Building My Dad His Dream Truck 14

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And thats going to be a wrap!!! We finally handed over the keys to pops after rebuilding and revamping this Dodge Ram 3500. This build has been a wild one and we are happy that we took the leap of faith and made it happen. This is definitely one for the books and we can't wait to see what else we can tackle. We are truly thankful for your support because without you this wouldn't be possible. Thank you guys for watching!!!
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chadgeezee 3 dagen geleden
This is awesome! Great job guys! I myself have a 2013 Mega Cab and it's been a dream of mine to do a conversion since the very first day I laid eyes on the 2019. Complete with the Tesla style radio. My truck can be seen on my NLposts channel. Just curious as to what the total cost was for just the conversion?
Siddarth Shah
Siddarth Shah 6 dagen geleden
Your pops is so sweet!!
Envy_ Digital
Envy_ Digital 8 dagen geleden
Legendary stuff! Bet your dad is just so daanngg proud of you boys!
Brandon 14 dagen geleden
You guys are awesome loving the vibes and inspiration 💯
Absolute Property Solutions
Absolute Property Solutions 15 dagen geleden
Awesome guys. Your folks are blessed.
Marcelo Chavez
Marcelo Chavez 18 dagen geleden
Jenni McCullar
Jenni McCullar 20 dagen geleden
Your pop has to be a proud man
Cars Campbell
Cars Campbell 26 dagen geleden
Coll new truck dodger ram ute
Fred van der Gaag
Fred van der Gaag 26 dagen geleden
You are good lads.. well done. Appreciate your work for your dad ..don't even mind all the Merican flags! Kudos from Canada
elusivelectron 28 dagen geleden
Honking at people who didn't see the green light might take a nasty turn.
James Charles
James Charles 28 dagen geleden
Your dad seems sweet
Fordster5 G&V
Fordster5 G&V 29 dagen geleden
Why don’t you fix his old truck?
dyaln fitch
dyaln fitch 29 dagen geleden
Do a full restore on that danger ranger
Bryan Vazquez
Bryan Vazquez 29 dagen geleden
I like the truck but I feel like you shouldn't have put on the leveling kit. Especially if he is going to use the truck as a work truck because when he tows, the truck is going to be sitting in a squat looking position.
James Gilliland
James Gilliland 29 dagen geleden
I did not know yall were brothers. PROUD PAPA.
Jameel A
Jameel A Maand geleden
This is awesome you guys did this for pops. Huge respect.
Thomas Powers
Thomas Powers Maand geleden
Rebuild pops old truck!!! Ya know, fresh paint job, refurbished interior. Some head and tail lights. New wheels and tires. Old ranger like that would cost next too nothing for the what yall are used too.
Lucky Bhandari
Lucky Bhandari Maand geleden
Best part @ 22:57
James Connelly
James Connelly Maand geleden
You know how much Vern need a dry sink area.
James Connelly
James Connelly Maand geleden
But she dah Juan.
itsnotme07 Maand geleden
Nothing but WOW! Always nice to hear a Cummins engine from 2011-2013....when I worked there. That train horn is the BOMB man!
Trapper Bill
Trapper Bill Maand geleden
It's his truck if he likes that bumper who are you to say anything be happy he has 2 great boy's that work hard and treat their dad with respect and love.
Ricky Langston
Ricky Langston Maand geleden
Fantastic seeing y'all doing something for your Dad.
Clif Bradley
Clif Bradley Maand geleden
The guy that owns HornBlasters doesn't live too far from me. He has a sick mansion that has a hidden boat ramp like a damn Bond villain. He used to have a giant lifted beyond reasonable F-550 pick up that had a unique design built into the steps
jessie tesch
jessie tesch Maand geleden
That'll cause somebody to have an accident you horn them
Caleb Lee
Caleb Lee Maand geleden
I love the truck, love Diesels. I would have deleted the chrome and blacked out the exterior lower trim to match the grill guard. And love the conversion. A cool black grill would make the truck pop.
Nasir Best
Nasir Best Maand geleden
Truck would've look way better&newer without that guard rail bcz it hides the 2020 front in..but still a nice build and truck
Aldo Torres
Aldo Torres Maand geleden
Any frame or brackets need to be modified or does everything bolt right up
Andy Ortegon
Andy Ortegon Maand geleden
What is a interceptor on Dodge charger
David Himeback
David Himeback Maand geleden
Great job on the truck ,its awesome. We could see your DAD was very happy for an about it.
HAMMER TIME Maand geleden
TRUMP 2020
Ram Jacob Joaquin
Ram Jacob Joaquin Maand geleden
Hey the car name is ram my name is ram too
gary lyon
gary lyon Maand geleden
Wish my kids do that for me.
Rashique Ellis
Rashique Ellis Maand geleden
Restore is old truck
SuPrAmAd101 Maand geleden
That 3M 2080i vinyl is terrible. Weve just returned a few full rolls as the finish is shocking. The worst orange peel iv ever seen and its soo dull!
amit kumar
amit kumar Maand geleden
Hi my question is how did you guys learned all this work ?
Devin McDaniel
Devin McDaniel Maand geleden
The horn should be on the roof not under or on the push bar
Ta53508 Maand geleden
Oooo on the gate miter the corners.
Robert Kennedy
Robert Kennedy Maand geleden
Good sons
Ralf Hiller
Ralf Hiller Maand geleden
Is there a parts list for the front end conversion? That would be very cool and helpful
Javier Jose
Javier Jose Maand geleden
I am glad Ann also happy for your dad, you've given him a little token of gratitude, it seems like he works hard to provide for the family .
Current Resident
Current Resident Maand geleden
Dannn son
Frank Wolf
Frank Wolf 2 maanden geleden
That was an extremely nice thing you did for your "Pops"! God Bless you both !
I dont know what to put here
I dont know what to put here 2 maanden geleden
Pop's smile is what made everything worthwhile.
Shannon Stiles
Shannon Stiles 2 maanden geleden
You will never regret doing this for your Pop's!!!! You will look back at this when you're older....🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
don weeks
don weeks 2 maanden geleden
Dwight positive vibes Monach
Dwight positive vibes Monach 2 maanden geleden
Good sons! Hats off to ya both.
Adeeb Gowher
Adeeb Gowher 2 maanden geleden
Rebuild his old Truck
Love 2 maanden geleden
It would be cute if they fixed his old truck as a backup
Karl Ford
Karl Ford 2 maanden geleden
Who listens to radio,these days?
angel ayala
angel ayala 2 maanden geleden
That was good boys for your pops I hope he enjoy his new truck .@@
Lewis Agen
Lewis Agen 2 maanden geleden
Make sure he has all 3 points to hook to
Adrian Duenes
Adrian Duenes 2 maanden geleden
No mames needs wheels and tires
John Sanchez
John Sanchez 2 maanden geleden
Why always 1 guy working and the other one just talking. I would like to see both working
Fetty Frat
Fetty Frat 2 maanden geleden
Hey guy my name is Michael fratantonio my numbers 508-981-3658 I just got into an car crash in my dream car I was sitting at a stop light and some ran into my BMW m550 it's a 2011 but I love it it was my first car I spent all my money I saved to get it and I was woundering if you could repair it it would mean a lot I watch all your videos and I believe you can bring my car back to life I glad I didn't lose my life but I did get hit at 90 miles an hour my car did a 360 and then the driver hit another car then put his car up a staircase
Fetty Frat
Fetty Frat 2 maanden geleden
I broke my leg and fractured my skull
Abraham Segundo
Abraham Segundo 2 maanden geleden
You should put fater wheels in the front
nate drake
nate drake 2 maanden geleden
The first swap from a 5th gen front in was around a year or 2 ago by dadropshop
Sparks 2 maanden geleden
You didn't change the wheels???
Oso Crazy
Oso Crazy 2 maanden geleden
Respect the effort tho
Oso Crazy
Oso Crazy 2 maanden geleden
Ig we all can lie and have someone pay for it to be done. Put a caption and lie
Cesar Pimentel
Cesar Pimentel 2 maanden geleden
Those tires look so small in that truck
Paul.S.A. 2 maanden geleden
Awesome job guys!
The2WheelDeal 02
The2WheelDeal 02 2 maanden geleden
Man you guys are inspirational my dad has been looking at this old 69 charger and he wants it so bad and I've been trying to save to restore it for him but so far my funds have been lacking since I just moved out and am paying for my apartment and my car its been rough but not giving up you guys have inspired me
The Left Hates America
The Left Hates America 2 maanden geleden
But is it actually going to be used to work? Most likely not
Trevor Haynes
Trevor Haynes 2 maanden geleden
U didn’t roll that truck 🙄
brad brown
brad brown 2 maanden geleden
I will take your pops old ranger if you want to build it for a deserving marine let me know my boy would love to get it.
Bradley Hanson
Bradley Hanson 2 maanden geleden
I haven't seen y'alls channel on so long I was here when you God your German Shepard
Eileen lokbo
Eileen lokbo 2 maanden geleden
Just_ Braap
Just_ Braap 2 maanden geleden
We whant drz videoooo!!!!
kgsullyclipz 2
kgsullyclipz 2 2 maanden geleden
Deffenitly needs some bigger and wider wheels
Amie Davis
Amie Davis 2 maanden geleden
Get a spray in bedliner. Go over the rails. We did this to my husband's truck more than 10 years ago. It's still holding up and looks the same as it did when we put it in. It was well worth the money we spent. We've hauled bricks, wood, concrete, it. It's kept the bed in great shape and prevented any kind of damage to the rails.
luiss 12
luiss 12 2 maanden geleden
should put a huge exhaust pipe and lift it a little more
Daxton’s Gross
Daxton’s Gross 2 maanden geleden
should’ve added a straight pipe exhaust and some bigger tires
Peter Mccallum
Peter Mccallum 2 maanden geleden
Holy shit that's some amazing work boys
JUICYBOX PANDA 2 maanden geleden
Whos here since the four wheeler days?
Jacob Clarke
Jacob Clarke 2 maanden geleden
Love it all but I hate to say it... that hood line is god awful lol it looks like it don’t latch right 🤣
Micah Reed
Micah Reed 2 maanden geleden
bigger tires is all it needed
Mary Q
Mary Q 2 maanden geleden
*Tears of JOY* for Pops, you boys are amazing sons! This has to be my personal fave of all your vids.
Christian Reaves
Christian Reaves 2 maanden geleden
Rebuild the ranger!!!!
Troy Wilson
Troy Wilson 2 maanden geleden
Next project is building pops old truck into the truck it’s meant to be lifted with some big off-road tires 👍🏼
Jason B
Jason B 2 maanden geleden
Now with 2 rangers you should rebuild and mod them showing each brothers ideas
NODADDYiT_HuRtS69 2 maanden geleden
BUT Can a goon torque spec?
John G
John G 2 maanden geleden
Dude you suckers get stuff done down to the T son!
Lil Drew
Lil Drew 2 maanden geleden
the truck is cool looking but the tires they just look small on that truck
DATU JAM ESPORTS 2 maanden geleden
Restore your paps old truck
Donna Stinman
Donna Stinman 2 maanden geleden
ActionJaxonGaming 2 maanden geleden
Did he make the truck or did they already had one and upgraded it
Good Morning
Good Morning 2 maanden geleden
This was so cringy
x50tater50 xYt
x50tater50 xYt 2 maanden geleden
Rebuild the old ford ranger family truck
James Noble
James Noble 2 maanden geleden
You forgot the brake light fluid....
Robert Rary
Robert Rary 2 maanden geleden
The wheels could definitely have been an upgrade made to the truck
mr_ctrl_x 8 dagen geleden
I fucking love those stock rims
Robert Rary
Robert Rary 2 maanden geleden
JEISKO there are companies that make rims for road tires on duelies just so that it pops more just a different look
JEISKO 2 maanden geleden
Disputed not only that but it’s a truck. And has road tires. You gotta have knoblies
Disputed 2 maanden geleden
The stock rims are disgusting. Shit makes me puke
Eugene Elliott
Eugene Elliott 2 maanden geleden
NLposts one day goes away, then what
Myself Maybe
Myself Maybe 2 maanden geleden
Anyone who has a winch on there trucks definitely gay
Hi im Denis
Hi im Denis 2 maanden geleden
JJ JJ 2 maanden geleden
Asia black
Asia black 2 maanden geleden
How about painting your forklift the same color as the truck?
Anime Ultra
Anime Ultra 2 maanden geleden
I thought it was a 2020 model at first
John Walters
John Walters 2 maanden geleden
Restore his old one and keep it in the family
Gabriel Gosiaoco
Gabriel Gosiaoco 2 maanden geleden
Rebuild your old fam truck, much more interesting
Lucas 2 maanden geleden
You should rebuild your dad’s old truck
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