Rebuilding A Wrecked 2020 Jeep Gladiator Rubicon Part 14

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This is where this build changes for good! We have always dreamed about making something like this happen. This 2020 Jeep Gladiator has come a long ways and they crazy thing is, we are not even done yet. Theres still much more to come, so be sure to stay tuned! Thanks For Watching!!!
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goonzquad 7 maanden geleden
Sorry about the technical difficulty, love you guys :) problem fixed
Sohel Khan
Sohel Khan 7 maanden geleden
Goonzquad I would love to work with u 😍 if u want to grow up ur business I would help u out for that
sinformant 7 maanden geleden
Man if y'all did a giveaway on this thing it'd blow away streetspeed717's last giveaway!
mike 7 maanden geleden
justin unger haven’t you asked for that before? Or maybe it was someone else asked for something similar.
Mark Buffa
Mark Buffa 7 maanden geleden
For your next build, I can commission you all to build me an Audi R8
wstreff 7 maanden geleden
You should weld a bicycle disc brake setup to your dolly/hand truck axle. This will solve your down hill braking issue.
無事人 2 maanden geleden
Guys I was saw that you did great jobs but not seeing use torque control for bolts on
Charles Knox
Charles Knox 2 maanden geleden
Where did yall find the truck at
ItsFinch 2 maanden geleden
I always feel so assaulted with their hand movements lmao
Victor Benitez Nava
Victor Benitez Nava 3 maanden geleden
Que padre está que dando mucha felicidad
Julius Dorn
Julius Dorn 4 maanden geleden
0:37 0:49 07:38
J Kob
J Kob 5 maanden geleden
Part 1: Daaannngg Soonnn. Check out those Fox Shocks! Part 14: Removes Fox Shocks
Mark Stallbaumer
Mark Stallbaumer 6 maanden geleden
I feel your pain missing something and needing to run to the store. I end u pat the hardware store at least three times for each home project I work on. Lol
Dillan Raymond
Dillan Raymond 6 maanden geleden
Which fuel rim are those?
jochempie 6 maanden geleden
i (and i think a bunch of other people) would really like to see a line-up of all you’re vehicles, and i mean cars tractors trucks lawnmowers almost everything that has a engine!!!!!! Goonzquad it would be such a cool video!!
Lee Brown
Lee Brown 6 maanden geleden
Daaaannnggg those rims tho!
Bikesh Shrestha
Bikesh Shrestha 6 maanden geleden
12:46 music name please ? 🤔🤔🤔
Darek Matuszewski
Darek Matuszewski 6 maanden geleden
The sometimes unknowtised serious problem with wheel suspencion is that you have to be really cautious with the screws and bolts you mount. Suspencion needs attested screws (not just ones that fit) because - especially in heavy cars on terrain conditions - the mounted often unattested screws can be easilly cut off causing wheel breaking. Breaking of wheels occurs usually when you stop and start to rude again, but sometimes not only. If it occurs on the regular road - can be fatal. But these guys shurely know that. With the beauty of cars and trucks a lot of hidden responcibility comes along.
Darek Matuszewski
Darek Matuszewski 6 maanden geleden
Its so good to see inteligent guys that at a young age allready realize that life can be worth living, effective and beautifull. All the luck.
Grimm 1313
Grimm 1313 6 maanden geleden
Handbrake dolly lol sorry guys ups have those.
JB Cepeda
JB Cepeda 7 maanden geleden
maybe someone can correct me, BUT arent FOX shocks the best in the market? why did we take off FOX to replace it with a brand I have never heard of? KING SHOCKS? AGAIN, pardon my shock ignorance if I am wrong here.
Hollywood pipefitter
Hollywood pipefitter 7 maanden geleden
There is a recall on your clutch guys for your jeep go get a new one put in for free
Colin 7 maanden geleden
Is the jeep finished??
Ethan Macheras
Ethan Macheras 7 maanden geleden
Suspension and wheels look badass!
Oceana Benioh
Oceana Benioh 7 maanden geleden
cheezcruncher 7 maanden geleden
Them shocks are blue.. :(
Trent Light
Trent Light 7 maanden geleden
Time to change the music
R R 7 maanden geleden
"Do a couple of hugga dugga's" @15:10
Stephen prosser
Stephen prosser 7 maanden geleden
Hay guys hope all is well for you in tenn. be safe
Andrew Langford
Andrew Langford 7 maanden geleden
What's the best this thing will never actually go off-road
Ethan Starke
Ethan Starke 7 maanden geleden
Should of just built a rock buggy, the new jeeps are laaaaaaaaaaaame
Dal Call Center
Dal Call Center 7 maanden geleden
lets see the jeep in roading etc
Cole's Law
Cole's Law 7 maanden geleden
brakes on dollys? already did it
wfd_ojom 7 maanden geleden
This was awesome
Ja Biezel
Ja Biezel 7 maanden geleden
For the price that you obviously paid for this since you made such a big deal out of it considering all the tend of thousands you've spent on oats I can hardly believe those shocks would actually shock you so much, lol. They should at least come in different colors. Like, I don't know, red maybe?!?
Tyler Pitcher
Tyler Pitcher 7 maanden geleden
You should name it red monster
Yenne Schafer
Yenne Schafer 7 maanden geleden
You guys got me with "blue tooth control arms"😂😭👌
Not Gračo
Not Gračo 7 maanden geleden
Ugga douggas? Yall watching itsjusta6 much? 😂
BaggerBro 7 maanden geleden
Should of went with Method wheels .
Jason Swift
Jason Swift 7 maanden geleden
Stop buying shit quality stuff get Method rims they are the best and put cooper, toyo or nitto tyres on.
Music is Life
Music is Life 7 maanden geleden
Each time you guys open up a package, I just love that close crackling sound of the plastic bags whenever you pull out new stuff. Feels like christmas!
hh65flyer 7 maanden geleden
I'm glad to see a decent sidewall ratio not some stupid rubber bands wrapped around big wheels...😁😁
Octane Street - Apprentice Mechanic
Octane Street - Apprentice Mechanic 7 maanden geleden
Jeep, endless possibilites. That's what there slogan or motto SHOULD be 😅
Antonio Martinez
Antonio Martinez 7 maanden geleden
Looking Frekin Good Son!!!!!
j jones
j jones 7 maanden geleden
Just Empty Every Pocket
Luke Gee
Luke Gee 7 maanden geleden
Why is the front bump stop shock not directly over the bump stop pedestal
Dennis McCray
Dennis McCray 7 maanden geleden
When will you get some more hoodies to sell?
FSRC 7 maanden geleden
Editor: So how many montages you want? Goonzquad: Yes
Justin Palmer
Justin Palmer 7 maanden geleden
Contact adams driveshafts and slap some custom shafts under her they are also much stronger than stock
JD Ginn
JD Ginn 7 maanden geleden
You should paint to the Jeep badges in the matching bronze color
Matthew Currie
Matthew Currie 7 maanden geleden
7:34 peep Seth bike hacks. He made a handbrake for a wheelbarrow. Lol
Saša Crnčić
Saša Crnčić 7 maanden geleden
Do you know code of bronze paint on this wheels?
Jose Avila
Jose Avila 7 maanden geleden
Do a Tacoma next 🥺
Brxken Luke
Brxken Luke 7 maanden geleden
Hey goonzquad I’ve been watching y’all for a while and I’m 12 and my dream job is a mechanic I was wondering what schooling or what did you guys have to do to get this good
Pawan Jagdale
Pawan Jagdale 7 maanden geleden
Hii,we're is viper????
Todd Mclean
Todd Mclean 7 maanden geleden
That thing looks awesome!
Colin James Edwards
Colin James Edwards 7 maanden geleden
Only been watching the GONOSQUAD for 2 weeks and I am spell bound by the workmanship and patience of them and they believe in cleanness cannot wait for them to finish the truck for they Father...
Colin James Edwards
Colin James Edwards 7 maanden geleden
@Roberto Rodriguez Yes cannot stop watching tnem…...
Roberto Rodriguez
Roberto Rodriguez 7 maanden geleden
Colin James Edwards bro welcome I have you had a great introduction to them
KidoGameplay 7 maanden geleden
Please do a Tesla build guys
KidoGameplay 7 maanden geleden
Or some challenges like both the goons go against each other to see who can flip a budget car from copart or something
KidoGameplay 7 maanden geleden
Roberto Rodriguez they will if they try it . I love goonzsquad its my favourite channel of all time but they need to mix the formula up a bit been kind of repetitive. Car rebuilds are fun but it be nice to see some customs builds too
Roberto Rodriguez
Roberto Rodriguez 7 maanden geleden
KidoGameplay electric 😂😂😂, jk they don’t like electric cars that much
frits duwel
frits duwel 7 maanden geleden
the things you can do with NLposts money
Thomas Oosthuizen
Thomas Oosthuizen 7 maanden geleden
Those rims look so sick!
emmanuel muthomi
emmanuel muthomi 7 maanden geleden
"Got an early start late in the day"😂😂😂
Jason Michel
Jason Michel 7 maanden geleden
Rebuild a Porsche 992 turbo
Daniel Marshall
Daniel Marshall 7 maanden geleden
What happened to the boat
schleijayden shadow
schleijayden shadow 7 maanden geleden
I didn't skip every second..good job..
kiren govender
kiren govender 7 maanden geleden
I am addicted to u guys videos...makes u wana go buy a scrap and do it myself
Choncie Gigaroa
Choncie Gigaroa 7 maanden geleden
Lol looks like a wannabe truck
kshithij Kumar
kshithij Kumar 7 maanden geleden
when will the next part of this video come
NIGERIAN FIFA SKILLER 7 maanden geleden
I let out my longest ever damn when I saw them wheels
Jay Dee
Jay Dee 7 maanden geleden
Gentlemen, The cold air intakes you are using are actually hot air intakes. Those draw air from the engine compartment or deflected air from rad or condenser. The factory air intakes draw much more cold air. The increase in the intake sound is the only thing you are getting..
Ava Tumbles
Ava Tumbles 7 maanden geleden
Hey goonzquad my Dad really loves your content. If you could get him a sub that would be great. He’s Splitbuilds and you recently liked one of his hummer Instagram posts!
CrsTFR 7 maanden geleden
Ansom Riding
Ansom Riding 7 maanden geleden
They have dollies with hand brakes...lmao! Bondo brothers at it again.
Ansom Riding
Ansom Riding 7 maanden geleden
I don’t quite understand what you mean,is this a negative response to my comment?
Nigel Molesworth
Nigel Molesworth 7 maanden geleden
Feel better? Where's your channel?
Bart Stonko
Bart Stonko 7 maanden geleden
Boiiiii that looks sick
Carmichael C
Carmichael C 7 maanden geleden
you guys nailed the colour combo on the wheels complementing the truck, looks amazing guys!
A B 7 maanden geleden
Jesus those front Kings seem super overkill
ApexPredator_JKU 7 maanden geleden
Ughh... Fuel Coverts. Just killed the build with simulated beadlocks. Especially when they make the same wheel in a True Beadlock. Why put Mallcrawler wheels on an otherwise, Trail build? Fail.
JeepΦJeep 7 maanden geleden
I just don't understand why Rebel would cosign this build. Why not a real Jeep related channel with Jeep content? Those Kings are going to "take them places they never imagined of going"...can't wait till they try and realize that wheelbase ain't taking them anywhere without getting turtles every 15 feet. Don't even know what air bumps are, smh
jhond0 7 maanden geleden
looks good guys! but i would paint the blue springs and other blue bits black so that it red on black theme, will look much more aggressive!
Mason proffit
Mason proffit 7 maanden geleden
can i have one of your cars or bikes
jake pritchard
jake pritchard 7 maanden geleden
i have to say , i’ve never been a fan of the jeep gladiators at all , but once i saw the king coilovers on it my mind completely changed ! job well done boys 🤙🏻 i’ve been watching every video upload for over a year and a half. love the content! you guys remind my of myself a lot it’s crazy !!! keep up the awesome woek
John K
John K 7 maanden geleden
Do you guys ever sell your cars or just keep them all? Just curious
Karl Wagner
Karl Wagner 7 maanden geleden
Can’t say enough how impressed with your work on this project!!! Anyone else notice how many peeps have commented about this, 2.1k And counting..... Again WELL DONE!
elacema Jehová
elacema Jehová 7 maanden geleden
apurate con el otro video man
CrossEyed Jack
CrossEyed Jack 7 maanden geleden
Future build, Classic Pickup . A 50's or 60's short bed on a modern frame/drive train with boost. Your choice Offroad or pro street, year, make, model, engine, boost type. Really rival V-Tune and B is Build Mustang build.
boyce1204 7 maanden geleden
You need to attach those external reservoirs for the front coilovers or they are going get ripped out or in the way of something else
Wade LeSage
Wade LeSage 7 maanden geleden
Can y’all please finish the cheap boat build series
x6King6x 7 maanden geleden
I wanna know the reason why people dislike the video
HARSH GANDROKIA 7 maanden geleden
dude replace the old looking plastic bumpers and change it over to the sick metal ones please and it will be more durable on off-road.
yousefツ seso
yousefツ seso 7 maanden geleden
Buy mazda 323 1992
InspectaBANKS 7 maanden geleden
Waiting on that next video like crackheads waiting for their dealer lol
XqeDiosXqe 7 maanden geleden
Change the color of the JEEP and RUBICON letters to bronze to match the fuel rims.....siiiickkkk. nice build.
Paul Vivier
Paul Vivier 7 maanden geleden
How these guys just walk into a tire shop and change their tires? I have to look through a window lol
Fernando Ramirez
Fernando Ramirez 7 maanden geleden
Second time watching this. those rims looks great
Colton Maxwell
Colton Maxwell 7 maanden geleden
Are you planning on re-gearing for those 37's? Maybe run 4.88?
mykilfremn26 7 maanden geleden
As long as I mute this and fast forward over all the parts where these guys are talking their great videos.
mike 7 maanden geleden
You boys need to find a wrecked 67 -69 Camaro
Ulf Tegrell
Ulf Tegrell 7 maanden geleden
Hi, I find it very interesting seeing you repairing the damages on the Jeep Rubicon. But when finished the repairing you start modify the car. Then I start crying seeing you replacing wellmade original parts with aftermarket low quality parts. My experience is that a modified car is worth less than an original car. Low quality parts are used more on old cars with high mileage. Please stop all these modifications, they all results in lower ride comfort.
stephen victor bailey
stephen victor bailey 7 maanden geleden
Wow....that big red is going super high
Daniel D
Daniel D 7 maanden geleden
You guys should put together a Goonzquad nights. Drag racing, Drifting, with a car show, Food, ETC. You could make good money and get your name out there even more! I have friends tell me I have to check out goonzquad on NLposts all the time. I always answer them with, " I've seen every episode". You guys are awesome, Absolutely killin it! Keep up the good work.
David Williamson
David Williamson 7 maanden geleden
Have you guys been able to fix the 4x4 function? If so what was the issue ?
Mohammed Naamani
Mohammed Naamani 7 maanden geleden
should make a shirt saying , we even added black paint so it doesnt rust
brandon tessier
brandon tessier 7 maanden geleden
Have to admit, I was looking at those wheels for my GMC Sierra 1500 and wasn’t a fan of them so I looked at some others and now I might have to reconsider.
Miraç Kıran
Miraç Kıran 7 maanden geleden
Building A Custom Supercar !!! Will the video come? because ı love this series
Chris Kx
Chris Kx 7 maanden geleden
Rebuild a American muscle car guyss
banksy2012 7 maanden geleden
We got and early start late in the day damn son what does that even mean
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