The New Goonzquad Headquarters Part 9

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This is going to turn out epic! So far everything is going together smoothly and we are super excited to keep making some things happen. We have so many ideas for this place and hopefully in the end it all comes to life. This place is beyond ordinary and we are having to do some things no other houses need, but thats why the goonzquad headquarters will be the most unique house ever!!! Thanks For Watching!!!!
-Instagram: goonzquad
-P.O. Box 37
Rossville,GA 30741
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Matheus Fps
Matheus Fps 10 dagen geleden
2:08 daaaaanm insany 🤣🤣👍🏼
Jose Bey
Jose Bey 11 dagen geleden
Beautiful what u both are doing .....Awesome House with a lovely view❤
Nathan Owens
Nathan Owens 12 dagen geleden
The thumbnail on point guys. Looks like a movie. Grind grind grind, it’s working
lucas voorburg
lucas voorburg 14 dagen geleden
i always love to greese things up :P
Michael Blanton
Michael Blanton 15 dagen geleden
What would y’all charge me for a trailer full of that rock? Also place looks amazing..
Atul M
Atul M 15 dagen geleden
the Trackhawk in the background at 14:16 looks majestic
Junior H. Battesti
Junior H. Battesti 17 dagen geleden
For the Scorpions use lavender they don't like the smell ... in the south of France, Italy, Spain, ... They use it on the window balcony.
xmu69 17 dagen geleden
Looks like slate
Legend17 17 dagen geleden
7:42 bad boys. Looked like a movie 😂
Nolan Giesbrecht
Nolan Giesbrecht 19 dagen geleden
I see your Mexicans finished your deck
Austin Mitchell
Austin Mitchell 23 dagen geleden
Flatbed the f-450
Ethan Macheras
Ethan Macheras 24 dagen geleden
porch looks good!
Hailey. Fornes
Hailey. Fornes 25 dagen geleden
You should build a walkway across to the cliff
Ismael Aldaba
Ismael Aldaba 28 dagen geleden
our mexican friends working hard saludos raza
benjamin barrett
benjamin barrett 29 dagen geleden
rock wall
Vivan Solace
Vivan Solace Maand geleden
You got some great Flagstone on your property y'all got extremely lucky in with the Flagstone as it can get expensive.
rene valenti
rene valenti Maand geleden
wer will bie the solar energi spot ?
jeremiah johnson
jeremiah johnson Maand geleden
Hmmmm let's all wait till these guys are like 30 and have to get a actual real job. See what's up then hopefully they start something that actually can maintain their lifestyle. I hate to see everything get auctioned off for failure to pay.
A Cam
A Cam Maand geleden
Sedimentary rocks boys!
bobbycone2 Maand geleden
bobbycone2 Maand geleden
The dang son's might be loosing a little bit of flare when they start getting tossed around for some rocks and 2x4s. Lol.... Don't force it guys. You'll start to sound fake.
RelaxYourSoul Maand geleden
maybe a Slide ^^or a fireman bar ^^to get down ..
R Monkey
R Monkey Maand geleden
those sedimentary rocks, look for fossils in those things.
ben ashton
ben ashton Maand geleden
Kodgamer197 KC
Kodgamer197 KC Maand geleden
Please put all your time lapse of your backyard where all your rocks are all together and and have it all in a video,
Tru3_Tv Maand geleden
Ordered there merch and it’s cheap quality. Unsubscribed, trying to support the boys but for 30$ a shirt, for a unfitted 5$ shirt.... I see were the priorities are.
Bradlee Stephens
Bradlee Stephens Maand geleden
This is how many times they said dude | | | | \/
Gilberto Sartorel
Gilberto Sartorel Maand geleden
8:44 Abarth, the italian scorpion...
Aaron Pratt
Aaron Pratt Maand geleden
Drag strip
Suzy Whittington
Suzy Whittington Maand geleden
Just build a shed right where your water tank is.. It will likely freeze during winter. Dave Whittington
jeannette pulnik
jeannette pulnik Maand geleden
I recommend you plant some ground over Juniper like Blue Chip as a filler plant that will spread along the slope above the retaining wall
Jonathan M. Buffham
Jonathan M. Buffham Maand geleden
Get a pro model STIHL they last forever
Legend Maand geleden
My only question is why you didn't build the Pad around the Well to make a well house?
Legend Maand geleden
O and you don't need a 300 gallon tank honestly just that big pressure tank is fine for a water well system you set for 10 to 15 year's normally!
Legend Maand geleden
Shed probably sold out because of Hurricane Laura you know it was worst to hit Louisiana Since 1856 i mean ain't nothing going to be in stock honestly! Bad time to be building if you not in a hurricane disaster zone you want get it for a long time!
Legend Maand geleden
your dads so cool makes me miss mine guys make every moment you have count guys you never know when you want have him anymore guys!
Legend Maand geleden
Yall got a burn ban guys burn that chit!
Tony Almeida
Tony Almeida Maand geleden
How do they afford everything?
Ross Montreal
Ross Montreal Maand geleden
Arch window is sick!! I would have left it like that
Dark Flame Lord
Dark Flame Lord Maand geleden
you should make a path to the rock cliff from your porch and make a waterfall out of the rock slabs.
Allen Harris
Allen Harris Maand geleden
Don’t forget to design a good drainage system. Direct the water around your house.
Brandon Adams
Brandon Adams Maand geleden
I like that ford man
Joel Duval
Joel Duval Maand geleden
Those rocks are called blue stone. It’s a very expensive natural rock to make patios and walkways out of!
Richard Whitley
Richard Whitley Maand geleden
Chainsaw build next guys lol
mitch tucker
mitch tucker Maand geleden
All those windows still have the original stickers on them. Why replace them?
Jeffrey Miller
Jeffrey Miller Maand geleden
That’s crazy changing out that arched window.
gary lyon
gary lyon Maand geleden
Have you ever heard build wall by wire box for put stone in , well is good idea to have them to stop those and tree and soil fall.
Janis Rocans
Janis Rocans Maand geleden
WOW NLposts notifications really suck! Now I get them 5 days late! What next? Notifications from 2 years ago? NLposts really sucks!
Wally Mopar
Wally Mopar Maand geleden
I am enjoying this as much as the cars You guys are great and after watching Pop's in action i see where you guys get your mad skills from Cant wait to see what is next
SS Maand geleden
19:27 sounds like Satan saying "chop saw".
Futuredancer up next
Futuredancer up next Maand geleden
Do y’all be high doing this or y’all just naturally to wat u do
Daniel MacGregor
Daniel MacGregor Maand geleden
4060bc? Lol looks good guys !
Jugger Majster
Jugger Majster Maand geleden
So many critters out there, I'd definitely get a aquarium and at least put a couple scorpions in there, if not a rattle snake 🤣💪
Jugger Majster
Jugger Majster Maand geleden
You guys spend so much money on useless crap but you can't buy a proper grease gun... easy to use battery powered milwaukee or Dewalt one.
Jelte Hoog Antink
Jelte Hoog Antink Maand geleden
Love the routine with the arms 🙅🏼‍♂️🙋🏼‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️
hansummm Maand geleden
Please leave that arch window in place. It's perfect for the house dude. Also do a wrap around deck
Rosababy Maand geleden
Is that a tiny home🤣
Rachel McAllister
Rachel McAllister Maand geleden
No joist hangers?
Henn Rock
Henn Rock Maand geleden
I feel like a front balcony would be a good mod for this house. Just to chill and enjoy that million dollar view and sunsets.
Plate [C]
Plate [C] Maand geleden
For that concrete floor of that small house, you should put some rebar on top of the gravel before you pour the concrete. Plate [C]
Phree Will
Phree Will Maand geleden
next, solar panels on the roof would be a good addition. thanks for the good vibe.
Chuck abbate
Chuck abbate Maand geleden
does that slab need a ratwall or don't you have to worry about inspectors and permits? I would think the city your in will be very interested in watching your videos for getting all the tax money they can out of you guys. They may even fine you for code violations and not pulling permits for some of the stuff you are doing. Good luck.
nana k360
nana k360 Maand geleden
Goonzquad the best ever youtube channel
Chuck abbate
Chuck abbate Maand geleden
Black Widows, Scorpions and Rattle Snakes are all deadly. Be careful moving any old fallen trees and rocks especially.
Aaron Garza
Aaron Garza Maand geleden
Sarvesh Maand geleden
Name your your new headquarters as goonzquarters
The DIY Farm
The DIY Farm Maand geleden
Why not actually build the well house over the well 🤔
BayAreaCowboy Maand geleden
Your videos are very entertaining. Watching you guys use power tools however is painful. Anytime you use a power tool with a spinning blade you at a minimum have to always wear eye protection. When using chain saws wear ear protection and a face shield. Also consider safety chain saw pants to protect against a chain kick back. It’s hard to believe your older brother is a contractor and he was letting you guys operate those saws without getting on you for no eyes and ears. Your setting a very bad example. I hope someone soon says something to you guys. I hope we don’t see you guys do this again!
Reinaldo junior okada
Reinaldo junior okada Maand geleden
Poderiam fazer um vídeo com o drone para ver as trilhas da montanha!👍
FixItInPost Maand geleden
All that good wood going into the dumpster...damn shame.
mistersmith25 Maand geleden
drew marsolan
drew marsolan Maand geleden
You should build a massive pool in the backyard and excavate the cliff so that you're able to cliff jump into the pool Also build a staircase to the top
Vincent E. Gentry
Vincent E. Gentry Maand geleden
You guys should do a Q&A live stream
Travoy Douglas
Travoy Douglas Maand geleden
Dood camo the house
paul huber
paul huber Maand geleden
Here is an idea for your rock shelf area behind your house , this guy has a really neat set up
Nicholas Bilaczenko
Nicholas Bilaczenko Maand geleden
internal wood fire , ground mounted solar system and an enclosed fruit orchard.
Jair Ramos
Jair Ramos Maand geleden
rapierce99 Maand geleden
K.E. Dobcinski
K.E. Dobcinski Maand geleden
You should get the Milwaukee m20 Grease gun
Jimf Maand geleden
time to get Cliff Bar as a sponsor..
Graham Cross Sr
Graham Cross Sr Maand geleden
Hey Boys!! Have you thought about a dope ass slide coming off that back deck?? I know you got a spiral staircase in your head now but think about it? PEACE!!
CHEATER BRE Maand geleden
Check playlist of some older builds:
John Vannoy
John Vannoy Maand geleden
I would have thought you'd use crushed stone instead of gravel under the slab.
Dan B
Dan B Maand geleden
I cringe when I see these videos running close to the brush hog especially grinding down trees. Waiting for the video of catching a 4-5" splinter to the chest
Samuel Dinmore
Samuel Dinmore Maand geleden
man whats up with these hand movments
paul pfund
paul pfund Maand geleden
why would you not m ove the dumpster closer to the work are with the skidsteer? Kinda silly to make multiple trips to the dumpster when ya could just dring it closer :p
Products 4Less
Products 4Less Maand geleden
You guys should build a BARNDOMINIUM on that land.
Larry Joffe
Larry Joffe Maand geleden
That deck being built with only nails is just waiting to fall down. There should be lag bolts going into the house framing, they only nailed it to the house. The deck boards being nailed down is also way old school. Need to use screws unless you want to see all of the nails pulling up in 2 yrs.
The Real Huddlest
The Real Huddlest Maand geleden
When other people use headquarters it make me want to cringe but when you use headquarters
Joseph D'Angelo
Joseph D'Angelo Maand geleden
Hey guys don't forget to put some pipes in there so that you can bring your wire and water lines through or just build a box down into the dirt so you can dig under
mikehutv Maand geleden
Aren't you guys worried about that clay steep cliff behind the house? How is that going to be secured to avoid mudslides and stuff?
Joseph D'Angelo
Joseph D'Angelo Maand geleden
Well I guess you're going to have to get a different Chainsaw Company they would not bow down to the goonzquad I mean after all guys you did run it over you didn't think they were going to give you a new one did you or I guess you did
Joseph D'Angelo
Joseph D'Angelo Maand geleden
Man you guys ought to build a rope Bridge from the top of that Cliff going down to your deck I think that would be pretty cool. Didn't I tell you guys you had new old windows I don't know if I would go with those casement windows because those are really old school Anderson I think was the first company to make those and don't get me wrong they're okay but when them crank start messing up that actually opened your window well you'll see that's why I have torn out thousands of those full casement crank outs and put vinyl back in. Like I told you before I built Custom Homes framing for 20 years and then when I move to Ohio I worked for a window and door company that actually built their own windows they didn't just sell you factory-direct they were the factory at one time. Anyhow guys I hope you at least get some decent windows I will surely let you know if you did or didn't hopefully double or maybe triple pane at least I know you guys are pretty up on things so I'll sure you'll buy the best or at least you'll get talked into it. LOL best of luck on this project. Stay safe stay well and as always God bless
La Hermandad
La Hermandad Maand geleden
Bro no body ask about the mask 😷 for the virus 😳
JeremiahJ40 Maand geleden
Your dad is the 🐐
Unr3aLpm Maand geleden
concrete > wood :)
Steve Brignoni
Steve Brignoni Maand geleden
im depressed and you videos make me soo happy thank guys
PP 168 Racing
PP 168 Racing Maand geleden
Joseph Green
Joseph Green Maand geleden
Don't know about your area, but usually decks should be self supported for weight, doesn't appear yours is
Benjamin Muzzey
Benjamin Muzzey Maand geleden
Since y’all are gonna build a garage u should delete the garage that’s already in the house that would give y’all a lot more room in the house to do stuff
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