The New Goonzquad Headquarters Part 2

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This is going to be an epic journey!!! We have a total of 15 acres and we only covered about 1 acre of land. Today we enter inside the house for the first time and show you guys what its going to take to fix it. We have so much exploring to do outside as well and we are enjoying every minute of it. We have some pretty awesome plans for our new headquarters and we cant wait to make it happen!!!! Thanks For Watching!!!
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Nico HD
Nico HD 23 uur geleden
Bro American houses are actually all wood
Travis Tharp
Travis Tharp 3 dagen geleden
Get y’all some chickens to get rid of those mosquitoes and ticks
Phil R.
Phil R. 3 dagen geleden
Suggestion, take out the garage door on the first floor and close the wall in and make that a living room / den. Take plumbing from the garage and move to closet behind stairs along with washer dryer. I would also change the upstairs layout to have 2 master suites with 2 master baths.
jyzoomer 5 dagen geleden
A wet bar in the dining room would not be unusual.
SinanPlays 10 dagen geleden
now goonzquad is boring plz go back to cars plzzzzzzzzzzz
Brother Queen
Brother Queen 11 dagen geleden
Y’all should get a weed eater
JoEllen Carlucci
JoEllen Carlucci 16 dagen geleden
The door being hidden is a feature of prairie style architecture. Frank Lloyd Wright was famous for hiding his front doors. also given your position relative to the sun that side door would be cooler.
random videos gameing
random videos gameing 18 dagen geleden
I have NEVER seen a Canam rzr and a zero turn on the same trailor.
Nico Raphael Cabrera
Nico Raphael Cabrera 19 dagen geleden
I’m a weeb and one ep of my hero academia is like this long of a vid
m715fm 19 dagen geleden
Nice house, its not a 2 family. Downstairs has no sleep space and the extra plumbing could be for a wet bar. Bathroom on first floor is for garage or outdoor clean up. Bathroom upstairs is master and a guest bathroom. Turn the garage into a second master bedroom and increase value of home. Your going to build a garage, just add on some space for a filming studio and merchandise area on the second floor of the garage.
Diesel Baldwin
Diesel Baldwin 21 dag geleden
When you wear your mask in the grocery store, you need to have your nose in it too (nose and mouth lead to lungs).
lucas voorburg
lucas voorburg 21 dag geleden
i really like this plot!!! but i think you guys need a type of "Huf haus" check google you'll like it ALOTTTTTT
Willa Charvat
Willa Charvat 22 dagen geleden
Benbot 25 dagen geleden
I can smell the Off just by watching.
Libby's Little Garden
Libby's Little Garden 27 dagen geleden
My brother is a royal watcher. He's been following you guys for a while now. So I watch you guys with him every now and then. But then you guys got your big truck and I saw all you did to it! And I also saw the Porsche. But now a house!!! You boys are great! I will be watching every piece of sheetrock go up. Good luck God bless you both. And your dad!👵🙏
Andrew Wickes
Andrew Wickes 28 dagen geleden
LMTV! It's an LMTV!! Lol
Project Dad
Project Dad Maand geleden
Get you some Guinea Hens. Should take care of any insects issues you have.
AustinWimberly Maand geleden
So I'm new to this channel and I'm working my way throw the videos. Are these guys brother? are they married? how old are these guys?
Ethan Macheras
Ethan Macheras Maand geleden
finally saw the inside of the house!
kyle prichard
kyle prichard Maand geleden
I’m new to this channel been watching it recent and yalls channel is awesome y’all definitely earned a new subscriber
Luisss Maand geleden
don’t use spray foam one wrong step in the installation and it can cause for you to never use that house anymore because of the smell
Francisco Ferreira Celedonio
Francisco Ferreira Celedonio Maand geleden
Bom gostaria de ganhar um boné desses de vocês aí manda aqui pelo correio aqui para o Brasil falou garotos
Tez Gang
Tez Gang Maand geleden
That view look better with the grass cut
Kodgamer197 KC
Kodgamer197 KC Maand geleden
Please put all your time lapse of your backyard where all your rocks are all together and and have it all in a video,
FHR Gaming
FHR Gaming Maand geleden
Future Goonzquad: Today we rebuild a 1996 space shuttle
lynx519 Maand geleden
It’s cut out because it a support wall can’t have that weight on cylinder blocks
Jesse Harper
Jesse Harper Maand geleden
Y’all should send the longer logs have then cut into lumber to use inside the house if possible
Jan Franken
Jan Franken Maand geleden
Previous episode you had a pressure tank all hook ups should be after the pressure tank that way the pump does not stop and strart all the time therefore you don't burn the pump up,
Dad Cave 604
Dad Cave 604 Maand geleden
Haven't watched for a little while and now I have all these episodes to binge. Awesome.
Justin Case
Justin Case Maand geleden
Is this the house on mountain bluff? I almost bought this earlier this year but with a young family I couldnt do the reno. Glad you guys scored this!!
Damonte Fraser
Damonte Fraser Maand geleden
They work very hard
Chris Craft
Chris Craft Maand geleden
i love how you guys are construction minded.. instead of buying a McLearan you guys are investing in real estate..i wish i could be doing what you guys are..
José Arias
José Arias Maand geleden
We want this project done guys I'll wating !
Zachary Moneypenny
Zachary Moneypenny Maand geleden
Dont forget a nice custom outdoor fire pit :)
Javier Hernandez
Javier Hernandez Maand geleden
Chickens do help with Ticks! And then if you get some Guinea chickens, they'll protect your flock from coyotes & foxes.
austin english
austin english Maand geleden
"Two pieces of shirts" at 24:51. . That was hilarious
Alan Calvo
Alan Calvo Maand geleden
Ben Collinson
Ben Collinson Maand geleden
It’d be sick if they rebuilt a Mercedes Amg gt
Hotshot By The Mile
Hotshot By The Mile Maand geleden
Freaking awesome 👏 guys, great 👍 place to hang out
Life of Marco
Life of Marco Maand geleden
Is it just me or does the military truck look like the truck from Jeepers Creepers, especially when they are going thru the woods 😂
CHEATER BRE Maand geleden
Check playlist of some older builds:
Jair Ramos
Jair Ramos Maand geleden
Christopher Sharp
Christopher Sharp Maand geleden
I would definitely hire an architect and have them draw up a plan to modify the existing structure vs tear it down and start fresh, that way you can decide what you like best
Christopher Sharp
Christopher Sharp Maand geleden
You could do a giant glass front door so you dont lose the view
David Phommaly
David Phommaly Maand geleden
when ya'll guys will do the helicopter fix
Anthony Hames
Anthony Hames Maand geleden
Man y’all gonna get lost like Upchurch and Kane brown did 😂😂😂
Pian Maand geleden
I like how they hype each other and make things done.
Aiden Kinkade
Aiden Kinkade Maand geleden
When they say "sheetrock" is that the same as drywall?
Jonathan McCrea
Jonathan McCrea Maand geleden
Mike Sledge
Mike Sledge Maand geleden
The plumbing the dining room is for a wet bar
Fuzelihle Ngcobo
Fuzelihle Ngcobo Maand geleden
:) I Love y'alls accent lol. So cute!
The Average Gamer 2.0
The Average Gamer 2.0 Maand geleden
You should have hooked to the boat up to the back of the Rubicon
Marquavion Willis
Marquavion Willis Maand geleden
Y’all should make the house bigger so you can have your friends stay over... or if you have people to work for you... you can have them sleep there that would be really cool an I wanna come help y’all work on cars... cause y’all are really good at fixing cars... I like the Dodge Charger upgrades
Roderick V
Roderick V Maand geleden
"you have always been the caretaker sir"
Robert Grice
Robert Grice Maand geleden
You guys should look at a DR power grader for the driveway 👍
Sam Crawford
Sam Crawford Maand geleden
Put a dormer in the roof and make it into the editing suit.
Sam Crawford
Sam Crawford Maand geleden
Just have 2 bedrooms with onsuites.
BILL Maand geleden
You boys are so interesting - very exceptional. I am unclear, this was an existing house that you're remodeling?
Classic mustang Garage
Classic mustang Garage Maand geleden
The sink in the dining room was probably going to be used a bar
Red D Film
Red D Film Maand geleden
How do you guys afford all this stuff?
AUSTIN Maand geleden
there is no way that building was ever going to be for two families. there is ZERO living space on the first floor
Sandeep Kunjeer
Sandeep Kunjeer Maand geleden
Kaxzi Jones
Kaxzi Jones Maand geleden
They really derserve to get a masion
thejohnhend Maand geleden
This looks like so much work! If anyone has the unlimited energy to plow through it all it’s these guys.
Chaichai l
Chaichai l Maand geleden
spurging all the youtube money. You guys should be giving back to your viewers like other youtubers RAFFLE YOUR CARS without us you guys wouldnt have nothing
Darren Lobo
Darren Lobo Maand geleden
Why does he keep flippin stuff in his hand when he is being filmed.
Chris Hansford
Chris Hansford Maand geleden
Was supposed to be a garage that's why the floor is the way it is but changed mind and made it a kitchen
dijeroni Maand geleden
yup, the bottom was built as a garage with stairs up to apt. the kitchen plumbing area was the second garage door. make sure all the studs that where cut for plumbing is still structural and can support the load above. i guess they call that a carraige house.
Andrew Wetzel
Andrew Wetzel Maand geleden
As an old fart with hearing and eye issues now, ya might consider getting some hearing and eye protection when you're mowing and hacking stuff in your yard. And long pants when bush-hogging. Will protect you from all sorts of things whacking the crap out of your legs. Other than that, beautiful. Always wanted a zero-turn. Keep it up.
Jack Constantine Lesmana
Jack Constantine Lesmana Maand geleden
Ugly vid
rapierce99 Maand geleden
Stainless kitchen!! going to be dirty working on things make it easy to clean. Trust me I have white cabinets DO NOT DO IT!!
VirginiaBeachGaming Maand geleden
Holy shit how many times do y’all say dude in one video? I had to turn it off good lord
Andrew Olazaba
Andrew Olazaba Maand geleden
Are you 2 brothers
Ayden C
Ayden C Maand geleden
Do you have a girlfriend
Callum Smith
Callum Smith Maand geleden
I really don't want to think about the fuel expenses
Marib Crash
Marib Crash Maand geleden a new camera,the video is pixelated
Lars Grigo
Lars Grigo Maand geleden
There are people bright enough to wear a mask correctly in a supermarket in Corona times and then there are selfish idiots that have no clue.
Eli Jordan
Eli Jordan Maand geleden
Can someone count how many times they said dude
ThatBoiiZay Maand geleden
ngl at first i thought this was farming sim sorry
brchat Maand geleden
I find the way you Americans build interesting. Not to compare with the one in Central Europe. A conversion of the rooms is very easy. With us it is always a drama. And always connected with a lot of rubble and dust. But when I see the house from the inside, I only see a new room layout. I would even move the stairs
Дмитрий Быков
Дмитрий Быков Maand geleden
Картонный домик, ну и херня! Сгниёт лет за 10, зимой как у нас -45 задолбаешься отапливать...
Charlotte Cagle
Charlotte Cagle Maand geleden
Congratulations, happy for you guys.
Ej awesome
Ej awesome Maand geleden
It's funny how they catch themselves before cursing 😂😂👌 family friendly
Kmoy Hodge
Kmoy Hodge Maand geleden
You are forever 🙌 in the name of Jesus!!!!
Kmoy Hodge
Kmoy Hodge Maand geleden
It is hard work to keep that type of energy. Hallelujah!!!
Kmoy Hodge
Kmoy Hodge Maand geleden
I can feel your Christian upbringing through the screen. Who God bless no man curse!!
Kmoy Hodge
Kmoy Hodge Maand geleden
Just some humble youth out here living Their best life the way God intended 🙌
matt ellis
matt ellis Maand geleden
Guys, get in touch with Matt from demo ranch he can help you with merch
Gabe R
Gabe R Maand geleden
Grey Laminen flooring with white walls
Gropax Maand geleden
for me i would seal the front door make that side door that goes into the garage the front door. remove the garage door and seal that wall and make that into the down stairs living area. since you are going to make a shop on the land get a 50x70 or 50x100 steel building and make somewhere in there a office and shop bathroom. then you can store all your cars inside in a safe place. forget a 4 car garage you will run out of space if its a garage but a nice big blank building that can used for anything will be better in the long run.
terri patrin
terri patrin Maand geleden
Put the deck in the front so you can have the view.
TJ Shine
TJ Shine Maand geleden
Enjoying the landscape with the boys, and suddenly I'm watching an episode of Chip and Joanne! You need a PROFESSIONAL designer to help you configure that house. Removing bathrooms already installed is a HUGE NO-NO.
Thomas Lee
Thomas Lee Maand geleden
you guys should invest in a thermacell, works great for bugs and mosquito
Thomas Lee
Thomas Lee Maand geleden
this video had 3 intros
Mike Diesel
Mike Diesel Maand geleden
Where from Ukraine 🇺🇦 are you from boys???
wannategnow Maand geleden
Epic location! Complete with view & a nice elevated platform to launch the Mavic from.
Nicholas Reddington
Nicholas Reddington Maand geleden
You gotta get the dirt bikes up there
Alex Alex
Alex Alex Maand geleden
Just get demo ranch to sort out your merch. He owns a clothing company that prints and stores for many youtubers so could just be an easier solution
t rob
t rob Maand geleden
epoxy the floor spray foam the walls check the walls for load-bearing if they are load-bearing you might have to put in beams leave in the bathroom to hook to the master .run fan in the gables
motorhhead 95
motorhhead 95 Maand geleden
Congratulations so awesome!
Gilberto Sartorel
Gilberto Sartorel Maand geleden
guys, you need a big chainsaw...
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