Rebuilding A Wrecked 2020 Toyota Supra Part 2

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So far this has been one of the most interesting builds that we ever purchased! We are learning so much about this 2020 Toyota Supra as we go and we are loving it. We did take a risk with this purchase but it turned out for the better. We finally got this thing started and now it is time to start ordering parts. We cant wait to see how this Supra turns out! Thanks for watching!!!
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AMAR AHMAD FAUZAN 7 uur geleden
Dude i have seen a guy go to bmw dealer with a supra but the bmw guy not sell the part for supra
はかしはさん 17 dagen geleden
airbag deproy>emergency call system active ?
Harvey Robert
Harvey Robert 18 dagen geleden
Joco Ilievski
Joco Ilievski 27 dagen geleden
BMW Supra
Rasheley Millare
Rasheley Millare 28 dagen geleden
now ik why its called bmw by the jdm fans🤣
_ ZAVALA Maand geleden
Its nothing but a z04 roadster!
Mark Wolf
Mark Wolf Maand geleden
Got a 2012 VW Touareg that has Computer dipstick. Thankfully they have a tube you can buy one from Dealership and shove Audi one in it. I don't expect the same results with BWM.
tej aziz
tej aziz Maand geleden
Supra 2020 is BMW and supra
tej aziz
tej aziz Maand geleden
The engin is BMW
Wyatt Sexton
Wyatt Sexton Maand geleden
I'm surprised their camera can't zoom in. lol.
bekir kurt
bekir kurt Maand geleden
guys you need a mtm 20" extension wand for that short pressure washer gun from amazon its 45$ order one it will make your wash easier
Hi guys, I have been watching you recently since you started converting a military truck into a camper van. He writes about this magnet that the magnet from the loudspeaker is the 4 Ohm marking. I am from Poland with interesting videos. Cześć chłopaki oglądam was od niedawna odkąd zaczeliście przerabiać ciężarówkę wojskową na camper. Pisze na temat tego magnesu to magnes od głośnika jestboznaczenie 4 Ohm. Jestem z Polski ciekawe filmiki pozdrawia.
Daud Aria
Daud Aria Maand geleden
The BMW dealer would give you Part from Z4, cause them both sharing same platform.
Sajid Tahsin Khan
Sajid Tahsin Khan Maand geleden
3:05 Those red mirror caps mean it’s a “Launch Edition”.
Sajid Tahsin Khan
Sajid Tahsin Khan Maand geleden
0:09 Did he just say that “Tiyota” Supra??! What the prick is wrong with both these guys’ pronunciations, son???!!
Silent Storm
Silent Storm Maand geleden
Bro how did you film strait with the iphone11?
Tally Maand geleden
Its one of those feelings when you realise that they record on an iphone still and pump out this kinda quality 5:51
Asaad Ashraf
Asaad Ashraf Maand geleden
Ki koro
BILLZHYPER Maand geleden
I own 7 Toyotas over the course of 20 years...and they are the most reliable brand.
Wyatt Nelson
Wyatt Nelson 2 maanden geleden
whats the orange car?
Mini-ITX RiG
Mini-ITX RiG 2 maanden geleden
Dis thing needs armytrix exhausts
Mini-ITX RiG
Mini-ITX RiG 2 maanden geleden
Guyyzz what you need is proper tarmac lying down in your drive yard /working yard .. To eliminate all mud
Saif Saidi
Saif Saidi 2 maanden geleden
i like watching u guys but the fact that u guys are a bit racist towards american cars is sick ! there is so many cars in the world that are waaaaaaay better than american ! toyota has much more sells around the world than all american companies together and ur like isn't it japanese ? i'm sorry but american cars is only about sounds ! when it comes to speed and aerodynamics and gas consumption dude european and asian are wayyyyy better ! try bringing a E63 or C63 or M5 or porche or or or then talk about fake american cars !
Vortex Hunter260
Vortex Hunter260 2 maanden geleden
i miss watching this i love watching these type i want to rebuild a lamborghini huracan and yes thats where i first found this channel also what websites you use to find these
Ben Cosens
Ben Cosens 2 maanden geleden
this is such a cool car
Aissa Kheddar
Aissa Kheddar 2 maanden geleden
BMW made in Germany... Good luck
Simply Sapo
Simply Sapo 2 maanden geleden
who knew they been filming with a iphone lol
eloy reyes
eloy reyes 2 maanden geleden
Wonder what's going on in the original owners head see his newly wrecked supra on the channel
Richard Rausch
Richard Rausch 2 maanden geleden
The magnet is from the speaker
King_ _Falu
King_ _Falu 2 maanden geleden
The trunk opening pull tab is the same exact one in my 2006 bmw 325i
Gio Hernandez
Gio Hernandez 2 maanden geleden
You don’t put the battery in the floor 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️ no wonder . Lol
Mati 2 maanden geleden
Guys, under the hood there's a red tab on the left side. On that red tab should be somewhere you can attach the positive lead then you just need to ground the black. Climbing through the car was funny tho...
Roger Hansen
Roger Hansen 2 maanden geleden
Daksh Kadam
Daksh Kadam 2 maanden geleden
Gary Ha
Gary Ha 2 maanden geleden
Black mirrors yes maybe a red stripe down the middle or a couple to match the engine
Chaitanya Roy
Chaitanya Roy 2 maanden geleden
guys please do a tesla rebuild too
lazar milosevic
lazar milosevic 2 maanden geleden
bmw z4 engine
V2 CloudZ
V2 CloudZ 2 maanden geleden
ohhhhh no when he went to clean the engine with water, MY EYES
RIP Jeff Hanneman
RIP Jeff Hanneman 2 maanden geleden
You guys were too funny watching for the mileage to come up on the display lol
Antlee Martial
Antlee Martial 2 maanden geleden
This is made my BMW... it was a collaboration between BMW and Toyota. In fact, it has the BMW Z4 engine!
phillip tantaros
phillip tantaros 2 maanden geleden
The ECU dose it
Kell 2 maanden geleden
hate when I get those mindgraines looking at the damages on the bmw engines
TJ Houston
TJ Houston 2 maanden geleden
Y’all do know this ain’t meant to be a Camaro right??
JJ Gaming
JJ Gaming 2 maanden geleden
This car reminds me of the bmw z4
kukolino 2 maanden geleden
Kleine Zeitung reported that the new jointly developed Supra will be produced at a Magna Steyr facility near Graz, Austria, alongside the BMW Z4 (G29)
nine tails
nine tails 2 maanden geleden
Nice BMW
Jordan 2 maanden geleden
I am not gonna lie, these good ol goonzsquad boys workin on the Japanese car with the guts of a BMW got me entertained to the max. Y'all crazy with how hard you wrench everyday. Oh and they only produced like 1500 of this edition, the engine is a BMW_B58 I think?
Max Rockatansky
Max Rockatansky 2 maanden geleden
What happened to the garage plans?? Its been sometime since i watched.
Speed Demon
Speed Demon 2 maanden geleden
I'll get myself some BMW M40 Z4 parts if that were mine.. But then, Price.. Expensive..
Lil Goya
Lil Goya 2 maanden geleden
The car was made by BMW
Ruairi McCarthy
Ruairi McCarthy 2 maanden geleden
NO DIPSTICKS on BMW since 2004 ye clowns
Gusto E
Gusto E 2 maanden geleden
23:02 That background laugh😂😂😂
Danny 2 maanden geleden
the reving is limited when the engine is cold
Paul Andrew
Paul Andrew 2 maanden geleden
Wrong battery, should be AGM, stop start won’t work and u going to have cambus faults.
Roberto Lopez
Roberto Lopez 2 maanden geleden
Post part 4:)
tonyplummer6841 3 maanden geleden
They keep saying how nice it looks but then you see that orange viper and realize you would rather have the viper lmao
Armed Citizen
Armed Citizen 3 maanden geleden
Why not do a oil change?
sarath babu
sarath babu 3 maanden geleden
Long time now.. u guys left the supra re built or what.. not even hearing anything abt this bulit now
Marcus Guan
Marcus Guan 3 maanden geleden
Super entertaining ! love all the builds especially the lambo huracan ! only if you guys will to rebuild a BW Z4 that will be CRAZY
Ian Bauer
Ian Bauer 3 maanden geleden
Doesn’t the f-450 have wireless
Ian Bauer
Ian Bauer 3 maanden geleden
If you go to a BMW dealership order z4 parts
Ian Bauer
Ian Bauer 3 maanden geleden
You can go to the bmw dealership but ask for a z4 battery
Tony G
Tony G 3 maanden geleden
Lol that’s funny. Bmw hasn’t had a dip stick for at least 10 years now
Jun Pabalan
Jun Pabalan 3 maanden geleden
awsome your lucky for tha supra
Lamborghini galardo
Lamborghini galardo 3 maanden geleden
Nice car collection
Spartan 0703
Spartan 0703 3 maanden geleden
Crazy to think a 2020 Supra has already been wrecked
alexandre guillard
alexandre guillard 3 maanden geleden
Lol you guys didn’t do a google search before buying this car? It’s well known that the Supra is based on the new Z4 platform
Eric Ruhlmann
Eric Ruhlmann 3 maanden geleden
"We basically got this whole thing figured out." Wait, what? The mirror folds automatically? Guess there's still more to learn. haha
Amel Omic
Amel Omic 3 maanden geleden
I can beat that shit with my kia sportage
Peter Finsaas
Peter Finsaas 3 maanden geleden
how much money u got u have like 50 cars that u restoring
RecT_Rambo Tv
RecT_Rambo Tv 3 maanden geleden
Your like the rapper in trailer park boys "you know what i meaan"
RecT_Rambo Tv
RecT_Rambo Tv 3 maanden geleden
Damn you guys are boring
Wakanda Forever
Wakanda Forever 3 maanden geleden
I wish I could get excited for these cars... but the best thing about a mkIV is that it wasn’t a z4 with unnecessary bmw problems......
jacob essa
jacob essa 3 maanden geleden
Where did you order the heads for the hose?
aLi alRubaIawI
aLi alRubaIawI 3 maanden geleden
The way to check the oil is from the inside on the screen of the car
Jesus Meraz
Jesus Meraz 3 maanden geleden
I like the Supra
Nicholas 350Z
Nicholas 350Z 3 maanden geleden
The screen is called the bmw idrive system
Jannik Sauer
Jannik Sauer 3 maanden geleden
Unpainted carbon hoods are looking ridiculous most of the time, especially on black cars
Robert Haller
Robert Haller 3 maanden geleden
Lol what are you saying you don’t like the red mirrors covers with black ?? If you placed your hat on one of them you wouldn’t be able to tell the diff (I spy lol) red n black It’s an exact match !! But ur right carbon with black pops !! Hey great vid !! Ty
Cameron 3 maanden geleden
This is just a BMW 2020 Z4 with a Supra body kit and Toyota badges.
Yo Mama
Yo Mama 3 maanden geleden
BMW headquarters is in Munich, Germany.
ReallyAnti 3 maanden geleden
Only Goonzquad could make an entire 25 minute video about just changing the battery.
bunnie_ blu
bunnie_ blu 4 maanden geleden
Been watching yous 2 since your first build but binge watched a lot of your builds through quarantine. It’s been awesome dudes. Finally I’ve caught up camera quality and generally the confidence etc is like day night from your first videos. Have you changed your phone or using some aids to make the video content better? This is the best video quality all of them. Did you switch your 4K on😂. Joking aside thanks and keep up the good work.
Bimmer 4 maanden geleden
Made is Austria
irmux skeptic
irmux skeptic 4 maanden geleden
all what bmw can add to toyota is -issues whahaha
Ethan Macheras
Ethan Macheras 4 maanden geleden
Glad you got it started, but definitely needs more power!
Aivaras Jocys
Aivaras Jocys 4 maanden geleden
this is not a toyota, its proper bmw! :) check the engine- its modified bmw engine :)
Andy L
Andy L 4 maanden geleden
BMW doesn’t have dip sticks
Eric Fermin
Eric Fermin 4 maanden geleden
Goozsquad calling out Toyota for being tacky.... love it.
Hannible 100
Hannible 100 4 maanden geleden
Dude dude dude lookin at ma Supra!
Alex Gougoufkas
Alex Gougoufkas 4 maanden geleden
Bmw z4 engine
Chrislord Ponce
Chrislord Ponce 4 maanden geleden
I know I'm late, but seriously, am I the only one hurting to see tons of bmw parts on a toyota, I mean yeah it's basically a re-baged z4 but could've toyota atleast tried to put more toyota parts on it than bmw.
Campbell Hendry
Campbell Hendry 4 maanden geleden
Andre Rahming
Andre Rahming 4 maanden geleden
At 21:12 he talks about bypassing some fuse or something and just holding the terminal down to get it started. Can anyone elaborate on that for me please? Got a 328i 2015 from copart that im getting lights on but it wont start. Aside from charging the battery, wanted to try this if it doesnt work. Thanks (:
Jbon Travelmates
Jbon Travelmates 4 maanden geleden
The beast VIPER sleep's back there
Mauro Blommaert
Mauro Blommaert 4 maanden geleden
The toyota supra from 2020 is actually a BMW Z4
Robert Muckle
Robert Muckle 4 maanden geleden
So I'm actually sitting here watching dudes wash a f%#%ing car....OMG...WTF?? BYE BYE!!🖕
Mike B
Mike B 4 maanden geleden
The TeaYoda Supra Identity Crisis Edition.
1979wde 4 maanden geleden
How much for a totaled supra?
cenaboyle 4 maanden geleden
I wouldn't fit my hockey bag in that trunk
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