The New Goonzquad Headquarters Part 4

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We finally put the machines to the real test!!! After using chainsaws and a few other basic tools, we were only able to clear out so much of our property. When we brought in the machines it made it look like a piece of cake. We are super happy with results so far and we cant wait to show you guys what else we have planned. Thanks For Watching!!!
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Irfan Ameer Anwer
Irfan Ameer Anwer 4 dagen geleden
YOU LOVE ALLAH ♥️♥️♥️🕋🕋🕋🕋🕋🕋🕋
Josh Loftis
Josh Loftis 10 dagen geleden
FOREST MANAGEMENT AND YALL ARE DOING TOP NOTCH! 👌🏻😉 I am about an hour and half north of yall. I'd love to stop by the shop sometime. I know you probably hear that all the time. But I'm struggling to start my own business and yall give me alot of inspiration and motivation! Would just love to collab one day!
Tz B
Tz B 17 dagen geleden
Hey Guys, I don't know if you authorized someone post your videos on other site, let me know if you need any help! @t
I'm pretty awesome
I'm pretty awesome 26 dagen geleden
It's kind of funny that you guys went bad ass with all of your equipment except for your lawn mower... That thing is a pile of hoopty shit lol... why wouldn't you buy an Exmark or a John Deere? Some things I'll never understand I suppose.
I'm pretty awesome
I'm pretty awesome 26 dagen geleden
I'm sure there's like 200 other comments saying the same thing I'm going to but you don't want to use steel toe around heavy equipment. That's how you lose all your toes... Always go polymer! If you don't believe me ask my uncle lol
Prestonisswag 27 dagen geleden
How much do you guys want for the duramax?
DextFit TV
DextFit TV 28 dagen geleden
You guys got a whole commercial forestry mulching set up
Ethan Macheras
Ethan Macheras Maand geleden
clearing the path!
Timothy Shorter
Timothy Shorter Maand geleden
How much for duramax
Peter Fasbender
Peter Fasbender Maand geleden
I personally would not buy a SV 95 track for what you are doing you could do all you every need on your property with a SV 65 track machine.
Kodgamer197 KC
Kodgamer197 KC Maand geleden
Please put all your time lapse of your backyard where all your rocks are all together and and have it all in a video,
Zachary Moneypenny
Zachary Moneypenny Maand geleden
that property so dope though .
THE 1776 PATRIOT Maand geleden
Yell need a mulcher head it clears land like a champ.... check out VBELT AND SON's channel he makes some great content an hes a master at land clearing and forestery type stuff and he's always running a mulcher head on a skid dang near daily.. check him out though I think ull like it an find it interesting
Kery Chesh
Kery Chesh Maand geleden
Thats is a realy good investment. Proud of u guys. That equipment always hold the price
Backroad Willy
Backroad Willy Maand geleden
I like it 👌
Puuhis Maand geleden
Puuhis Maand geleden
Aref Eshghi
Aref Eshghi Maand geleden
Says tick, but gives the description of a leach! 🙃
Arthur LaCroix
Arthur LaCroix Maand geleden
CHEATER BRE Maand geleden
Check playlist of some older builds:
Jair Ramos
Jair Ramos Maand geleden
Cooky11 Devil64
Cooky11 Devil64 Maand geleden
Donate your pretty Duramax to me.
Jackson Tv
Jackson Tv Maand geleden
Can I be the camera man
TheSoloAsylum Maand geleden
I like that you guys don't have a clue what you're doing, but you're doing it anyway. Respectable.
Probandit523 Maand geleden
Yo I bet it smelled so good out there in the woods. I love the smell of woods especially when there's fresh greenery being cut.
Jonathan Mondria
Jonathan Mondria Maand geleden
Tics can jump actualy from trees and shit they might fly but dont know that for sure
Colorado Native
Colorado Native Maand geleden
10 minutes machines working Then talk talk talk
Ahmed Bouhlel
Ahmed Bouhlel Maand geleden
Just a little suggestion guys please try your best to remove as least trees as possible ❤️
Maverick Maand geleden
Wonder why they do all that work clearing the forrest road? Why not just work to get the House livable?
Maverick Maand geleden
Duramax not pretty tho.
Eric Shoemake
Eric Shoemake Maand geleden
Upgrade your chain when hauling equipment that little chain can break and the tractor kill someone driveing behind you
Will Arunga
Will Arunga Maand geleden
Danstan Maand geleden
I remember 500,000 subs
Meegs304 Maand geleden
Get some safety glasses boys.
WVDippers1 Maand geleden
instead of having mud everywhere. i think they should put down a whole parking lot for all their vehicles 😂
Cavalier James
Cavalier James Maand geleden
Yeah!!! Y’all got boots 🥾!!! 🙌🙌🙌
michael nnielsen
michael nnielsen Maand geleden
Pool you. Can dig?
Dillan Hoegger
Dillan Hoegger Maand geleden
Build a pond and put lots of fish in it
Dontae Tracey
Dontae Tracey Maand geleden
That is deforestation but the real problem is no one really knows what you will do with all that space. Remember soil erosion too guys
Rocco N April
Rocco N April Maand geleden
Buy some extra shear pins :)
Slowww_5.0 Maand geleden
I love how they just rag on the duramax😂 #fordsbetter
Peter Barry
Peter Barry Maand geleden
You guys should get a drone and show the entire property from up high!
Scott Rogers
Scott Rogers Maand geleden
Moat tics like the little small brown tic like to be up in the lower branches of trees and fall down on a host, but otherwise they are o. Tall grass or weeds and like u both said as u brush by u can pick them up like the bigger grey deer tics which suck big time. I think that it is the smaller brown tic that u can get diseases like lime disease which really sucs!!!
DJ2K Maand geleden
New to the channel, but these guys seem like overzealous salesmen that barely know the details of the product they're selling.
Nuff Said
Nuff Said Maand geleden
I never knew there was such a thing as a Bushwacker
Everybody’s Favorite Cowboy, Levi Hamersley
Everybody’s Favorite Cowboy, Levi Hamersley Maand geleden
Seed ticks is what we call them in Missouri and if u use hand sanitizer over them while they are on your cloths it will kill them
JOSE SB Maand geleden
For the boys?
Rufus Magilucutty
Rufus Magilucutty Maand geleden
This has become boring. I watch for the car content. Not interested in another construction channel.
Steve H
Steve H Maand geleden
Your credit card might cover that chainsaw. Many of them will replace in the first 90 days even if you damage it. Lots even cover if an item is stolen in the first 90 days.
jorge avila
jorge avila Maand geleden
Shoutout to them hard working Raza putting in work roofing framing farming/Agriculture... 🇲🇽
Lucas Granville 21
Lucas Granville 21 Maand geleden
“These suckers are basically bulletproof”😂😂
LeNzxCalibur Maand geleden
hey man you gotta be careful with those steel toes. if something with enough weight lands on your foot the steel can potentially chop your toes off
mike oswald
mike oswald Maand geleden
Would be cool to set up game cameras. Interesting to see what critters are roaming around there, especially at night.
Isidro Sevier
Isidro Sevier Maand geleden
Whatever happened to the DF Goblin, I want to see y'all go to the drag strip again.
Josh H. 20
Josh H. 20 Maand geleden
Put the helipad on a flat part of the new buildings toof
rich kemp
rich kemp Maand geleden
Get some snake gaiters!!! Shorts and long grass is a nightmare waiting to happen.
for_all_those Maand geleden
need some of these bad boys when it comes to boots feel like your wearing a pair of trainers when you put some gel insoles in, and tough as anything you like and walk on anything all waterproof and thermal
Alf Fmir
Alf Fmir Maand geleden
Hello Friends, lately you are talking to the camera for a long time and not showing us interesting things, as you did before. It was more fun before.
Jared Kerswell
Jared Kerswell Maand geleden
New place looks awesome! Will you guys have the Koala and the Kangaroo Signs installed in the new place?
Matthew Meuleman
Matthew Meuleman Maand geleden
Its a brush hog not a bush hoger
John-Erik Evans
John-Erik Evans Maand geleden
Do you guys own any cars that dont have a cracked windshield?
Sassy Sasquatch
Sassy Sasquatch Maand geleden
my job sucks can I work for you boys?
Mike Parker
Mike Parker Maand geleden
Just purchased a 45k Skid Steer and is worried about a warranty on a 400 dollar chainsaw. lol. I do enjoy your content. Keep up the awesome videos.
Lek Veuenza
Lek Veuenza Maand geleden
Tics jump 3 foot
emmanuel muthomi
emmanuel muthomi Maand geleden
Burnout/doughnut pad
Malte Spielt
Malte Spielt Maand geleden
F450 uses around 16-18L/100km. Holy shit. No wonder global warming is happening, it uses as much as 3 cars
Samuel Berry
Samuel Berry Maand geleden
Be glad when they back to building rides.
Bill Burns
Bill Burns Maand geleden
Have you cleared your new HQ with the HOA? That would suck if they set you back at this property! :(
Pravin Nagachettira
Pravin Nagachettira Maand geleden
this is the best channel ever viewed by me all the best
Robert Linkchorst
Robert Linkchorst Maand geleden
Be careful what bug repellent you spray on the ground if you plan on having dogs in that yard!!!!
David Barnsley
David Barnsley Maand geleden
Just keep an eye out for mr joe Blake and his slivering friends 👍👍🐍
Jdubz63 Maand geleden
I like the little edit at 3:56 to go with the beat
mhawkins1975 Maand geleden
We are really enjoying this series of the new house vlogs.🤙🏻
Trey Eberhart
Trey Eberhart Maand geleden
Make sure you grease those tracks, nothing sucks more than a thrown track
oldtimer_sale instagram
oldtimer_sale instagram Maand geleden
Did this gays bay a house whit a land?
DolmuJ2nes Maand geleden
Ticks, black widows, rattle snakes....BURN it down and RUN 😬 Its a death trap 😀
dutch971 Maand geleden
Echo, where are you at with your sponsorship!? Give these guys some products. Hook em up!
Jennifer Adams
Jennifer Adams Maand geleden
Y’all need a high quality metal detector for any post civil war relics and do some research on the type of geology in your area to make sure you aren’t missing any gold!
David Brown
David Brown Maand geleden
You could build the the shop with a heli pad on top. As you go down stairs. It's a chill room/game room,kitchen, etc. Or you can go straight to your garage. 4 or more bay garage . A man hole to work under the car. Oil or water drain in middle of each garage.
Loonie Gang
Loonie Gang Maand geleden
Loonie Gang
Loonie Gang Maand geleden
Can u make your videos longer like 40 minutes or more please
That_silver_ 5.9_cummins
That_silver_ 5.9_cummins Maand geleden
Goonzquad should build a dyno in there new shop or garage
don pace
don pace Maand geleden
I am assuming the chainsaw was replaced you never told us!!
kez Maand geleden
Can't believe these boys now owns a forest.
Rick Pope
Rick Pope Maand geleden
Doin the Thang...
Declan kot
Declan kot Maand geleden
lol i ran my echo timberwolf over with my kubota skiddy, no damage other than a broken handle, two great products,I also had that same attachment on rental and it was the same deal, but even with dull blades and teeth it still did an awesome job
justin f
justin f Maand geleden
Just curious, how much you guys gonna sell the duramax for
Alex Maand geleden
I guess y’all could say you’re... new boot goofin
Justin Stager
Justin Stager Maand geleden
Still trying to figure out what superfire means
Lucas Maand geleden
They really try to keep this channel pg13😂 “them sons of.... I mean them suckers”
Schiada95 Maand geleden
You guys should look into getting some snake guards for your legs. 👍
kenny'sReview Maand geleden
Hey if guys build a a helipad you gotta put a "GS" on the Hill a pad..right guys
jeffssafari10 Maand geleden
I built my well house underground just a few feet away from the well that way I do not have to add any propane heat to keep it from freezing nor do I have to bring the pressure tank inside the house only for it to leak on the floor. Did all the work myself and the cost was $3000 for the concrete 10‘ x 14‘. 10 foot deep. The entrance is totally hidden and it also acts as a tornado shelter and vault.
Jake Green
Jake Green Maand geleden
Lol warranty on the chainsaw.... They ran it over.
Jake Green
Jake Green Maand geleden
Weird how they look so different to big bro.
Patrick Conner
Patrick Conner Maand geleden
Put 7's dust on your boots and bottoms of your pants. That will keep the ticks and other pest at bay.
Baffik Abubaker
Baffik Abubaker Maand geleden
You guys inspired me to start something of my own...I am doing creative Resin Art and Modern Furniture...Great Job...Am from Uganda Btw
Daven Buteau
Daven Buteau Maand geleden
They have something better to cut that tree down
Leo Osborne
Leo Osborne Maand geleden
I love how enthusiastic and happy you guys are to work👍
Leo Osborne
Leo Osborne Maand geleden
The chainsaw only has one cylinder lol
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