Building The Ultimate Apocalypse Vehicle Part 11

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We are making some massive moves on this off grid military truck! Many have been asking if we would do some amenities like a bathroom and a toilet and I think we found the best option!!! This inside of this camper is almost complete and we are happy to get close to the finished product! We are also super happy to share this entire process with you guys as well. Thanks For Watching!!!
-Instagram: goonzquad
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Rossville,GA 30741
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GB Ventrix
GB Ventrix 17 dagen geleden
Install a way to communicate with the cab
m faisal rafiq jutt m rafiq
m faisal rafiq jutt m rafiq Maand geleden
Love you gays
snafu killjoy
snafu killjoy Maand geleden
Throw a tesla wall home battery unit
Tipsterbl Maand geleden
I get that they have money to play with, but in so many cases some Google research would save a lot of money and time instead of driving all over the place.
julious hill
julious hill Maand geleden
Dang truck be amazing for the zombie apocalypse!!
I want like that in the future . 🙏🙏🙏
Mike DeStadio
Mike DeStadio Maand geleden
Put solar panel on roof
tactical highland
tactical highland Maand geleden
you dont need a tent do it cover your eyyes pretend they not there
tactical highland
tactical highland Maand geleden
monday morningz be like reading and shitting at the same time where you buy that at i use to shyt in the woods when i use to landscape or wherever there was privacy i poop like the wow wow
tactical highland
tactical highland Maand geleden
pops be like these seeds came out to be good
joey statham
joey statham Maand geleden
You were saying that it’s hot in there, does the AC unit not work?
Alec S
Alec S 2 maanden geleden
Ultimate apocalypse vehicle! Until all the gas goes bad after 5 or 6 years and then suddenly you have a multiton brick you won't ever be able to move meaning you'll be stuck wherever it runs out of gas (or wherever you are when the gas goes bad).
devs1998 2 maanden geleden
No point in gloves if u touch everything that’s yours
Jeremy Wingo
Jeremy Wingo 2 maanden geleden
Mother nature says you need an interior toilet.
Daniel Isbell
Daniel Isbell 2 maanden geleden
Ham Radio Tech License is easy to get then you can get a much better set of radios.
Esther Menaged Guindi
Esther Menaged Guindi 2 maanden geleden
Jordi lopez
Jordi lopez 2 maanden geleden
And why not use a futon mattress as a bed?
Murple 2 maanden geleden
Huge relief that your finally fixing the battery problem
Joy Muturi
Joy Muturi 2 maanden geleden
I love you goonzpaud😆😭😢
Sunny Gogoi
Sunny Gogoi 2 maanden geleden
Der wil be zombies running wild in post apocalypse world... And u wanna shower... Legit bullshit
MrPenguin1w 2 maanden geleden
Look into using lithium iron phosphate batteries, LIFEPO4. They have a much better life cycle than lead acid. Yes, they cost a bit more, but you can use more of the capacity over lead acid. They also can be cycled well over 2000 times, much more than lead acid. Weigh a lot less also.
Omna Amare
Omna Amare 2 maanden geleden
wow nice
TripleHeXclown 2 maanden geleden
As an upholsterer itvwasca greatv1st attempt..
Jacob Fruergaard Christensen
Jacob Fruergaard Christensen 3 maanden geleden
It is stupid you get all those power things because then the apocalypse hit you cant get power easy
Austin Fun
Austin Fun 3 maanden geleden
Goon squad you don’t like this post I want to work
Austin Fun
Austin Fun 3 maanden geleden
Sing me a song for the music that they were playing a Ron has diarrhea and has diarrhea that’s a sign that was the song
Gap Vader
Gap Vader 3 maanden geleden
Add a tv
david m
david m 3 maanden geleden
You should have spray glued the foam on the board, and trimmed the edges for a better fit
T Houston
T Houston 3 maanden geleden
Wht does he have a hand radio, please let me know I'm curious
jessie pearson
jessie pearson 3 maanden geleden
You should consider a fold up deck on the back, could be a good place for the potty tent. You could also use a solar light/vent combo for venting the toxic double dooty fumes.
s.t. 3 maanden geleden
Put a little computer fan for circulation.
James Goodman
James Goodman 3 maanden geleden
Could install a auto Canopy too outside lighting possible built in outside grill water source for inside as well as outside
James Goodman
James Goodman 3 maanden geleden
Buying all that stuff is great but you guys need safety equipment installed too fire detector extinguisher CO2 DETECTORS. ETC....
James Goodman
James Goodman 3 maanden geleden
That water heater is not all weather proof if you install it outside you will need to weld up a cabinet and door with gasket to seal the door and the cabinet must be vented.Good place to install it would be between the cab and the box. That way nothing can hit it while in transport.
OzyegenTwo 3 maanden geleden
battery, under a Water pipes :S realy ???
Eashan Maxx
Eashan Maxx 3 maanden geleden
Good Good 😮😮
Fernando Sguera
Fernando Sguera 3 maanden geleden
genius don t put the baterries and inverter inside the truck!! the risk off fire is high
Dave bradshaw
Dave bradshaw 3 maanden geleden
Even though you have 2 agm 200 amh batteries, you can only use the value of one in power, ie ( 200 ) amh, if you hook up a dc dc mppt charger to your alternater, you can run solar up to 800 watts input,
Andrea Schneider
Andrea Schneider 3 maanden geleden
In have that same trash can lol!
Daisy Marti
Daisy Marti 3 maanden geleden
noe 130000000000
T. N. Schumacher
T. N. Schumacher 3 maanden geleden
Are you a used car salesmen? Cause your to damm hyper? Go smoke a joint and drink a few beers?
Isabel Larah
Isabel Larah 3 maanden geleden
How much did they spent on this project?
Marcelo Manoel
Marcelo Manoel 3 maanden geleden
I switched Netflix to goonzquad, wonderful.
katya03316 3 maanden geleden
Gooding great! Didnt see all the videos but where do you find such a vechile in running condition? I need a good off reading camper too
Robert Sharp
Robert Sharp 3 maanden geleden
I'll take the other batteries. For my boat. If you don't need them
Mark Harmon
Mark Harmon 3 maanden geleden
Might need that truck bow
Jed wiley
Jed wiley 3 maanden geleden
Cool episode, but you look like a tool with the gloves and masks
ZeroBlock50 MC_player
ZeroBlock50 MC_player 3 maanden geleden
Zombie:this will be ez to break stuff'door,windows,pushing,crushing' Human:we need some protections!!!
Richard Cress
Richard Cress 3 maanden geleden
if you had an adjustable table you drop it level with bench and increase sleeping accommodations. also thought about compost toilet?
Sidney Griffiths
Sidney Griffiths 3 maanden geleden
I know its personal but where's mom's?
Jay Torres
Jay Torres 3 maanden geleden
For the bed table board cut it in 3 have them as pillows then you can add them over the table or you can 2 pillows setup for the table
NothingLikeMyMusic 3 maanden geleden
So that’s why that cart was wet when I went to Walmart. LOL
Brandon Lalonde
Brandon Lalonde 4 maanden geleden
The seats are fucking smart
Vinny Araújo
Vinny Araújo 4 maanden geleden
I love the summer vibe songs in your videos! Also love the work and passion that you guys have. Keep it up! From Brazil!
vlady rawr
vlady rawr 4 maanden geleden
They will use this rig while building the new shop!
Niejel Cruz
Niejel Cruz 4 maanden geleden
dudes, separate the water pipe from the electrical wires
Niejel Cruz
Niejel Cruz 4 maanden geleden
flash the water pipe to the wall and flash so its sturdy and neat
Niejel Cruz
Niejel Cruz 4 maanden geleden
you should pinch holes in the wood of the seat cushion to release the air from the foam
You Cant HandleTruth
You Cant HandleTruth 4 maanden geleden
You Cant HandleTruth
You Cant HandleTruth 4 maanden geleden
Theres a dry toilet called "Seperatt". You poop in a bag, and the pee goes thru a flex tube to a "Gray Water" tank. No "Black Water" disposal. It has a mAh fan to vent odor.
Tom Malone
Tom Malone 5 maanden geleden
Gentlemen, you have a space between your exhaust pipe and the fuel tank, you could make a tent to hang down from. Otherwise you will have a shitty time exposing yourselves.
MrCroatia 5 maanden geleden
I don’t get people wearing gloves, they touch everything with their gloves in the stores then touch their phones and steering wheel. It’s not protecting you from anything
Kurt Sumthinorother
Kurt Sumthinorother 5 maanden geleden
Build an angle iron cage and get a diesel generator. Way more power and probably cheaper.
Tony Stone
Tony Stone 5 maanden geleden
Logan Josti
Logan Josti 5 maanden geleden
You guys should put the foam and the fabric on the bottom of the table so when you want to make it a bet you just flip the table over
Mike L
Mike L 5 maanden geleden
Your an idiot for wearing gloves in public. I'm an EMT and infectious disease is a huge part of our continuing training. You know, the whole cramped quarters of an ambulance thing kinda makes understanding infectious diseases important to what we do. When people wear gloves in public, it spreads germs. I saw several times were you potentially contaminated yourself. But congrats, your falling in line with the media instead of actually educating yourself just increased the risk not only to yourself but also to others. Thanks for making my job and the jobs of my fellow health care providers that much harder.
Dean Firnatine
Dean Firnatine 6 maanden geleden
Sorry to tell you but that trash can will quit working in about a year, went through two of them. Make some back rests for the other two sides your backs will be happier. FYI they do make the shower/toilet tents that just pop up, no support legs, I have one takes like 5 seconds to set up, it automatically pops up and from personal experience the little portable chemical toilets with a cassette are not as nasty to deal with as the bag one you have, your girlfriends, wives and sisters will appreciate you for it :) Looking great.
Coolride17 6 maanden geleden
If you guys don't get the virus, I think it's a hoax. lol At least your keeping the economy going while we're all sitting on our asses at home.
Bryan Campbell
Bryan Campbell 6 maanden geleden
U guys r awesome! I think I’ve been watching since the zl1 camero! Keep up the good work! Andddd u guys should do a give away for the charger lol! Come on🤷🏽‍♂️🤣🤣🤣
Swaggy 6 maanden geleden
King size??? That not even a full more like a twin.
chris flanagan
chris flanagan 6 maanden geleden
You need a max fan/vent for the roof, make sure it’s rain sensing. Get two for good cross ventilation.
Rainbow Cookie
Rainbow Cookie 6 maanden geleden
You should hide that on the under side or camo paint it :)
Kevin Lowndes
Kevin Lowndes 6 maanden geleden
TheDevil 6 maanden geleden
I had to carry batterys like that up and down stairs to but the in the engine room of my dad's shrimp boat
DanCars 6 maanden geleden
Im love your chanel, interesting to watch. But in this project, there is on problem, and it style and design. Or you go military, or luxury. But you choose both. And its look
Max Bragg
Max Bragg 6 maanden geleden
That trash can will only work for 1 year if that
Keith Blanchard
Keith Blanchard 6 maanden geleden
That is looking so amazing . You are doing awesome
David Kelm
David Kelm 6 maanden geleden
Danstan 6 maanden geleden
1$ for every time they say “it got late on us or dang son” =$100000 #goon2M
WeN33dJustice 6 maanden geleden
Just waiting for a comment saying don't bolt that trash can to the floor because water will go in because they will be driving in lakes under the water and everything will blow up causing toxins to go into the air which is a federal crime. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 great job guys👍looks awesome. ( yes this is a sarcastic comment to the people who take EVERYTHING so seriously)
5150 6 maanden geleden
Big screen 📺 for the inside 👍
Devolante 6 maanden geleden
I have a motion detected bin but it takes a tonne of batteries and can be a pain. 🔋
Devolante 6 maanden geleden
Goonzquad don’t just do it, they do it well and properly. 👍☺️
jerry stew
jerry stew 6 maanden geleden
You should find a cargo trailer to go with it. Toilet, shower and space to carry some motocross or atv. Fit it with an aux water tank and gallons of fuel.
t m
t m 6 maanden geleden
Billy is not his real birth given name,but was given a very cool name,,i know 1 is named simeon,and the brothers speak Russian as well,since the family is "European"
JoeCubicle 6 maanden geleden
WATER LINES: They are running right over the two batteries and inverter. Keep an eye on that. Love you guys!
JoeCubicle 6 maanden geleden
For the toilet: Some folks keep a container of cedar wood shavings/sawdust to scoop a few scoops on top of your dump. They say it covers it (sight and smell) pretty dang well. If you don't have cedar, any sawdust/shavings work too.
Daniel Mørk
Daniel Mørk 6 maanden geleden
You have to get fuses for battery’s under the seats.
Jimf 6 maanden geleden
a fan inside the inverter enclosure would help evacuate warm air...
bill steen
bill steen 6 maanden geleden
tie in the engine battery in with the solar so you'll never be stranded with a dead battery
James Burns
James Burns 6 maanden geleden
Check to see if that water heater can be mounted outside not all can be used outside and if it can you may want to build a separate spot for it on the of the box or on the back, but definitely don't put it on the side because if anything hits it hard enough it could be damaged then you are without a water heater.
TRCK5 6 maanden geleden
what make is this truck
Mohamed Hassanali
Mohamed Hassanali 6 maanden geleden
Heyy yo you can tint the windows of the camping cab and also add led light bars all round so it can provide light while camping
Zach A.
Zach A. 6 maanden geleden
Y'all needa drive the charger more
Lk Boys
Lk Boys 6 maanden geleden
You guys should run a Filtration system And reuse the water from the septic tank
JMilli 6 maanden geleden
Me when Goonzquad boys first introduce Apocalypse rig: Heh, neat. Me currently: *sweating intensifies*
JJ FF 6 maanden geleden
anyone knows the song at 7:00 ?
T0X1C P1AY3R 6 maanden geleden
Install few of the 120 mm computer fan drawing fresh air having better airflow for the power inverter and batteries
Levi Guinard
Levi Guinard 6 maanden geleden
for the fridge, doors, and draws you should use some child proofing locks.
Daniel figgous
Daniel figgous 6 maanden geleden
They have a self contained toilet I bought two for my semi. And u can drain at camp sites and restareas
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