use drip edge on the shed?
Dinesh Duraisamy
Dinesh Duraisamy 21 dag geleden
Hi @goonzquad i like the watch your channel ,i loved your New Goonzquad Headquarters place because very nature ,but you destroyed many trees ,please grow some trees
Fisherman978 21 dag geleden
oye vos
oye vos 22 dagen geleden
JT 22 dagen geleden
Dunno why i just got an update that this was a new upload.....excited for nothin. 🤣🤣🤣
Michael Diaz
Michael Diaz 23 dagen geleden
Hi, this is Michael from Clermont Custom Cools. It’s because of what you do, I started my own business and channel. I am so glad to see the T-shirts, I suggested them a long time ago. Great job. I always open my with how you both inspired me. You see I was 59 back in December when I started my work professionally. It was your content, maturity and the love of family that did it. Also I had to convince my wife of 34 years. I also started my NLposts Channel @ Dads Garage. (Honda Jet Ski Build). I also suffer from Parkinson’s, Degenerative Nerve Disease, Lower Spinal Arthritis, Type 2 Diabetes, but other than that I’m in Perfect 👌Medical condition. I am hoping one day if your back in Florida you can stop by. Anyway Suggestion: Don’t block the view on the new Digs, but do put a driving range target there with a big circle yard marker... perhaps maybe one day you can reach the fairway that’s in the distance view...I’m sure you know who can...stay mature as you and always young at heart as I am.
C Morrow
C Morrow 23 dagen geleden
Frost the inside of the glass. Then stuff is hidden but you get the light
ArchieTalks 23 dagen geleden
love these vids
Dave'sway 23 dagen geleden
You should over lap the roof
Veikra 23 dagen geleden
7:28 thats the THX animated logo 's couch
Thomas Diersch
Thomas Diersch 23 dagen geleden
where is the tape for the seams?
Sterling Stauffer
Sterling Stauffer 23 dagen geleden
"Hey lets install a faucet on the side of the house"
Shyam N S
Shyam N S 24 dagen geleden
It's also have an indian license
Shyam N S
Shyam N S 24 dagen geleden
The car you sit was an indian car called ambassador
david clarke
david clarke 24 dagen geleden
This is 10 X more fun than car rebuilding. You guys are doing great Except I don’t need to see those snakes 🙈. Keep up the good work. And one question. Your other location you were going to make your head quarters. What’s up with that property????
Nicholas 350Z
Nicholas 350Z 24 dagen geleden
2:55 I thought that was whistlin diesels truck cuz I didn’t know if he got a new one
Eric Groom
Eric Groom 24 dagen geleden
Y’all forgot the drip edge on the water shed
Mike Classing
Mike Classing 24 dagen geleden
Be nice to hear the equipment run once and awhile instead of the music.just saying.
Amal Syahmina58
Amal Syahmina58 24 dagen geleden
Nayborhood.P ENT
Nayborhood.P ENT 24 dagen geleden
I just realized they both sound like lightning mcqueen
Alehehe Hahaha
Alehehe Hahaha 24 dagen geleden
Steven Johnson
Steven Johnson 24 dagen geleden
I think you may have forgotten the drip edge.
Tomasz Jedrzejewski 4x4
Tomasz Jedrzejewski 4x4 25 dagen geleden
This second 💺 looks like polish car syrena 105, check out guys
Rithvik B
Rithvik B 25 dagen geleden
6:31 hmmm, all the Indian vehicles that’s r scrapped actually become something totally new
Black Beard Dave
Black Beard Dave 25 dagen geleden This link will show you how drip edge works and should be installed
Llama Cebu
Llama Cebu 25 dagen geleden
Longer the boards... The more expensive the flooring looks
Gamecock Mike
Gamecock Mike 25 dagen geleden
I used to make those saws. The big one that has the carbide teeth were a pain in the ass to make. Not only did you have to worry about breaking my carbide teeth drilling through that metal, the material the saw was made out of is like glass and my carbide teeth would break and shatter like glass themselves. But we always had to make the large saw with the teeth you guys had in it, our carbide teeth were cutting through metal and i'm sure if you break a tooth or two on the wheel, you will feel it. I can promise we just didn't just hear it, we could feel it but it was so cool to watch how the the carbide teeth could cut through other metals as fast and as easy as some of the softer metals it would cut throught at the speed it would cut through the metals with
Steve Saint Hair
Steve Saint Hair 25 dagen geleden
Are the shirts made in the USA?
Travis Hill
Travis Hill 26 dagen geleden
Definitely would have hung door outward. Pump house gets cramped fast and makes it hard to swing doors inward.
Roberto Gaona
Roberto Gaona 26 dagen geleden
What happened to the other property boys???
boyce1204 26 dagen geleden
There should be another attachment for grinding stumps. That brush attachment is for brush not stumps.
Darryl Salazar
Darryl Salazar 26 dagen geleden
Make sure to caulk around that door to help keep water out
boolookoo100 26 dagen geleden
That not a peace sing that a FU
Sanduranga Dinushan
Sanduranga Dinushan 26 dagen geleden
who saw the TATA bus frontend?
JohnD 26 dagen geleden
Drip edge ?
curtis wilcock
curtis wilcock 26 dagen geleden
Damn this is awesome 😎 loved the shopping for the door and that looks great on the building and the tiles looks good too and also your dad helping you boys love seeing him in vids and you put in some work looks good now
mitch tucker
mitch tucker 26 dagen geleden
a six foot overhead garage door would have been cheap and useful on the wellhouse
Heiko Sommer
Heiko Sommer 26 dagen geleden
You MUST release the shirts in a 4 xl version ... so sad
Rumble Garage
Rumble Garage 26 dagen geleden
Dang the cringe level went way high in this upload! You guys are gonna hurt yourselves. It's coming! I can almost guarantee it. 😶
David Brutskiy
David Brutskiy 26 dagen geleden
Salvage couch
Soubhagya 26 dagen geleden
So cool to see Indian cars being decorated and the number plates still from Rajasthan India
sagar patel
sagar patel 26 dagen geleden
I am dame sure that owner of that shop is Indian ☺️.... love u guys from India
Andrew Brinton
Andrew Brinton 26 dagen geleden
You should really cut in and install some look outs to support the eaves of your roof on the gable ends! Snow load will make them sag eventually. Also in the future you wanna install metal drip edge along the bottoms and sides and run that starter row of roofing up the sides too!
Andrew Brinton
Andrew Brinton 26 dagen geleden
See if yall have a Habitat For Humanity where yall are it. Its another place for "used" materials. TONS of stuff!
kwl 26 dagen geleden
SO many things wrong with their construction.
Aleksandr Nikitin
Aleksandr Nikitin 26 dagen geleden
Tbh guys these house rebuilding vids been kinda boring get back to the cars soon please
Timothy Johnson
Timothy Johnson 26 dagen geleden
Fellas would love to buy y’all’s merch but y’all don’t have big enough sizes. The 2xl or 3xl doesn’t have the shoulder width I need. I’d need a 4xl. Plus I’m sure there are plenty other people out there that would love to buy y’all’s merch but can’t cause the sizes are limited.
Chris Brewer
Chris Brewer 26 dagen geleden
I don't understand why people support idiots like this they have no common sense have no idea how to spend their money
Chris Laughren
Chris Laughren 26 dagen geleden
Where's the helicopter pad going?
Sketched Wearhouse
Sketched Wearhouse 26 dagen geleden
On the 2nd and 3rd stories we used to house wrap the walls before we stood them out and just ran it alittle long
Shawn bryant
Shawn bryant 26 dagen geleden
What’s the name of that salvage yard
Pranav Gowda
Pranav Gowda 26 dagen geleden
i bet that store is owned by Indian
Tiger Hunt
Tiger Hunt 26 dagen geleden
Should have meal drip edge for edge of roof.
pangrac1 26 dagen geleden
Junk from India, Hindustan cars and Tata trucks.
primalfury2011 26 dagen geleden
7:29 lawl
King Cairo
King Cairo 26 dagen geleden
Only thing better than getting straight to watching goonsquad videos as soon as they post is having two saved up to watch right after the other
jessie testerman
jessie testerman 26 dagen geleden
Juniors building materials business probably just went up at least 30%
rk22cc 27 dagen geleden
Build a wood door for next to nothing and put in some air vents
Donald Parlett jr
Donald Parlett jr 27 dagen geleden
I'd highly recommend bringing in a real stump grinder. They grind a stump into the ground. Great job on the watershed.
Bryan Burnside
Bryan Burnside 27 dagen geleden
Dude I built a house (on Walden Ridge) from Southeast salvage and saw mill lumber.
LA6UOA 27 dagen geleden
DrewRoycroft Beats
DrewRoycroft Beats 27 dagen geleden
Siddharth Singh
Siddharth Singh 27 dagen geleden
Is that aTATA truck bumper i see???? AND A HIDUSTAN MOTORS AMBASSADOR FRONT END ????? Is the place run by Indians ??
Brian Ellis
Brian Ellis 27 dagen geleden
I like the content because I have been here for a few years. These videos will not grow as times goes by as there is no searchable content. No buzz words like Mustang, Camaro, supercar. Some of those past Goonzquad video's have grown to multimillions of views because of the searchable titles. Just saying...
Gary Packwood
Gary Packwood 27 dagen geleden
Good Point which they can address by including titles corresponding to what they are working on. This one could have been Well House & Outrageous Home Salvage Store Discovered.
Maurice Milles Mansa
Maurice Milles Mansa 27 dagen geleden
Pull out those stumps with the excavator. Tear out the roots then tear out the stump
Bob Mal
Bob Mal 27 dagen geleden
You guys should build your own bar from a car or truck front body section.
JFLovely17 27 dagen geleden
Guys you should have put in a small rollup door for getting equip in and out of shed or the doors you installed should open to outside as not to interfer with equipment
Anatoliy Parkhomenko
Anatoliy Parkhomenko 27 dagen geleden
You should have done the whole roof right away with the weather proofing felt and then put a strip of weather proofing down the middle of the roof to avoid leaks between the plywood at the top
Chris Robinson
Chris Robinson 27 dagen geleden
I haven't watched in a while , these guys don't build cars any more ? Shame ,, it was a great channel. Hope it works out for them ,, but not sure the subscribers will stay ,,,, Is Cribbs still a thing ?
Adlerwacht 27 dagen geleden
Stop putting blanks before punctuation marks.
Gary Packwood
Gary Packwood 27 dagen geleden
They are still modifying only now they're modifying their mountain top home so they can modify more car and no telling what else. Very interesting video series.
Ryan Koenig
Ryan Koenig 27 dagen geleden
For 10k that cutter better eat a stump
rideordieguy rideordieguy
rideordieguy rideordieguy 27 dagen geleden
Gonna call that place. Im diggin that table wit them globes on it.
Pete Lambert
Pete Lambert 27 dagen geleden
Y’all are getting slow with your videos
Zachary Ryman
Zachary Ryman 27 dagen geleden
Where that place at to get a car couch
Gary Packwood
Gary Packwood 27 dagen geleden
Seems to be a cool place but they made those car couches huge and most people don't have that much space indoors to accommodate even one.
Néstor Zavala
Néstor Zavala 27 dagen geleden
Too much door for a water well house, but hey, they are rich kids
Gary Packwood
Gary Packwood 27 dagen geleden
If asked I would advise them to keep diversifying their content or be prepared for their income to bypass their bank and go directly to the IRS. They really need this property.
Alberto Montano
Alberto Montano 27 dagen geleden
You should turn those stumps into stationary chairs
Red Hawk Outdoors
Red Hawk Outdoors 27 dagen geleden
You need to put drip edge on the roof. If not it will rot the edge of the OSB.
wranglers2 27 dagen geleden
You should check out this video at the 8 minute mark. Mentions you guyz.
Aji Jac
Aji Jac 27 dagen geleden
6:46 These stuffs are imported from India....Tata Front,HM Ambassidor Rear/front ...etc
Anmol Juneja
Anmol Juneja 27 dagen geleden
U r in USA or in India.. That ambasdor nd tata truck with rajasthan no plate 😂😂😂
Lowell Glover
Lowell Glover 27 dagen geleden
You guys are so talented/skilled. Love it.
asiif 114
asiif 114 27 dagen geleden
6:52 that car name is hm ambassador
San Miguel
San Miguel 27 dagen geleden
Where’re the Mexicans at? $5 and they’ll build a whole community up there, gotta love ‘em
Hernan Cortez
Hernan Cortez 27 dagen geleden
There inside the house doing all the hard labor sad but true. But these guys are cool so you can’t hate on them.
asiif 114
asiif 114 27 dagen geleden
all those car sofa's and truck tables are indian bcoz TATA is written on that table and RJ is written on car sofa number plate (RJ 19 bl 5539 means rajasthan registration ) rajasthan is a place in india
teejay Leduc
teejay Leduc 27 dagen geleden
Always happy to see your dad helping you out!!👌👑 proud dad!!💪❤whe all need a dad like that!!😢
Dusk Dawg
Dusk Dawg 27 dagen geleden
All these "glass doors" out in the woods are starting to worry me. It doesn't seem safe at all. Always remember, anything can happen out there..
Dirty Daron
Dirty Daron 27 dagen geleden
Windows? Why the hell did you put doors with windows? Have fun with mold...
Noah Gentzsch
Noah Gentzsch 27 dagen geleden
goonzquad should rebuild a 2020 corvette
Robert Stark
Robert Stark 27 dagen geleden
WOW Need a telescope for that awesome location/view of that valley!
Dusty Trailhead
Dusty Trailhead 27 dagen geleden
Y’all getting freezing rain in Tennessee? Maybe a rafter tie or two to keep the walls straight?
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