Building The Ultimate Apocalypse Vehicle Part 12

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What an amazing journey this has been! We never thought we would be purchasing a military truck and converting it into a tiny house. This was a once in a lifetime opportunity for us and we are happy that we chose this build. This military truck is coming to completion here very soon and we can't wait to put it to use. Were super happy to share the entire process with you guys, so thanks for watching!!!!
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Srishanthreddy Kankanala
Srishanthreddy Kankanala 8 dagen geleden
20 :19 how is it possible dude there is the Toyota supru in the background
Javier Maisonet
Javier Maisonet 15 dagen geleden
I recommend placing a mud flap at the end of the cabin/wheel well to prevent the water heater getting cover in mud
Michael Parks
Michael Parks 24 dagen geleden
You should build a balcony/ deck off the back like the larger extendable version of this truck. M1087
Misty Shuster
Misty Shuster Maand geleden
You should get a camo boat and it would match the truck.
Tipsterbl Maand geleden
Needs a backup camera.
Tipsterbl Maand geleden
It’s a grey tank not a septic tank.
SunWarrior Maand geleden
Very nice looking Perfect!!!!!! Also with the hot water heater exhaust vent get a cover or plug it to prevent critters from getting in it. You could get a vinyl cover to cover it for protection. Amazing, keep up the good work!!!!
Rag3 Mode
Rag3 Mode Maand geleden
Where is thomas
tactical highland
tactical highland Maand geleden
if apacolypse starts yall better carry some extra tools in that truck forcefield the shyt outta that truck if i had that truck and zombies are coming at me people are getting runned over
Alex N
Alex N Maand geleden
👍👍👍 windows needs some privacy blinds, heater(smi trucks have nice1 now) grey water add a 3way valve to go under truck, winch. And you mentioned military trailer - you need one! To bring family along. Great job.
KIREME 2 maanden geleden
You can put somethings under the couch and you can put chains on the wheels in winter ❄️
Wan Omar Wan Abdullah
Wan Omar Wan Abdullah 2 maanden geleden
There is another NLpostsr that has done this
MountainBikeATV QC
MountainBikeATV QC 2 maanden geleden
we want an other episode !
Eustace Watthour
Eustace Watthour 2 maanden geleden
$$$$$$$ and hyper valley boys. 😂
Wayne Kester
Wayne Kester 2 maanden geleden
That plug up to the left of your pintle hook is your slave adapter it's a NATO plug used on the back of HMWWV's, 7 tons, HE, and trailers/attachments on military equipment
Stay off my lawn
Stay off my lawn 2 maanden geleden
You guys should paint it with a Winnebago theme. Lol with the big W on the sides!!
Thomas Williams
Thomas Williams 2 maanden geleden
Enclose that heater. You mounted in the "splatter zone" of that front tire. Then camo the box. Hope to see some real camping with this unit.
Tyler Doepker
Tyler Doepker 2 maanden geleden
Lets build an apocalypse vehicle and stick a fully exposed propane tank on the rear of the vehicle!😃👍
xpizzaplace100 2 maanden geleden
RIP to anyone whos next to horn going off
Let’sDestroyHaters 2 maanden geleden
I like how he calls every thing a sucker
E Masters
E Masters 2 maanden geleden
Me too; since I'm one of those folks that say "whatchamacallit."
Shadeiy y
Shadeiy y 2 maanden geleden
‘This sucker’ goonzsquad 2020
mitch tucker
mitch tucker 2 maanden geleden
horn location.....NO,NO,NO,..HELL NO!!!! LOL
mitch tucker
mitch tucker 2 maanden geleden
when full that drain tank is gonna weigh 100 pounds and you are gonna be emptying it a lot more than you think. not gonna be easy getting it out from under the cabinet.
Anastasios Glaros
Anastasios Glaros 2 maanden geleden
Watched all this track's series in a row. Cool, just have some comments. 1. Camo paint the water heater.. looks like it does not belong there 2. Not sure if the generator is water-proof, but if not it messes up how deep into the water can the vehicle go 3. You don't have a real apocalypse in mind, feels like you are more like building a vacation track 4. A minor thing is the position of the exhaust. Not sure how it works in the US, but it may not be allowed to be on the "pedestrian" side Otherwise very cool project, I really enjoyed it!
Richard Thompson
Richard Thompson 2 maanden geleden
Why did you build this truck up if you never use it for camping. What a waste of time and money
smith549371 2 maanden geleden
Michael Torch truck
Michael Torch truck 2 maanden geleden
Are y’all Twins
Cody Hargis
Cody Hargis 2 maanden geleden
What’s the deal with the boat. Are we ever going to see it completed? I loved that build series.
Olle de Laat
Olle de Laat 2 maanden geleden
Who’s plan was it to use a car for wich you have to go outside for to drive for an apocalypse car...
Team Flin
Team Flin 2 maanden geleden
you should have spray painted everything camo
Lazarus aap
Lazarus aap 2 maanden geleden
Hell yeah I wanna see you camp in this, dude!!
Max Pyane
Max Pyane 2 maanden geleden
Boy you sure like to clean!!!!! Have you had your testosterone checked lately??????
Patrick Lima
Patrick Lima 2 maanden geleden
Only issue you got is storage for sure
Genos ZX
Genos ZX 2 maanden geleden
Great America
Ethan Elliott
Ethan Elliott 2 maanden geleden
Few criticisms: The horn should be on top of the cab, could cause permanent war damage to pedestrians or drivers in traffic Beware of your doggos when welding. The don’t understand not to look at the plasma so it could cause permanent eye damage Otherwise, this build is great! I would do this but the military transport is a little too much for my taste. I would do a small school bus, which would result in similar effect. I love what you guys did and how you kept the exterior relatively basic. I also like how you kept the front cab the same. Again, great job, and I would love to see a school bus conversion sometime.
BigChungusLover 12
BigChungusLover 12 2 maanden geleden
If an apocalypse starts remember to come pick me up
King Chase
King Chase 2 maanden geleden
New to
NATHANIEL HOPF 2 maanden geleden
They won’t lol
hypecat_ 2 maanden geleden
Me too lol
PVT Nothing
PVT Nothing 2 maanden geleden
I PMCS one of these every Monday.
Bean148 2 maanden geleden
You guys should do an air conditioner, I’d go with the dometic penguin ii, you should install some ceiling vents also it would make it feel a lot cooler inside. Another Thing you could do is install solar panels on the roof and do some house batteries and a big ole power inverter. That would be siccckkkk
righthandedlegend02 2 maanden geleden
ceramicjdog 2 maanden geleden
The truck is pretty sweet. For the entrance you should look into one for those sliding glass door magnetic bug nets, that way when it's nice outside you can leave the door open.
Mikey don't likey
Mikey don't likey 2 maanden geleden
How'd you get Radio Shack supplies they haven't had a store in my state in at least 10 years
Joseph Snyder
Joseph Snyder 2 maanden geleden
Only if i got a dollar everytime they said "perfect"
mrmotofy 2 maanden geleden
Look into an IP Security camera system Using turret style cameras. Have like one in the back as a backup cam then 2 on each side in the top corners one forward one backward . Then connect them to a router that has Wi-Fi. When you want to see around you while driving or from inside just use a tablet or phone connected to the router Wi-Fi and you can view them. 1 can also look forward somewhere. 360deg view around your vehicle for security. An Android App called IP Cam Viewer by Robert Chou can be used and don't need internet access to view. Just connect to the Wi-Fi and open the app
Jason Macleod
Jason Macleod 2 maanden geleden
It's a Train Horn...
Tom 2 maanden geleden
I think you guys should put a valve leading from the sewage system to the outside for easy disposal
Louie Leitzinger
Louie Leitzinger 2 maanden geleden
You should paint the hot water heater
Derrick Bevins
Derrick Bevins 2 maanden geleden
You guys should add a WiFi unit on the roof
Cash Macy
Cash Macy 2 maanden geleden
u should put the gray water tank on rollers it rolls into a little box u paint it weld it on the outside with a door that has a lock Like if u agree
Cameron Turner
Cameron Turner 2 maanden geleden
I wouldn’t have put windows because then people would have thought it was a military vehicle
John Brown
John Brown 2 maanden geleden
The windows were already there.
surfart guitar
surfart guitar 2 maanden geleden
build an AL tanks under the truck, I have a tank like yours it sucks to drain, calculate the weight of water that tank, can you lift it?
Asia black
Asia black 2 maanden geleden
You forgot to water seal the generator and the compartment for the AC.
Zeyad 2 maanden geleden
Imagine if that truck was electric and it can charge from some solar panels
shpaedy 2 maanden geleden
Now drive it through a riot.
astropocalypse 2 maanden geleden
Y'all yalll y'all y'all y'all sorry u didn't say YALL enough
Gary Sherman
Gary Sherman 2 maanden geleden
They make lockable, waterproof, metal storage boxes for under trucks that you might be interested in.
Steije ten Caat
Steije ten Caat 2 maanden geleden
Please put solar panels in top that is amazing
Pranay Lokesh
Pranay Lokesh 2 maanden geleden
Gotta buy a electric offroad dirt bike,I tried one and it is awsome
Dan Carroll
Dan Carroll 2 maanden geleden
Not sure I'd be worried about waste water in the apocalypse.
Sbistr 101
Sbistr 101 2 maanden geleden
Please tell me you hooked up the safety chains and the trailer wiring
justair55 2 maanden geleden
I came across this video called Couple Converts Army Truck into Apocalypse Tiny Home it is just like yours
The Modern Viking
The Modern Viking 2 maanden geleden
why do you need a septic tank if you only use the water for the tap? isent the septic tank for black water (aka water you pee and poop into?) not gray water? enlighten me please =)
John Adams
John Adams 2 maanden geleden
I’m sad because you both botched the project
Malte Schmitt
Malte Schmitt 2 maanden geleden
Trink a shot everytime he says sucker
Matt Freeman
Matt Freeman 2 maanden geleden
You guys are great!! You made me laugh when you didn't understand carburetors on the boat video but that LMTV is trash, you should have found an old 5 ton LMTVs break ALOT and super top heavy! Been fixing and abusing those for the last 17yrs in different countries, and please get the push button light switch better then the one your running also switch the headlights to the led style as theyre 12v vs rest of the trucks system thats is 24v
G. Joseph
G. Joseph 2 maanden geleden
Need to drop some 5% tinted on those back windows
ReNsil Martinez
ReNsil Martinez 2 maanden geleden
"Lets gonna connect this sucker.." ".. this sucker works." "lets open this sucker... this sucker gonna scream.."
Olle de Laat
Olle de Laat 2 maanden geleden
He’s trynna be cool
Илья Бреус
Илья Бреус 2 maanden geleden
Daaaaim son
Austin D
Austin D 2 maanden geleden
Where’s episode 13!?
Nahidja Gaming
Nahidja Gaming 2 maanden geleden
Cooper Reed
Cooper Reed 2 maanden geleden
what if you were to go 4x4 the water heater would get smashed
Mirza Musanovic
Mirza Musanovic 2 maanden geleden
Just seeing where the mud splatter is on the wall it wouldn't be a good idea to put the gas hot water unit there
Guus Pol
Guus Pol 2 maanden geleden
I've build campers in the past you're not realy great on doing research. There's a long list of doing things the right way.. The batteries should be placed outside with venting, i would take out the tubing and all the old stuff pipes an wall things for electricity and put in the more consumer type things. Water tank and sceptic can be placed on the frame underneath no welding on frames! Pipes and wires separated and guided like against the wall so you're not waist space and can use the space as store space. Also the solar panels should be mounted on one site up so there are rinsed by rain, now there filty very fast. Pump with pressure switch no button nessecarly. Classical think error is the hight for the sit space if there are cussons on it the height is changing. Wires shloud be shielded on the outside. But it's fun to see how you do it!
Toby King
Toby King 2 maanden geleden
Can we please see more of the boat build.
Vanilla Fox
Vanilla Fox 2 maanden geleden
Take it on a real camping trip in the forest for like a week or weekend
LORD DUNGI 2 maanden geleden
What type of truck is it
Jake Conoboy
Jake Conoboy 2 maanden geleden
Make it Electric need gas would suck in a post-apocalyptic environment and also gas money, a bunch of solar panels before I charge it up in a day
Burak Caner Öner
Burak Caner Öner 3 maanden geleden
Duuuuudeee... sucker..... dammmmn son
David Green
David Green 3 maanden geleden
Hope you dont have anything in that cab
Adolf From Branau
Adolf From Branau 3 maanden geleden
Apocalypse vehicle relying on propane and batteries, when you got solar power. It hurts my feelings.
Craig McMillan
Craig McMillan 3 maanden geleden
Why is there a cop car there? It is a cop car, right? The white one?
joshua s
joshua s 3 maanden geleden
Not everything is perfect,
BLACK LOTUS Chnnl 3 maanden geleden
My dream car😱😱
BlueWolf _GAMEZ
BlueWolf _GAMEZ 3 maanden geleden
they should attach the drivers part to the back so they don’t have to exit truck
new too
new too 3 maanden geleden
5k comment
Tim J.
Tim J. 3 maanden geleden
It's just a weird rv
Elgon 2003
Elgon 2003 3 maanden geleden
I don't think using batteries is apocalypse friendly!! You should wire it to you mains voltage
mantas petrauskas
mantas petrauskas 3 maanden geleden
as it is a apocalyptic truck, i think it should have some sort of high tech radio station or something, since you would need to find more survivers in that apocalyptic situation
mantas petrauskas
mantas petrauskas 3 maanden geleden
Imagine another air horn on the other side
Joel Gullick
Joel Gullick 3 maanden geleden
Guys... I love you and your channel, but please stop welding to your frame...
Joel Gullick
Joel Gullick 3 maanden geleden
you are turning your steel into glass.
Luke Davis
Luke Davis 3 maanden geleden
50% of the video: him saying "sucker"
José Castañeda
José Castañeda 2 maanden geleden
Or "dude"
Revoke Wolf
Revoke Wolf 3 maanden geleden
Any1 gonna talk about 14:30
JohnLeBleu 3 maanden geleden
Miko Productions
Miko Productions 3 maanden geleden
U should make everything electric and use solar panels and other electric generators that don’t require fuel, in an apocalypse u can easily run out of petrol and propane.
Jack McGinn
Jack McGinn 3 maanden geleden
Caleb Wilson
Caleb Wilson 3 maanden geleden
Hey I know it’s a little late but you could put a big water tank under the couch. I have the same style fold out camper couch and that’s where they keep the drinking water.
Mike M
Mike M 3 maanden geleden
Good to see Florida Georgia Line doing an LMTV build.
Chicken Nugget10
Chicken Nugget10 3 maanden geleden
I think you don’t need a horn because if it’s a apocalypse you don’t want to attract sound.
Kase Honders
Kase Honders 3 maanden geleden
17:53 yes they do make an adapter for that idk what it’s called but if you look it up online it will come up
JAYPS De Jager
JAYPS De Jager 3 maanden geleden
What about some led bars up front?
Charlie Scutt-Ward
Charlie Scutt-Ward 3 maanden geleden
You should call the truck big beast
Gaurang Mathur
Gaurang Mathur 3 maanden geleden
what's the point of an apocalypse truck when ur gonna take bath outside tf?
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