Building My Dad His Dream Truck Part 13

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Pops is going to be happy when this thing is 100% complete! We only got a few more finishing touches left to do and also a bunch of mods. This conversion build has a slight challenge but were happy to make it to the final stages. This truck is going to be one of the most unique work horses out there! Thanks For Watching!!!
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Xavier Xavier
Xavier Xavier 5 dagen geleden
You fixing up the truck for your dad is awesome you’re a good son. 💯🙏🏼😊👍🏼
Mikkel Parmley
Mikkel Parmley Maand geleden
I've watched about of your videos from the playlist and they're great. One thing You to neglect to do on every video is introduce yourselves. As of today, I have no idea what y'alls names are. Also to add just for giggles, I kinda had the same idea what you all have been doing with finding wrecked vehicles and repairing them back to original running condition. I recently found a couple of websites to buy the wrecked vehicles like you all visit at copart.
Victor Adamczak
Victor Adamczak Maand geleden
where do you live its always damn raining lol
Callum Mcdonald
Callum Mcdonald Maand geleden
It bugs me how the bullbar has a piece that blocks the RAM logo
The adventures of Kenny Ray
The adventures of Kenny Ray Maand geleden
Might wanna get that exhaust back to a stock exhaust for pops. Dot will shut him down real quick and huge fines. $$$$
oldtimer_sale instagram
oldtimer_sale instagram Maand geleden
To je brat Rus busi,radi u papučama Nike😎😆😉
HAMMER TIME Maand geleden
TRUMP 2020
John Waterhouse
John Waterhouse Maand geleden
և. Ր չ ծրւ ցհհտևյևգթդցգ 4
Cody Donovan
Cody Donovan Maand geleden
There is a chunk missing out of the driver side mirror
Cody Donovan
Cody Donovan Maand geleden
Why do you move your hands and jump around so much?
Raul Soto
Raul Soto 2 maanden geleden
I can’t believe he broke the side mirror like that lol
Lewis Agen
Lewis Agen 2 maanden geleden
Change the windshield on your dad's truck
Jay Beckett
Jay Beckett 2 maanden geleden
Needs a winch and a bug guard.
mohammed abdelmajed
mohammed abdelmajed 2 maanden geleden
Good goob bro
Andrew Windjack
Andrew Windjack 2 maanden geleden
You guys should definitely up grade the turbo to a 96 mm fixed vaine something like w borg warner
Asia black
Asia black 2 maanden geleden
Are you going to replace the windshield?
PouredUpp 3 maanden geleden
All you need is the rear 2020 taillights conversion
GERGORY Mockenhaupt
GERGORY Mockenhaupt 3 maanden geleden
When will you start you new shop?
TheDean78 3 maanden geleden
Watch those head bolt with to much power and trans pressure. Will start to have problems cheers
TheDean78 3 maanden geleden
Should check to see if the paddle lights work on the mirrors and change to led
kishan palikhe
kishan palikhe 3 maanden geleden
you both r twin i don't know that
Duane Wilson
Duane Wilson 4 maanden geleden
These two act like a pair of rich 14 year olds with too much money and free time
iblaze man
iblaze man 4 maanden geleden
ouu twin brothers i wonder which one is the evil one :D
Octane Street - Apprentice Mechanic
Octane Street - Apprentice Mechanic 4 maanden geleden
Alright you guys inspired me for the last time. I'm installing an intake and bov on my car real soon. Maybe a tune as well I need to look into it first. That exhaust for the truck is gunna be PERFECT for pops im sure he'll love it!
Timika Reid
Timika Reid 4 maanden geleden
18:33 07:03 07:19
Trent Harding
Trent Harding 4 maanden geleden
There’s no frickin license plate on the truck anybody notice
BrettMcQueeny 4 maanden geleden
Plz repaint the truck
Robert Frisch
Robert Frisch 4 maanden geleden
Good going trying to get fined for cutting out the emissions, from the truck, and better put some air bags on that, so pops isn't blinding people, when hauling, since you went and added a level kit.
Car Hunter’s Repo
Car Hunter’s Repo 4 maanden geleden
And 2020 radio
Car Hunter’s Repo
Car Hunter’s Repo 4 maanden geleden
Now you need 2020 taillights
Dan _
Dan _ 4 maanden geleden
5:17 😹
Ferraridrijfer 4 maanden geleden
Maar ik wel slapen was gezellig hard gelachen Barbapapa maar ik slapen
Malcolm McSpadon
Malcolm McSpadon 5 maanden geleden
I love those work-boots!!! Flippers for life!!! 18:05
ZuStar Dreams Experience Mindful
ZuStar Dreams Experience Mindful 5 maanden geleden
Don’t forget to wear your mask brother when cutting the rusty exhaust .
Pascual _73
Pascual _73 5 maanden geleden
You should put bigger tire on it too. Looks like a buff dude with skinny legs.
Tmn48 5 maanden geleden
Can I have one of those supermotos please
John Hanson
John Hanson 5 maanden geleden
your Dad has to be so happy!!Nice Job!!!!!
curtis wilcock
curtis wilcock 5 maanden geleden
That air filter is sweet with the window too nice tone to the exhaust with the fine tune :) and loving the steps with the lights 😱 so nice
Schnitzer325ci 5 maanden geleden
Love the electric steps. Brought the car to 2020. Best mod so far 👍🏽
Emeralddragon7 5 maanden geleden
You gonna fix that damn wind shield?
Damian Gerry
Damian Gerry 5 maanden geleden
ive got a 2013 ram 3500 single wheel, completely deleted, same air intake they've got, essentially same tuner & my bitch BARKS not to mention the amount of power now is insane amazing, along with stage 2 turbo
Mike Rzeznik
Mike Rzeznik 5 maanden geleden
Here we go again with those flops :)
Idle 5 maanden geleden
Dude is working on a dually in socks and sandals... *Enough Said*
TC Daily
TC Daily 5 maanden geleden
You guys should change the taillights
Carlos Banuelos
Carlos Banuelos 5 maanden geleden
Look into ctt
Absolute Zero
Absolute Zero 5 maanden geleden
1:13 that aint a hammer
Legend17 5 maanden geleden
Not a big fan of the bumper
saeid roshani
saeid roshani 5 maanden geleden
i love youre videos
Kasey Okay
Kasey Okay 5 maanden geleden
The steps are Dope! So clean!!!
Chase C
Chase C 5 maanden geleden
there's a screw for adjustment on the back of head lights just adjust them down will be fine
Chase C
Chase C 5 maanden geleden
lol I'm sure everyone knows the truck sits lower in the front on most hd trucks because the trailer weight ... this is about stance and style not a towing video ... put some airbags in the rear it will still tow just fine... goddam comment police ...
Tsharp 0121
Tsharp 0121 5 maanden geleden
Why are all the window screens cracked on all the cars??
Kunal Findley
Kunal Findley 5 maanden geleden
Imagine leveling out a truck that you're going to be putting to work. It's gunna be doing the Carolina Squat just by being hooked up to a trailer. It's also going to blind oncoming traffic while being hooked up to a trailer
John R
John R 5 maanden geleden
Did anyone notice the girl in top level of the shop? She scared me a little bit I thought I was going crazy 😂 4:24
Stanley Laine
Stanley Laine 5 maanden geleden
Paint front bumper silver....
Stanley Laine
Stanley Laine 5 maanden geleden
Love the build
Frank Bishop
Frank Bishop 5 maanden geleden
These guys just have too much money !!
Santosh Reddy
Santosh Reddy 5 maanden geleden
Make a shed to keep the ferrari and some cars they are getting dusty outside . As always u find different ideas to upgrade keep going
sNiiPeZ_03 5 maanden geleden
Get an airdog instead of a fass
Rich Klutz
Rich Klutz 5 maanden geleden
Love you guys. However, leveling kits are only for trucks that don’t work hard. Load the back and it’s nose is pointed up. Just saying.
XqeDiosXqe 5 maanden geleden
Pops : how much money are you boys spending on this truck ? Boys: not enough pops, not enough.
XqeDiosXqe 5 maanden geleden
I want those step bars ....please please..
fael 5 maanden geleden
Please buy and rebuild the wrecked Mirage GT Gemballa. And don't let him(the owner) buy it back.
GolfRomeo 5 maanden geleden
Driver side mirror - is that damage from clipping it on the way out the garage the other day? Truck looking good lads...
atvgirl26 buildz
atvgirl26 buildz 5 maanden geleden
You need to design a shirt in honor of your pops and his truck that says GOONZQUAD KEEP ON TRUCKING
Rally Sport_ 5.3
Rally Sport_ 5.3 5 maanden geleden
Truck still needs a new windsheild lol
king boy
king boy 5 maanden geleden
Rebuild some dirt bikes and give them away
RC Truck
RC Truck 5 maanden geleden
Your pops must be so proud of both of y’all! He is a good man that raised two awesome boys!
Martin Matias
Martin Matias 5 maanden geleden
Today i change lambda sond on my skoda felicia 1996 lol
joey schultz
joey schultz 5 maanden geleden
When you gonna fix the windshield
brenichmax 5 maanden geleden
For everyone hating on leveling kit, if he is going to be towing with it he will have to install airlift system for rear end, that will take care of sagging under load... as far as fuel level, it’s your fuel pump inside fuel tank got damaged when forklifts handled this truck at copart... happens all the time... but if you going to do Fass fuel system you will be changing that pump anyways... if you have a lift in your shop, don’t lower the fuel tank, raise the bed with 4 point lift... way easier.... been there done both...
joey schultz
joey schultz 5 maanden geleden
I wish y’all would get rims bc those stocks are ugly to me
Kristoffer Liong
Kristoffer Liong 5 maanden geleden
Yow make it a two exhaust that would look soo awesome
CesarConH 5 maanden geleden
Engine brake works by holding the exhaust valves closed on the pistons power stroke, therefore it turns the engine into a energy absorbing compressor and as a result slowing the vehicle.
Cameron Foust
Cameron Foust 5 maanden geleden
The whole purpose of it being uneven is when you have a load on the truck it’ll level the rear end out with the front but now it’s gonna squat when it’s loaded.
Caleb Heberling
Caleb Heberling 5 maanden geleden
hopefully you did not remove any part of the emissions or else the DOT is gonna get him real good
Niroj Gurung
Niroj Gurung 5 maanden geleden
18:28 great synchronization 😀
John Douglas Morell
John Douglas Morell 5 maanden geleden
Fleece Performance makes an exhaust brake for that truck. It allows you to get rid of the variable vain turbo. Also head studs are a great idea on any Cummins.
cameron graham 07
cameron graham 07 5 maanden geleden
do a old truck build
Alf Gjelsvik
Alf Gjelsvik 5 maanden geleden
Hi Boys Where dide you by that tune? love pops truck i can see on his face that he love it too;-) no time fore part 14
Elijah Dossett
Elijah Dossett 5 maanden geleden
You guys are awesome I’m pretty glad to know there’s guys my age that love to do this kinda stuff like me. Also, I’m a huge Cummins fan. Never seen a NLposts channel that provides so much content in one video!! New subscriber!
Marko Polo
Marko Polo 5 maanden geleden
Was about to buy them a creeper until later in the video I see they have one. I remembered them days of laying on the floor working, I guess they didn't want to use the creeper at the beginning. Proud of you guys and congrats to your Dad! RIP to my Dad would have loved to do a build on his favorite truck the Toyota FJ cruiser.🙏
Swif_ Lilbud
Swif_ Lilbud 5 maanden geleden
Engine breaking is using the compression of the engine to slow the vehicle down
caribdreamin 5 maanden geleden
At the gas station, we can see the bed and below the back window is all scratched? The truck was just painted. And the windshield was not replaced before new the paint? Not sure why leveling kit is on there.
shubham chandra
shubham chandra 5 maanden geleden
Hey goonzquad congratulation for ur 2M subscribers and i'm a huge fan of you guys. I Love ur videos & how u guys modify every single cars or trucks. But in india we dont have copart or such things. keep going guys.
Ethan Macheras
Ethan Macheras 5 maanden geleden
Step, air filter, and exhaust look and sounds great! Don’t throw away the old k&n air filter because those last a lifetime! Engine break is when a vehicle slows down and down shifts.
collin st.germain
collin st.germain 5 maanden geleden
The front end is supposed to say down a little bit bc when you have a heavy load on the back or on a trailer your front end dosnt look as high
john hunter
john hunter 5 maanden geleden
Are you not fixing the dented rear bumper??
MaxX _bxX
MaxX _bxX 5 maanden geleden
You guys are so gay 😂🤣😂🤣😂
Batman 5 maanden geleden
Congrats with your 2 million subs
Tenente David
Tenente David 5 maanden geleden
Jonathan Sousa
Jonathan Sousa 5 maanden geleden
Those front tires look so skinny
Brad Griffith
Brad Griffith 5 maanden geleden
Man! Can already tell your dad is in love with this truck
ghurr1964 5 maanden geleden
*cuts off rocker panels* looks like it was lifted two more inches!! 😂😂
SiNe's Garage
SiNe's Garage 5 maanden geleden
Branden McMiller
Branden McMiller 5 maanden geleden
I'm a big fan of your videos and what you do. I'm just reaching out to see if you would promote my wife's youtube channel. She does decor on a budget, and with the covid issue going on it can help other wives stay busy and sane with being home with kids 24/7. You guys do vehicle projects on somewhat of a budget. My wife has a lot of passion for what she does. I know this might be an odd request This is the link to her page . Any help you can provide to help me promote her channel woould be much appreciated Goonzquad or anyone else that sees this post!!! Everyone stay safe
Brandon N.
Brandon N. 5 maanden geleden
Congrats on 2 million subs guys... I watch u guys faithfully!
Adrian Garcia
Adrian Garcia 5 maanden geleden
Can y’all build my dream Girl 😓
LA6UOA 5 maanden geleden
Great build, boys! Thanks for the videos! My OCD kicks in! When will you replace that front window?
x Inline6
x Inline6 5 maanden geleden
My dad has bought a 2015 from a dealer lifted and everything with amp steps. The connection is through the OBD 2 port? Wonder why yours is like that
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