The New Goonzquad Headquarters Part 7

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We finally made it happen!!! We now have an legit front door on the new goonzquad headquarters! This project is definitely one of our biggest that we took on, but also our most exciting. We are going to make this a very unique work/chill place and share the whole journey with you guys. This is going to be absolutely epic! Thanks For Watching!!!
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Rossville,GA 30741
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GREEN GENES 2 dagen geleden
Suggest wearing industrial grade eye and lung protection while sawing stone.
yuwaraaj ponnusamy
yuwaraaj ponnusamy 4 dagen geleden
Yall should get a more secure front door
Franklin ROD
Franklin ROD 8 dagen geleden
Add solar ground mounts !!
Rihan Majid
Rihan Majid 10 dagen geleden
Their called french doors in uk
Jaden Chung
Jaden Chung 18 dagen geleden
wear safety goggles :( we dont want you getting injured
Tyler Smith
Tyler Smith 18 dagen geleden
build a slide going into a pool off the rocks
ALEXIS FADI RADITYA 18 dagen geleden
Are you guys both brother??
Casey and Breelyn
Casey and Breelyn 18 dagen geleden
Kinda bummed you guys didn't do a deck on the front of the house:/ Even a wrap around deck would be nice!
Breannamarie123. Happy Halloween
Breannamarie123. Happy Halloween 19 dagen geleden
Put the key fob under your chin and the signal goes further
Legend17 22 dagen geleden
Jacob Lance
Jacob Lance 28 dagen geleden
Hahahaha!! The nutsac adjustment in the reflection at 11:54 😂🤣
Widword 28 dagen geleden
Y’all could use the rocks to make a huge outdoor firepit
Jermey Cote
Jermey Cote 28 dagen geleden
Dont paint the house
Ethan Macheras
Ethan Macheras Maand geleden
never thought the property would need that much work
joe g
joe g Maand geleden
The new door looks a little small from outside compared to the size of the 2nd floor window. You had mentioned it earlier you may install a taller and wider one in the future. The would work.
Jim Thompson
Jim Thompson Maand geleden
You guys are amazing and so are your videos. I can't believe I am going to sound like my mom but you need to start thinking about safety. Eyewear, earplugs and a mask whenever ur working with dust. you'll thank me later in life. ✌
Andre Adamson
Andre Adamson Maand geleden
tray ceilings in the master bedroom
Joe Bunovsky
Joe Bunovsky Maand geleden
I've never seen main entry doors open inward. Seems strange to me.
Young Car Wiz
Young Car Wiz Maand geleden
20:20 bro why you playing with the machete like that. One wrong move and you’ll see why people say not to play with knives and dangerous equipment
Jordan Smith
Jordan Smith Maand geleden
Like the stones behind the house in the crevices is a place they love
Jordan Smith
Jordan Smith Maand geleden
Snakes are venomous not poisonous and like to hide under stacks of logs under rock like y’all have been pulling up. The babies are more venomous than adults they are fascinating animals but very deadly
rene valenti
rene valenti Maand geleden
no save agane 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬
fire surfer
fire surfer Maand geleden
Center opening french doors. Those particular doors are usually for the patio. But your back of the house doesn't have a view, so the front becomes the patio.
Kodgamer197 KC
Kodgamer197 KC Maand geleden
Please put all your time lapse of your backyard where all your rocks are all together and and have it all in a video,
TT Maand geleden
Hey boys should always wear safety glasses and earmuffs when using any cutting saws. Well, at least Safety Glasses so we don't see you both getting hurt
Bambam73 Maand geleden
Should have done a veranda that wrapped around the house and keep expanding that awesome view by cutting through tree line. Love the show guys, the shit kicking you and your family do is inspiring 👍🏾
Paul K
Paul K Maand geleden
Time for some mud tyres on that big Ford? BF Goodrich makes a mighty fine tyre.
D G Maand geleden
Great content for all people!! I don’t care what color you are... Hard work pays off!! Continued success fellas!!
Dungry Ryan
Dungry Ryan Maand geleden
I'm pretty sure "Sun windows" is a company name, not a rating. Still, they make good stuff
Austin Stevo
Austin Stevo Maand geleden
Just me that sees the guy in the background at 6:49
Cisco Mkd
Cisco Mkd Maand geleden
You guys dont realise how dangerous petrol saw is! Always wear goggles, hearing protection and dust mask! Full face shield is even better! That blue medical mask is not for dust! I would defo build retaining wall behind the house. 2 big stones wont hold anything from sliding straight in your house.
Zip Aerial
Zip Aerial Maand geleden
My goodness guys listen to the comments. Wear ear and eye protection and a respirator when cutting concrete. You only have one set of eyes. Tinnitus and hearing loss sucks as does blindness.
Jair Ramos
Jair Ramos Maand geleden
CHEATER BRE Maand geleden
Check playlist of some older builds:
julious hill
julious hill Maand geleden
Man the new front there it looks amazing
Ayush Sundar
Ayush Sundar Maand geleden
21:04 new pet maybe
Octane Street - Apprentice Mechanic
Octane Street - Apprentice Mechanic Maand geleden
Love seeing the property come together more and more! And you guys are making super quick work of it all like usual 💪
bennerpi Maand geleden
For crying out loud, cutting stone with no safety glasses. Please wear them !
Rahul Joshi
Rahul Joshi Maand geleden
Bruvv use a glass and cover your nose , The cement dust is carcinogenic...Keep yourselves out of respiratory diseases from years to come....
Anthony Hernandez
Anthony Hernandez Maand geleden
Can i do yalls roof
iporcupinetree Maand geleden
AAWWW you wonder why you cant get stuff... most of the USA have just forgotten about the pandemic.. head in sand country
Sam Crawford
Sam Crawford Maand geleden
Keep it up guys do like the renovation stuff as much as the car builds
Bonnie Chapps
Bonnie Chapps Maand geleden
I don’t actually understand people that DISLIKE 👎🏿 staff like this smh 🤦🏿‍♂️... ...
ziyaad Esau
ziyaad Esau Maand geleden
Where is the water proofing on the door
S G Maand geleden
i dont want to be that weirdo posting this post. and it prop. has been said before... but.... you should def. wear another mask for jobs like cutting stone... you can get serious lung deseases from the dust. these masks that look like medical masks dont protect you from this stuff !
Rene Alvarez
Rene Alvarez Maand geleden
If you guys have any questions about drywall, ask me, im a drywall sub Contratcor.
Pissed up Gamer
Pissed up Gamer Maand geleden
Cheese and beans that is all
rgbigdog Maand geleden
Take care of that erosion behind your house before you have a mudslide taking out out all that you are building.
rgbigdog Maand geleden
Those are call French Doors. Those doors are just covered with primer paint, you need to paint them with a good exterior paint on the outside and a good interior paint on the inside.
ben wilson
ben wilson Maand geleden
No house wrap or door sill on the front door? Man don't take short cuts like that, you'll regret it when you're repairing rot in 5 years.
for_all_those Maand geleden
should grab a milwaukee m18 vacuum
T Bonaduce
T Bonaduce Maand geleden
Dude! Wear eye protection when using that saw!
Masterninja Maand geleden
Can somebody from the USA tel me why all houses are build with 90% wood? In europe we build 2 walls of stone with isolation between the walls
BBDcummins Maand geleden
Depends on what region of the USA you are in , in my area house are built of concrete blocks.
for_all_those Maand geleden
@Gary Packwood everyone else learn't from past mistake's
Masterninja Maand geleden
@Gary Packwood in Belgium yes, but we are can also build wooden houses or prefab houses but they are uncommen. 95 procent is double stone wall
Gary Packwood
Gary Packwood Maand geleden
Good Question. The U.S. Federal Government doesn't have much to say about building codes except for buildings belonging to the Federal Government. Our building codes for homes are very much a collaborative effort between each state (There are 50 states), scientists and especially insurance company that write homeowner insurance policies. And for sure, insurance companies are heavily involved as they don't like to operate at a loss. Data from the weather service is critical especially concerning snow and ice accumulation along with storms. But you never know, someday we may have a federal government standard for homes which will something new for us to stomach. Probably should also note, building regulation in the United States began in the late 1800s when major cities began to adopt and enforce building codes in response to large fires in densely populated urban areas. Are you sure all of Europe has the two stone wall rule with isolation between the walls. for homes?
Jack Black
Jack Black Maand geleden
great series !
Eduardo Silva
Eduardo Silva Maand geleden
hey guys, just a friendly advice, the video quality not bad but at this point in your youtube career please invest in a camera. filming on your phone isn't cutting it anymore
Josh Reeves
Josh Reeves Maand geleden
As much as I love cars and everything about them it is nice to watch some construction work and Bush hogging lol
AliMarieXo Maand geleden
Y'all gonna give me a heart attack
Matthew Barnhart
Matthew Barnhart Maand geleden
Poisoned Lizard Gila Monster and Komodo Dragon
Matthew Barnhart
Matthew Barnhart Maand geleden
Inswing French door Active Passive. 3/4 light
J.R Heath
J.R Heath Maand geleden
You ever notice on all their videos they talk more than they work .... Lol ... its like just talk less and work more God have mercy.
J.R Heath
J.R Heath Maand geleden
@Gary Packwood Lol..... Yes I do agree with you on all that Gary Packwood maybe I was a like to harsh on my words. Don't get me wrong they make awesome videos and explain it as they go. I'm not by all means to put them down or talk bad about them either hopefully people will understand that.
Gary Packwood
Gary Packwood Maand geleden
The plan seems to be :: 1/3 Tell what has been done ~ then 1/3 Tell what will be done ~ then 1/3 actually doing. It works well and keeps us entertained and helps new subscribers from giving up because they are lost. Nothing worse that trying to read a book starting on page 50. Continuity is important and helpful but it does cause some of us who are regulars to say ... have mercy!
Guillaume Gasc
Guillaume Gasc Maand geleden
Can wait to see a paint booth on the entire house :) such as for yours cars :) Nice video as always keep going guys From a French viewer !
Official_Zane Maand geleden
we need some offroad tires for the F450
Squadeux Maand geleden
11:54 yeahhh men's problems dude XD
BILL Maand geleden
So Smart, So Adorable, take Your Shirt Off
Mogipbob Maand geleden
I hope you spent at least 15 minutes with that Geico to save you 15% or more on car insurance :)
Dylan Verberne_86
Dylan Verberne_86 Maand geleden
Pleasesub Needclout
Pleasesub Needclout Maand geleden
Y'all don't do professional work
Pleasesub Needclout
Pleasesub Needclout Maand geleden
@Gary Packwood was anyone talking to you
Pleasesub Needclout
Pleasesub Needclout Maand geleden
@Gary Packwood lmao!!
Gary Packwood
Gary Packwood Maand geleden
How bout learning to do professional work? Got to start somewhere and Pops is around always watching and demonstrating.
alx Maand geleden
you guys should build a two floor garage, to have the office on top and have the projects on the bottom. would be so cool
Karl Wagner
Karl Wagner Maand geleden
Be afraid of the fog!!!! It ATE the previous owners. The real estate agent forgot to tell you. And good call on motorcycle guy, he was scoping the place for an illegal meth lab!!!!!
pat mcgeough
pat mcgeough Maand geleden
Why did you put the deck in back? The side has a view not the rear.
Anonymous ಠಿ_ಠ
Anonymous ಠಿ_ಠ Maand geleden
When they said the house was "small" 😳
Skip Lambert
Skip Lambert Maand geleden
Usually they're called French Doors......
Thijs Wijnmaalen
Thijs Wijnmaalen Maand geleden
Goonzquad style: no ear protection needed, just like no gloves
Mr.bugsbunny144 bugs
Mr.bugsbunny144 bugs Maand geleden
U guys should invest in clothes that are for ticks.
Hush on 60 Fps
Hush on 60 Fps Maand geleden
Bruce J Galletta Jr
Bruce J Galletta Jr Maand geleden
Sprain with touch up and put a kick plate on the bottom off both doors problem solved
Bruce J Galletta Jr
Bruce J Galletta Jr Maand geleden
You can burn a lot of that scrap wood in a fifty gal drum punch holes in the bottom sides for air flow get galvanized 1/4x1/4 wire mesh screen for the top as a spark area tee like your fire pits have and burn your strap cuts on dumpster cost
Bruce J Galletta Jr
Bruce J Galletta Jr Maand geleden
I’d put a front porch or pergola in front over the door it would dress up the front and fill in what is missing in front elevation
Jojo Donkor
Jojo Donkor Maand geleden
we need a new t-shirt for this headquarters
Slusher Coleman
Slusher Coleman Maand geleden
You should start recording with the Samsung s20 ultra!!
Matias Nielsen
Matias Nielsen Maand geleden
This series is way better than regular imo..
Call Me Gamer
Call Me Gamer Maand geleden
All that tools is so handy, and please wear protection gear when using all that tools. Dont underestimate, cause it can hurt you badly.
New World Disorder
New World Disorder Maand geleden
DUUUUUDES ! Eye and mask protection... Dude
Ben Fountain
Ben Fountain Maand geleden
No PPE, don’t see you spraying cars without the correct masks, but I’m sure breathing in all that concrete dust is great for your lungs 🤯
Daniel Fouillard
Daniel Fouillard Maand geleden
Put a waterfall or a pond along those rocks
Liberty Arms Co.
Liberty Arms Co. Maand geleden
So crazy and awesome to see how much you all have grown keep it up!
J Sol
J Sol Maand geleden
+1 on the ppe merch!!!!
Matthew R Anderson
Matthew R Anderson Maand geleden
If you guys need a good finish carpenter when you’re ready for interior doors, casing base, window sills etc. LMK 👍🏼✌🏼
Ace Hilton
Ace Hilton Maand geleden
why don't you get forks for the skid steer you will most likely need them
Chris Anderson
Chris Anderson Maand geleden
From the looks of it the double door looks like the bottom sill is set right on the block. That is the incorrect way to install that door. There should be a bottom board to keep the door off the block for a moisture barrier. It looked as though the old window had leaked. The wood around the old window was black in color indicating water got behind the window frame.
Mark Sirca
Mark Sirca Maand geleden
I am a concrete cutter and all i want to say is you did that really hard, but good on you for not giving up, most people would have.
Tim Wauro
Tim Wauro Maand geleden
Put a pool were the end of the deck is so you can jump off of the deck or you could jump off of the cliff
Deuceifer Official
Deuceifer Official Maand geleden
That front door is called a French Door
Markus DLF
Markus DLF Maand geleden
that big rock cliff in the back is nice 🔥
Dorzy 207
Dorzy 207 Maand geleden
Stair stringers or what
ngabo tuyishime
ngabo tuyishime Maand geleden
Only goonzquads can fix anything like if you agreed with me
Paulie G23
Paulie G23 Maand geleden
You should do a time lapse video of your pov from your dad's house all the way up the mountain to the new HQ.... Good idea??
Johnny Liu
Johnny Liu Maand geleden
fuck that backyard with that cliff is such a good shooting spot. I would love to have that, no need to build a backdrop when you have a natural one.
Ramon Lopez
Ramon Lopez Maand geleden
That area y’all cut them trees and found GEICO at, clear it out and making a fire pit area
Canadian Pride
Canadian Pride Maand geleden
You guys seriously need to consider a retaining wall , shit can get real bad real fast with your exact situation back there
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