The New Goonzquad Headquarters!!!
The End Of The Jeep Trackhawk!!!
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Building My Dad His Dream Truck 14
Fazrin Megat
Fazrin Megat 19 uur geleden
damn son all this while u record the videos using iphone 11 pro??
Nelson Hill
Nelson Hill 19 uur geleden
12 minutes of car cleaning isn't high on the list of reasons I watch Goonzsquad!
Freddie Calhaem
Freddie Calhaem 20 uur geleden
These boys act like deforestation isn't a problem
Chad Knotts
Chad Knotts 20 uur geleden
Bro I remember when these guys were doing it with no garage and no subscribers amazing to see how much they’ve grown this channel
Cc 20 uur geleden
Love your enthusiasm, but you are idiots.
Matthew Kisel
Matthew Kisel 21 uur geleden
Do an island and then a nice little bridge across to the island
Ethan Jones
Ethan Jones 21 uur geleden
Legit, dude
AI hustle
AI hustle 22 uur geleden
It'll be the goon squads Believe it or not pond
Steven Beatty
Steven Beatty 22 uur geleden
What was your first ever profitable rebuild?
ealiev60 22 uur geleden
boring :(
wolfman st
wolfman st 22 uur geleden
i miss my mustang one day ill get one again and out in fl not to many cars that are not stander but u all keep up the good work you all doing happy late thanksgiving and merry xmis to u all
bouytt guyt
bouytt guyt 22 uur geleden
Deliver a dumpster with junk in it....
André Glaus
André Glaus 22 uur geleden
Hi Guys- What's up with the Audi A7 ?
Islamuddin Jamil
Islamuddin Jamil 23 uur geleden
Make it a pond just like romanatwood did
Radwan Al Szabouni
Radwan Al Szabouni 23 uur geleden
This channel is dead
Joeys Cleaning Lady
Joeys Cleaning Lady 23 uur geleden
RIP thomas cat
matt2244 23 uur geleden
This house will be like all the car's 97-99% done. Have had the supra for how long and still have not fixed the air bags? Had the viper for over a year and still a broken front window? drift car in the backyard rotting away ect ect ect
patrick darrough
patrick darrough 23 uur geleden
oh also u could use that shipping container for a painting booth
Dillon Vaughn
Dillon Vaughn 23 uur geleden
What ever happened to the mustang? Is it still around??
patrick darrough
patrick darrough 23 uur geleden
i must say use some tree log cuts for some seats
Iyke Ekeoma
Iyke Ekeoma Dag geleden
Part 41, been watching this long. It's well worth it. You guys continue to inspire. Well done.
Isaiah Vogt
Isaiah Vogt Dag geleden
this is the first video i watched from them and i’ve got to say it took me until they were in the car together to realize that it wasn’t one guy changing hats
Long K.
Long K. Dag geleden
Excavator in your hands is like a razor in the hands of monkey = DANGER
Nathan Jones
Nathan Jones Dag geleden
Y’all should reach out too letsdig18, I don’t think he’s far from y’all in N.C.
Yvonne P
Yvonne P Dag geleden
The guys are fond of their pond love the vids
David Green
David Green Dag geleden
Should be a switch lever in front of the seat on the right side of the cab to change the controls.
C Silk
C Silk Dag geleden
Towin’ that boat with a F-450.........👌🏻
Tom Stolz
Tom Stolz Dag geleden
Put a large rock or island in the pond!
LmgHellCat Dag geleden
How much land do you need...? Yes 😂😂😂
jimbo tom
jimbo tom Dag geleden
$100 says he cant do an intro with his hands in his pockets.😂
Dylan Sheets
Dylan Sheets Dag geleden
Make it bigger and make it super deep!!!
Joseph Lee
Joseph Lee Dag geleden
Build a tree house on the island 🏝 😎
chiggymonkey Dag geleden
what a stupid idea. you guys thrashing for ideas? get back to the helicopter build.
Perry Elyod
Perry Elyod 22 uur geleden
This is the problem successful NLpostsrs face. They lay awake at night scheming up ideas for 'content'. It becomes like a bad drug habit. Eventually, viewers get bored with the attempts of them always trying to outdo themselves, as they just become ridiculous. Such as digging a hole for a pond without knowing a damn thing about building a pond.
Emeness Dag geleden
Are we just gonna ignore 11:26 ? That fall must have hurt
samfungccim Dag geleden
If we dig a pond in the State of Oregon we have to go to prison as the state claims collecting rain water is illegal!? Enjoy your freedom in your state!
Jacob Cantrell
Jacob Cantrell Dag geleden
Omg this is so funny. I been watching a min play list after playlist. Finding these is epic. Yall have came a long long way. Congrats.
My Last Name
My Last Name Dag geleden
Cant believe over 1,000 people gave this part a thumbs down. Not me, I like all your videos
ddds_mercado Dag geleden
That's a twin cam tree 😂😂😂
Edd Bayes
Edd Bayes Dag geleden
Can’t stand these two.
Nate Dag geleden
that camper you is a stick and tin camper and that spot should be fine as long as you waterproof it and replace the flashing
JJ Gaming
JJ Gaming Dag geleden
I can't wait to see the pond
Shaggy558 Dag geleden
If you dig too close to those trees you will damage their root system and kill them. Just a FYI. Keep up the hard work...looks great!
Duke Lindsay
Duke Lindsay Dag geleden
Hope you guys save that three!!!(oxygen world) respect ..
CLINT2143 Dag geleden
Please go rent a compactor. A tracked machine is made to have a light footprint and will not compact properly. You need to use a sheep’s foot compactor over every 8” of soil you place. If the sides are not properly compacted and the hydraulic pressure causes them to blow out you will be in for a string of lawsuits from the owners down stream of the pond. I also think Tennessee requires permits for ponds and you have to do a downstream analysis. I would definitely contact someone that is in the business to get some help.
mxwizzard Dag geleden
No such thing as a low maintenance boat. By the way B.O.A.T stands for break out another thousand
Demonized Snipers
Demonized Snipers Dag geleden
I got my license test December 2, 2020. Can I plz get some luck from you guys
David Overman
David Overman Dag geleden
I do flooring for a living hardwood laminate LVP and tile I hate carpet lol u guys are awesome
David Overman
David Overman Dag geleden
Hope yall waterproofed.the durock if u did tile I always silicone all the cracks too
Duke Lindsay
Duke Lindsay Dag geleden
You guys should bring out the GMC more often I really love seeing it, love the progress, much respect....
XimBeliever Dag geleden
Can you guys please get back to fixing cars I really liked watching that content but you haven’t been uploading it and I’m not staying interested in your guys videos anymore but I love watching but I like watching you fix cars.😭😭😭😭😭
E Gig
E Gig Dag geleden
Or bury that connex/shipping container in the hole. I could never have something that ugly on my property, even if it's great storage. Like the idea of the elevated boat. Please get the security footage of the boys full of moonshine trying to steal that!
John Stedman
John Stedman Dag geleden
Burying an ISO Container in saturated soil on a potentially unstable hillside is an expensive recipe for disaster. Apart from the usual ISO issues of corrosion and of structural failures in the sides and top, access to the interior would be expensive to arrange and flooding of the interior would be likely. Heating, ventilation, dehumidification and drainage systems would be needed in each container, and the whole project would not be cost effective. If siting ISOs in an area of natural beauty, it is best to position them slightly above ground level (to minimise corrosion of the floor beams) and use planting to conceal them from view.
E Gig
E Gig Dag geleden
I'm envisioning a murky puddle great for mesquite breeding. Lake has rivers coming in and going out, ponds have streams. Rain will not cut it, think hot summer swamp. Can't blame you for trying though cuz the video should have been titled guys with toys. It's fun to dig but remember to plan. Turn it into a massive leach field for septic and move on.
Jeffery Hedgepath
Jeffery Hedgepath Dag geleden
Check out Chris with letsdig18 he is a fellow youtuber and that’s what he does he will definitely help you guys out
Andrew Prellberg TV
Andrew Prellberg TV Dag geleden
subscribe to Andrew Prellberg tv on youtube
James Schug
James Schug Dag geleden
ralph milburn
ralph milburn Dag geleden
Put your boat on the pond.
Rajat Rana
Rajat Rana Dag geleden
Timothy Cluck
Timothy Cluck Dag geleden
i think yaw dig to the creek line that way it fill better that the way most people do it and that the we done my step dads in alabama
John Stedman
John Stedman Dag geleden
It all depends on what the Tennessee and Chattanooga City Authorities will allow, if they will allow any works at all. In the USA, before proceeding with any project which could affect any lake, river, stream, neighbouring property, or which may have any effect on the environment, it is essential to obtain any and all Official Permits which are required by law. Failure to do this in a timely fashion can leave the owner of the land and their contractor open to prosecution, leading to the possibility of substantial financial penalties.
Darrell Roeters
Darrell Roeters Dag geleden
Look for a wet spot spring to direct water
Darrell Roeters
Darrell Roeters Dag geleden
Is it monster drinks?
Torsten Horning
Torsten Horning Dag geleden
you are the best Goonzquad
N.Y GamingYT
N.Y GamingYT Dag geleden
You should get some help from a expert at building pounds i recommend Gregg Wittstock of Aquascape he & his team builds the most amazing ponds I've seen in YT.
earlbond007 Dag geleden
Hey you guys have a new excavator pool and spa build next ? And two story front porch
Sharon Hunter
Sharon Hunter Dag geleden
You need an island for your pond!
travis belcher
travis belcher Dag geleden
Build a small platform that you can walk out onto the center of the pond before it's full of water
Daniel D
Daniel D Dag geleden
Just got my first sweatshirt, limited Christmas one! Super excited for it. You've got a fan in Northern Michigan. Keep the videos comin! #DANGSON! XGAMES TREE! LOL
Joshua Welsh
Joshua Welsh Dag geleden
With how big the pond is. It won’t carry enough oxygen for the fish to get eating size, so bigger is better. LOL thanks guys happy Thanksgiving
John Suga'r
John Suga'r Dag geleden
Where's Chief, guys? Enjoying your vids as always.
David Osben
David Osben Dag geleden
Interesting video. What I would like to see is Billy helping his brother to improve his technical skills, which could be done by Billy spending more time behind the camera or investing in hands free camera equipment, like head cams etc. I believe this would give Simon the ability to do more work, which would improve his skills and stake in the partnership. Also, I'm sure Simon would like his own house built on the property, that is separate from the garage, because at some point he may have have a family of his own, and his partner may not want to live in the garage that Billy has in mind to build? I get the feeling Simon is a very capable person, and should not be acting as a helping hand. Then again maybe Simon is happy with the way things are? Happy days Goonies.
Jack Mini
Jack Mini Dag geleden
I want to see more car vids Please
David Millhollon
David Millhollon Dag geleden
Good fishing .
Wilson Andrade
Wilson Andrade Dag geleden
Daniel Martinez
Daniel Martinez Dag geleden
Yall can use that dirt and clay to make random rambs for the utv and dirt bikes💪🏻
Payten Harrison
Payten Harrison Dag geleden
Y’all should get some of those bigger rocks that are on y’all’s property and stake them on top of each other and make a type of water fall that caskets over the rocks into the pond
curt tv
curt tv Dag geleden
You should put a bridge across the pond so you can see the fish
Dave Coburn
Dave Coburn Dag geleden
You guys should make a clay slide down the hill into the pond
ricefarmer1point6 Dag geleden
What do y’all use to edit?
Chippy The Chipmunk
Chippy The Chipmunk Dag geleden
you need some dueling banjos in your intro...
Austin Lee
Austin Lee Dag geleden
I think you it’d be a better storage container for car parts
Nick Nichols
Nick Nichols Dag geleden