The New Goonzquad Headquarters Part 20

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AZA Authowheel: azaautowheel
This is the most epic thing that we could do to this house!!! We are replacing all of the old school windows with crystal clear casement sun windows. This mod will definitely make this house look so much newer and also make the views much better. We couldn't be happier with these suckers and cant wait to get them all installed!!! Thanks For Watching!!!
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Rossville,GA 30741
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Jack D
Jack D 2 dagen geleden
So, who is actually going to live there then?
Connor Krukowski
Connor Krukowski 3 dagen geleden
Man yall gotta redo those dang son shirts with a gecko above the "dang son" that would be so dang cool
knz1950 3 dagen geleden
should have donated the old windows to habitat for humanity...
yamyam gav
yamyam gav 4 dagen geleden
Hi lads just wondered what happened with the boat
Navajo Hastiin
Navajo Hastiin 4 dagen geleden
I'm about to do a home rebuild to on the Navajo Reservation. I saw you toss those windows in the trash?!? lol I'd love to get what you don't need.
Nolan Howard
Nolan Howard 5 dagen geleden
I absolutely love that truck I wish I wasn’t 20 and could afford it. That’s the nicest GMC ever. Good job on making that truck look so nice. I love your videos
Whisper Springs
Whisper Springs 5 dagen geleden
Please guys let some pros install your new windows. They need flashing and to be sealed in from the outside. Adding flashing tape inside will only ensure your house rots away when it rains. And NO 2x4’s to wrap inside the windows. Please please.
94 Chevy Z71
94 Chevy Z71 5 dagen geleden
I work at a window factory (vinyl windows and sliding patio doors) and I can attest that nailing flanges can be VERY easily cut or broken off.
Justin Hakes
Justin Hakes 6 dagen geleden
So pause at 20:10 the gecko needs to be printed on that shirt.
Tommy Silvas
Tommy Silvas 7 dagen geleden
When can I buy the gmc?
Thomas Mackowiak
Thomas Mackowiak 9 dagen geleden
Don't use red can foam, hope you will not scared your windows!!!! Always use blue can its less density foam and will not push in this case windows frame to far so you can actually operate the windows/doors. BEWARE GUYS!!!!
sonataarctica1979 9 dagen geleden
Next T-Shirt - "ZAWZALL"!
Zach Dove
Zach Dove 9 dagen geleden
Hey strongly channel name on NLposts for your channel name you drive a Chevy truck on the demands we channel name Keisha motherfukers weaning Chevy pretty dove you had Jean she dumbass right here Eugene she did a match 2020 Duramax day bye-bye
Zach Dove
Zach Dove 9 dagen geleden
Sachajuan g i s t u w a a s t u d d y a s t u w a l
Zach Dove
Zach Dove 9 dagen geleden
18 shot. Tom is your name free typing Instagram she tomorrow your girlfriend when your girlfriend
Eric Villarreal
Eric Villarreal 9 dagen geleden
my face when he threw out a perfectly good window 👁️👄👁️
Urby Kanters
Urby Kanters 9 dagen geleden
Dont forget to subscribe and put the post notification on or Billy will hunt and looking for you in the trackhawk with the Ukranian stick. Nah... Billy is not like that cause he is Super cool.
Gio M
Gio M 9 dagen geleden
Can i please have the gmc!!!!!? Love that thing guys!! Awsome
Chad Everhart
Chad Everhart 9 dagen geleden
It would have been awesome if you guys would have donated thise old windows to a charity.
Dallas Selby Jr.
Dallas Selby Jr. 9 dagen geleden
Try building in each window opening before installing windows
Dallas Selby Jr.
Dallas Selby Jr. 9 dagen geleden
Man spay some wet it & forget it on that siding!!
davidb0126a 10 dagen geleden
3:22 Anybody see that they almost took out the driveway gate at the old headquarters? 😜😜
Adam Powers
Adam Powers 10 dagen geleden
Haha, I bet the truck would sell if you guys fixed the tailgate 😀
LA6UOA 10 dagen geleden
Episode 35: Goonzquad HQ goes foreclosure.
Daniel williams
Daniel williams 10 dagen geleden
Do they ever drive the Lamborghini
M D 10 dagen geleden
They should have donate the old windows
Jeremy Hodges
Jeremy Hodges 10 dagen geleden
Gawddddddd i loveeeeeeeeee the freakin dirtymax!!! Shes probably my favorite build!!!
outdoor savage
outdoor savage 10 dagen geleden
You should add a little deck under the front door
MrXelium 10 dagen geleden
Question : if the windows open up towards outside, how to you clean them??!
Billy Ward
Billy Ward 10 dagen geleden
Do you guys have a dealer plate or just swap plates? I saw in a prior video the jeep gladiator no longer had a plate
Gamaliel Hernandez
Gamaliel Hernandez 10 dagen geleden
Do not get yellow seat belts!
Gamaliel Hernandez
Gamaliel Hernandez 10 dagen geleden
Y’all should have fixed that dent on the tailgate...
David Smith
David Smith 10 dagen geleden
Bob Marley "Turn your lights down low". Not my favorite Bob Marley song but respect for using it lately.
Mogipbob 11 dagen geleden
I wonder if they were notified of their windows update :)
CHUCK STAWARZ 11 dagen geleden
Why are you trashing those window, donate them.
VortechBand 11 dagen geleden
21:05 Doctor's in!
Tyler Sayers
Tyler Sayers 11 dagen geleden
I love watching yalls videos and have been watching since the blue shift cart, but lately y’all have gotten really bad about describing the same thing just different ways.. it may just be me but I had to say it.. ex. “Let’s get this truck washed. Alrighty guys we are gonna give it a good cleaning... exactly let’s get this truck shined up. This trucks been sitting and has sap and stuff on it. Yes you know it’s fall and stuff falling off the trees theirs sap on it.. let’s get this thing washed!”
iporcupinetree 11 dagen geleden
Fak.... windows should never be corked... they should have a reveal and weather strip
j jones
j jones 11 dagen geleden
Zaw Zaw? Sawzall and you replaced windows that you can actually open for fixed windows?
BigFirm Ware
BigFirm Ware 11 dagen geleden
Your dads a machine
Mtare 11 dagen geleden
Haha, POPS is professional all the time 😀
mrmotofy 11 dagen geleden
Use a good quality caulk like OSI Quad or Sikaflex, in a color matched to your exterior.
Arvin Nguyen
Arvin Nguyen 11 dagen geleden
Like and subscribe and comment and staytoon for the shop
Taylor Reed
Taylor Reed 11 dagen geleden
I need that gmc if interested i got a good story u might be interested in selling it
Frank White
Frank White 11 dagen geleden
The little dude on your shirt 👕 is a green anole. They are very rare. Especially in Florida. They are awesome pets.
Rory Shaw
Rory Shaw 11 dagen geleden
the next does help to bring the house into the modern age, loving it bro. dang son
Givens's Auto
Givens's Auto 12 dagen geleden
Everyone please like and sub I will have Copart walk arounds coming
J0K3RJAKE 12 dagen geleden
22:15 Your Pop's reflection in the glass is something Majestic. He looks so pained, but he Fights for the Joy this brings to him. It may not be work to him, but the work takes its toll anyhow. Take Good Care of Him.
Bohumil Pinces
Bohumil Pinces 12 dagen geleden
part 20 and I watched none of it, get back to cars and let builders do it
James Allen
James Allen 12 dagen geleden
Still think it would have been better to rip it all down and start again. But progress is progress and this is there build not mine.
Howdy Doody
Howdy Doody 12 dagen geleden
Do you donate the windows you are taking out? It would be a shame to just throw them away.
Verbruggen, Paul verbruggen
Verbruggen, Paul verbruggen 12 dagen geleden
What do you guys think of painting the outside white, but leave the borders of the walls this colour? I think this looks sik as heck
David Childers
David Childers 12 dagen geleden
Do something to help someone else.....donate the old windows to Habitat for Humanity
Vincent Dermience
Vincent Dermience 12 dagen geleden
C'mon guys, use the Robinson 22 to lift that big sucker of a window to the main floor... :-)
Chris 12 dagen geleden
You know you got a good lift on your truck when your german shepherd walks under it with no problem. (At 3:02)
Bill Carpenter
Bill Carpenter 12 dagen geleden
I really thought your trailer was going to take out the gate at the old headquarters! It was very close! To be really honest with you I love your new headquarter videos but I am looking forward to more car vids!
Dan Bierschbach
Dan Bierschbach 12 dagen geleden
Holy Moley! that steering wheel was $1800.00 DAAAANG SON
Robert Juberg
Robert Juberg 12 dagen geleden
You could have saved the old windows bro. Could have sold them to a reseller
Victor Lopez
Victor Lopez 12 dagen geleden
new windows are ugly
Jared Barclay
Jared Barclay 12 dagen geleden
Ibea Tub
Ibea Tub 12 dagen geleden
Sad to look that trackhawk with no fender liners, same the mustang.. :)
no middle ground
no middle ground 12 dagen geleden
10:24 trust me... spend the money... get the carbide dremel undercut blades... 30 a pop, but will cut everything. worth it.
tjmFILMS 12 dagen geleden
i love this series i get hyped when you post a new episode
TA KING 12 dagen geleden
Build a garage like hans on tokyo drift
Ethan Macheras
Ethan Macheras 12 dagen geleden
Windows look beautiful and steering wheel looks sick!
LS 12 dagen geleden
night and day difference with those windows. so fucken pretty
Billy Williams
Billy Williams 12 dagen geleden
Do yellow stripes on the seatbelts complete yellow seatbelts may be to much. Its up to yall though. I enjoy watching yalls videos i haven't missed one yet.
Lil Sainn
Lil Sainn 12 dagen geleden
Is it just me or in one scene Billy has no beard and in another scene he has a whole beard. And that's in every video.🤔🤔🤔🕵
Roger Parker
Roger Parker 12 dagen geleden
Dad for the win!
Kevin Biggs
Kevin Biggs 12 dagen geleden
I miss the two GSH's. Bring them to the land!
James Garrison
James Garrison 12 dagen geleden
You guys could have resold those windows
Billy100 12 dagen geleden
Can you guys sell me the old steering wheel ? I will buy it from you.
Aiden Slater
Aiden Slater 12 dagen geleden
get solar panels?
drew snavely
drew snavely 12 dagen geleden
I want to know why they got a wooden mace in the box with their steering wheel??? does anybody know why that was in there I can't seem to find anything about it anywhere
Brandon Banks
Brandon Banks 12 dagen geleden
How do you get away with not having licenses plates
Steven Booth
Steven Booth 12 dagen geleden
I think it's a little weird the front of the house is brick and the side of the house vinyl, just a thought🤷‍♂️
lambert Matthew
lambert Matthew 12 dagen geleden
Well Guys its been good was a good show to watch but I feel like I'm watching a how to build your house. So good luck in life I hope u get back on track with the show. I'm going to go watch paint dry.
Kyle Carr
Kyle Carr 12 dagen geleden
I want that TrackHawk sell sell sell!
ALLENGAMING 12 dagen geleden
Goon squad-h.v.a.c Me-just say h-vac 🤣🤣
J Sol
J Sol 13 dagen geleden
Thomas looks mad. You don’t come home anymore. Always at the top of the hill!
Jayvon Wilson
Jayvon Wilson 13 dagen geleden
The new windows to me is ugly
Pets 13 dagen geleden
What a waste, u throw away decent windows someone could use them again just give em to someone who needs em
John Turner
John Turner 13 dagen geleden
I really wanted to say something about ordering and prep for installing windows and doors but what is the point now?.... Guess I will anyway. I live in Canada and when I order retrofit windows they are made to work with the framing RO and the exterior finish for sealing and insulation. A decent company can easily make the windows to fit the application.
Gregory Wise
Gregory Wise 13 dagen geleden
Donate the old windows. Don't waste them.
pinetaz 13 dagen geleden
The truck looks great.
Patrick Dempsey
Patrick Dempsey 13 dagen geleden
Your Dad is a hard worker! You guys are must be fortunate for his help.
Desert ZO6
Desert ZO6 13 dagen geleden
Seems as if those old windows could be recycled. I’m sure someone would have bought them used
Ali Ulugun
Ali Ulugun 13 dagen geleden
Ceramic coat those windows boys! Clean super easy 👌
Desert ZO6
Desert ZO6 13 dagen geleden
How is it you guys have all these different cars you drive around but no plates on them?
ignas saulius
ignas saulius 13 dagen geleden
Are you guys by any chance lithuanians as the food you have is the exactly the same as we have and also me and my girlfriend love your videos love what your doing with the house good luck and danggg sunnnn
Jeremy Usher
Jeremy Usher 13 dagen geleden
Snake goon squad teeshirts ........😬😬😬😬😬😬🥴
Larry Nance
Larry Nance 13 dagen geleden
That steering wheel is a great way to spend 1850!!
Jon Gib
Jon Gib 13 dagen geleden
I miss car videos 😩
Sardarii Maksym
Sardarii Maksym 13 dagen geleden
Tyler Hurt
Tyler Hurt 13 dagen geleden
What are you guys using for the pressure washer ?
Kyle Mahoney
Kyle Mahoney 13 dagen geleden
Are those tilt wash windows? If so just remove the glass out of the tracks, then cut the frame with a Sawzall and fold the frame to the inside of the window opening. You might have to cut the screws or nails from the window frames to the studs if your prybar cant just pull them out. Great work guys keep it up!!!!
Roudy Al Hady
Roudy Al Hady 13 dagen geleden
spray foam the gaps on the inside for the windows
Paul-Ivo B.
Paul-Ivo B. 13 dagen geleden
Ugly GMC, why not re-use the ‘old’ windows & that ‘daaaaang son’ is really starting to annoy me. And > 800 others...
Money mike Slick will
Money mike Slick will 13 dagen geleden
Loving the house and car content you two have struck gold....
Adam Woodenspoon
Adam Woodenspoon 13 dagen geleden
Dont forget to add back the caulk joint around the windows and doors. Moisture will intrude and cause dry rot problems!
vVeazel 13 dagen geleden
Someone send these boys some safety glasses.
Steven Siefke
Steven Siefke 13 dagen geleden
Are you guys still doing something with the commercial property you bought awhile ago?
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