The New Goonzquad Headquarters!!!
The End Of The Jeep Trackhawk!!!
Aaron 5 uur geleden
Been watching this series since episode one. Im amazed with the amount of progress that's happened. I want to be in the Real Estate area in a couple of years and you guys have opened my eyes up a ton. I appreciate the time and hustle you guys put into creating content and I'm hoping you guys continue to crush it! Keep up the amazing work boys! Much love from Canada <3
ReviZion 6 uur geleden
I don't know how you guys do it but I can't get enough of watching you guys. Also I have a question: are you guys going to put some white silicone below the treads because you can see a black line. keep up the good work.
Søren Helm-Petersen
Søren Helm-Petersen 6 uur geleden
I support you but back to Cars & Helicopters - to much building👍
Xeno Morph
Xeno Morph 6 uur geleden
The spindle distance is there so babies cant get their heads in between them and twist their neck.
bmbrian99 6 uur geleden
I was here for the car content a month later im still here watching learning house builds lol from good ole AZ goonz Cheers !!
Brian Sweeney
Brian Sweeney 6 uur geleden
Looks nice dudes 👍🏻 😁
Larry Lininger
Larry Lininger 6 uur geleden
You go pops
itsAndyStringer 6 uur geleden
that last peace on the stairs box in
B.Roa 23
B.Roa 23 6 uur geleden
Handrail wouldn't pass inspection. I'll bet my $100
discoholic 6 uur geleden
Make cup coasters, from that strange looking post
Dan The Man
Dan The Man 6 uur geleden
What’s with the annoying ass over exaggerated hand movements and the “HEY GUYS .....” at the beginning of your videos? Never get straight to the point, always a bunch of rambling bullshit
Street Wise-Ray
Street Wise-Ray 6 uur geleden
Guys, as much as I like your work...................are you going to sort out the side gaps on your stairs, (underneath your treads)? Shout out to pops at the end, he's cool ;)
Paul Giardino
Paul Giardino 6 uur geleden
I only get hoodies that are Super Fire.
Paul Worthington
Paul Worthington 6 uur geleden
House it gonna be stunning 👌
Larry Garcia
Larry Garcia 6 uur geleden
Thought myself to be a good handyman but the work that you do is way beyond my ability. Nice job. I noted that you did not texture the drywall. Is this something new?
Steven Robertson
Steven Robertson 6 uur geleden
That turned out AWESOME 😎, I was wondering about the spindles. But they tie the hanging light together. Measure many times, cut ONE TIME! I would run wood across the ceiling to see what it looks like before using just the spindles.
Zadam 6 uur geleden
i’m ready for some new content i enjoy the house but you should start throwing a car episode in considering how close y’all are to finishing the new house. no hate all love just giving you guys some feedback. 🙌💯
F . A .ExoticsTV
F . A .ExoticsTV 6 uur geleden
Come on Craig 😂😂😂😂😂🤟🏾🤟🏾🤟🏾🤟🏾🤟🏾🤟🏾
Steven Robertson
Steven Robertson 6 uur geleden
Good thing that your other brother is in the house building business!
Jeffrey Denecke
Jeffrey Denecke 6 uur geleden
Thin piece of wood x with of railing on ceiling with caps on rails to both stair tread and ceiling wood
Enoch M.I.D
Enoch M.I.D 6 uur geleden
Good work y’all ..🤔 I would have did the rails a little different downstairs
erik thie
erik thie 6 uur geleden
the railing looks good. i hope it is strong enough. i think the posts should have been inset to the floor. but, looks good...
TONY NAVARRETE 6 uur geleden
Just continue the flat piece of wood for the railing
dwk5234 6 uur geleden
Nice job, guys, those look great! Two suggestions: 1. Consider buying a length of 3/4” oak about 5” wide to use as an upper spindle locator that you could finish like the floors and treads, it would go on the bottom of the wall from the post top pad back to the vertical wall. That would continue the color and look of the wood but give you a secure spot to locate the tops of the spindles and finish everything off. 2. On your hand-rail that will go on the other side of the stairs, don’t forget to add “returns”, the little 90-degree pieces that go almost to the wall from the rail at the top and bottom ends. Most jurisdictions require them so that something can’t get hooked on the rail accidentally leading to a fall or issue. You might check with your inspector to make sure, but they’re probably a good idea for safety regardless. You’d hate to fail inspection for that detail, but I’ve seen it happen...better safe than sorry. With the Kreg pocket hole jig and a good miter saw, you already have the tools necessary to do this. Keep up the great work, really enjoying your enthusiasm for making this fabulous. -Don
Dan S
Dan S 7 uur geleden
Sorry guys those posts are definitely NOT going to hold with those L brackets. Hope the inspector doesn’t watches this video.
Delisa’s adventures
Delisa’s adventures 7 uur geleden
Dude you should turn that weird piece of wood into coasters that would look awesome
Robert Linkchorst
Robert Linkchorst 7 uur geleden
robert ross
robert ross 7 uur geleden
This guard is a vibe
Subarukevxt 7 uur geleden
Looking amazing guys. great job.
James Mugaruro
James Mugaruro 7 uur geleden
Awesome as always boys... Daannggg soonnnn
An Onymous
An Onymous 7 uur geleden
Just do you know - it's illegal to claim something is "very limited" when it's not. Just say what you're selling.
Eric Bierman
Eric Bierman 7 uur geleden
Love the street hunter Wing on Supra’s looks amazing
mclingo 7 uur geleden
should have left the bottom stairs open and put a basic hand rail on the other wall, looks better open and easier to get furniture up the stairs, plus that gap will look naff as you'll have to botch it.
Shaun Atkinson
Shaun Atkinson 7 uur geleden
A ripped down rail at the top of the stairs would look nice. Matching it to that top block is gonna be a little tricky.
Forrest Maners
Forrest Maners 7 uur geleden
Wrap it up in an epic way like maybe landing the helicopter on the headquarters????
Ahmad Abu Rassa
Ahmad Abu Rassa 7 uur geleden
You see the piece of wood you put on top of the stairs Take it off and and add the same one along the empty space till the end Then add the metal bar with top and down crown I think this way it will look Better
Skinner 7 uur geleden
And why wasn't hooking up power and getting HVAC like the first thing they did????
Johan Nilsson
Johan Nilsson 7 uur geleden
...a whole vibe dude! :D
Skinner 7 uur geleden
Lol, that floor is 100% white oak, and they put red oak bullnose right up against it. Oh well, that's only like the fifth worse mistake they have made on that floor.
David Sears
David Sears 7 uur geleden
If I win the lottery can I hire you guys to do my house?
CarbonConcept25 7 uur geleden
Pops is awesome! Glad to see your parents helping out so much!
Richard Leveille
Richard Leveille 7 uur geleden
That handrail is a vibe, the vibe of the whole house which is how to finish an already halfway finished house as unprofessional and incorrectly as possible...part 63 featuring...surprise... another limited edition hoodie 😑
Brandon Hall
Brandon Hall 8 uur geleden
definitely baluster into sheetrock. no handrail extension
PJ The DJ 8 uur geleden
Close call but I would use the Black Caps Looks Slightly Cleaner. :)
Tim Fenton
Tim Fenton 8 uur geleden
Excellent, looking forward to the next project
Ken Li
Ken Li 8 uur geleden
the most efficient way would have been straight through holes and custom order some long rods for the stairs going from ground floor to first floor
Richard Leveille
Richard Leveille 8 uur geleden
That "handrail" looks absolutely atrocious! Y'all have no clue what you're doing and it shows in everything and nothing more so than this God awful example of how to never ever ever install handrails. If anyone thinks that looks okay y'all need to get your head checked!
Nerijus Rumšas
Nerijus Rumšas 8 uur geleden
Guys best regards from Lithuania! Nice house with perfect view. Wish to see GOONZQUAD Headquarters finished fully with my own eyes. Your videos are like movie to me, can't wait to see another episode. Good luck boys!
Philip Smith
Philip Smith 8 uur geleden
I would put glass tiles to close the stair case gap
b00dah1 8 uur geleden
I have no idea why, but I’ve wondered whatever happened to that MethHead Biker that rolled up when you guys were initially there. “You guys seen a dog??” 😂
John Stedman
John Stedman 6 uur geleden
@b00dah1 😉
b00dah1 7 uur geleden
@John Stedman LOL!
John Stedman
John Stedman 7 uur geleden
No idea what happened to that guy, but I do know that Chattanooga's most sophisticated Dogfood Factory launched a new flavour that month. Probably a coincidence.
Jair Ramos
Jair Ramos 8 uur geleden
Jonathan Forrester
Jonathan Forrester 8 uur geleden
Is this gonna be the whole family’s house? Or is everyone gonna get a house built out there?
John Stedman
John Stedman 7 uur geleden
This 'HQ House' will be the new home of Eleazar ('Billy') and his wife. Simeon may also stay there temporarily while his own home is being built nearby. At the moment their parents (Lyudmilla and Yury) have no plans to move from their home in Rossville, Georgia, which is the location of the Original Goonzquad Garage.
Normal Everyday Regular Dude N.E.R.D.
Normal Everyday Regular Dude N.E.R.D. 8 uur geleden
The only way that downstairs lower railing is going to look uniform all the way to the end is if you remove the square you have mounted to the top beam cut the that end of the railing at a 90 degree angle between the last 2 spindles then glue another piece of railing extending it all the way to the end. rip some meat off the top of the extension piece so you can keep the spindles uniform all the way to the end. otherwise it's going to be an eyesore.
Briandrum 8 uur geleden
"These suckers are very limited"...give it 2-3 weeks and they'll have them restocked and will once again tell us how "super fire" & "very limited" they are 🤣
Isaac Wallander
Isaac Wallander 8 uur geleden
I like adding the ripped bottom of the rail to hide the tops of the metal spokes
r sprockets
r sprockets 8 uur geleden
What about the empty space at upper end of handrail?
John Stedman
John Stedman 7 uur geleden
Apparently some more of the black metal spindles are due to go there. Personally, I would prefer the whole balustrade design to be rethought completely. It is a major element of the design of that large room, and needs to have a far more resolved and simple appearance which gives a spacious feel as guests enter the house.
ArmaMoon Gaming
ArmaMoon Gaming 8 uur geleden
Im sorry but where is the dog and the cat?
Christian Salvo
Christian Salvo 8 uur geleden
For the missing bit of handrail, I think it’d look better if you run some wood first and then add the little posts. I feel like it’d look kinda bootleg if you just went straight from stair to drywall
Blackjack Frame Machine
Blackjack Frame Machine 8 uur geleden
Stephen Meade
Stephen Meade 8 uur geleden
epic new word
Jacob Weimer
Jacob Weimer 8 uur geleden
For the stairs you should maybe just close up the rest of the stairs w a wall
John Stedman
John Stedman 7 uur geleden
Personally, I would prefer the whole balustrade design to be rethought completely. It is a major element of the design of that large room, and needs to have a far more resolved and simple appearance which gives a spacious feel as guests enter the house.
its dank
its dank 8 uur geleden
The posts different types of wood is for shaving it like a sculpture and therefore showing off the different wood
TruhuslaMovement 8 uur geleden
As always, very limited. Lmao
Greg Yomama
Greg Yomama 8 uur geleden
You should have went with the 6 inch cans
Kimmo Mäkelä
Kimmo Mäkelä 8 uur geleden
Very nice.
Tim Johnson
Tim Johnson 8 uur geleden
Not to say this isn't a real show but I'm sure Simeon could definitely host many other types of material.. Dude is solid....
Ronald Bair
Ronald Bair 8 uur geleden
Wood strip for the top of the handrail would be my vote.
Mark Harrington
Mark Harrington 8 uur geleden
how about that helicopter project update you will need a landing pad up there
joe richard
joe richard 8 uur geleden
click it but don't lick it.
Joseph Hitchcock
Joseph Hitchcock 8 uur geleden
Marissa Cepeda
Marissa Cepeda 8 uur geleden
It’s a vibe
Alan Mitchell
Alan Mitchell 9 uur geleden
well done guys all your hard work is really paying off. Love that pops has also been a big part of your journey, you will def look back and remember this whole project with a lot of happiness
Pamela Dalton
Pamela Dalton 9 uur geleden
You could make coasters to stand your glasses on by cutting slices of the posts and sealing them with varnish. They would look epic!
Кирил Минев
Кирил Минев 9 uur geleden
Bravo, boys!
Daren Tongue
Daren Tongue 9 uur geleden
I would love to know what happened to the land they brought for a garage last year 😉😉 will be nice when it’s finished
John Stedman
John Stedman 9 uur geleden
The one acre commercially zoned site on the southern border of Downtown Chattanooga was put on the back burner when the 15 acre mountainside site became available in June 2020, but Goonzquad hope to proceed with the works there as soon as they have the time. The property is to be developed as a semi urban Garage and Workshop for their vehicle projects, and may also include a Car Sales facility.
David Elsea
David Elsea 9 uur geleden
On the hand rail you should put a flat piece of the same material along the top and then use the little button pieces on both sides. That way it follows the same wood pattern.
Steven Soares
Steven Soares 9 uur geleden
What ever happened to the water leak from the big window
Donovan Lehmann
Donovan Lehmann 9 uur geleden
Guys if u don’t pant the deck u are going to lose me
Jelle den Heijer
Jelle den Heijer 9 uur geleden
Hey Goonzquad! A dozen videos ago I suggested to you guys to simplify the merch and a few trending colours and to my perception you guys listened! The new merch is absolutely fire and the colors are amazing! My next suggestion would be a long sleeve tee in the same colors with simple white lettering in the middle, like: "GNZQD" that would be super sick! My perspective is that merch should be simple, stylish but recognizable to the insiders! This way I think people will be more eager to buy your merch, picking your black shirt over a black shirt from a store cause we supporting our boys with it. Thanks for the amazing content, Strength 💪♥️
Brandon Belone
Brandon Belone 9 uur geleden
The car looks like a ridgid tool . Nice 👌