Goonzquad Goes To Mexico!!!
Brenden Cornelius
Brenden Cornelius 20 uur geleden
You guys should look at evil offroad they have some pretty good quality lights
Kasey Okay
Kasey Okay 21 uur geleden
TEAM TORQUE 21 uur geleden
DO NOT put a light bar on the roof . Get the KC lights they have a nice kit for this. If you put a light bar I unfollow . Haha
T1m Prays 777
T1m Prays 777 21 uur geleden
Get some street drag tires and some welds
zachary watters
zachary watters 21 uur geleden
I'd like to see some black pinstripes on the cowl when y'all repaint
13ullet 21 uur geleden
This is the best channel to watch hands down
Jayden Joseph
Jayden Joseph 21 uur geleden
bruh why are there so many add's
Gary Pollitt
Gary Pollitt 21 uur geleden
How about a swimming pool at the new headquarters.
Terrell Teague
Terrell Teague 22 uur geleden
That sucks to sell the freedom stang. It really was the BEST build on the channel.
dfoote22 22 uur geleden
Hit that mustang with the same metallic paint you just put on the Raptor!!
Jordan C
Jordan C 22 uur geleden
You should fix up that ranger lift it or something
Alexis Starsmith
Alexis Starsmith 22 uur geleden
Next time you have a hidden pocket like your A pillar situation - small as one can, either cut 3 sides of a square/rectangle or drill an access hole from the back side. Now use hardened PDR tools to push the metal back out then weld the access hole shut.
Vladboss D
Vladboss D 22 uur geleden
Gives is an update on the police charger
Neon Gaming YT
Neon Gaming YT 22 uur geleden
Please more mustang content.
G6ET_WRX 22 uur geleden
You boys clearly don’t get what rake is and how that affects handling. Boys you want front biased rake to help weight transfer and turn in. Also from an SUV / truck perspective the manufacturer no doubt add rake so when the bed is under load that the rake is close to neutral.
Charles Forest
Charles Forest 22 uur geleden
Im all about y'all doing more to the mustang!! I'm digging the raptor build though.
fxck ozzo
fxck ozzo 22 uur geleden
what would i gotta do for you to give me the mustang for free?!?
primalfury2011 22 uur geleden
you guys should pave pops driveway... keep your cars cleaner !!!
primalfury2011 22 uur geleden
omg that ferrari is awesome...want one !!!
MrFiilly 22 uur geleden
I love that brother brother moment in the mustang. To realize how far they’ve come since they started is truly wholesome to see!
Omer AbdulAziz
Omer AbdulAziz 22 uur geleden
Paint the mustang Chalk White!! (Porsche color)
Luis Paniagua
Luis Paniagua 23 uur geleden
Y’all really need to buy some dirt control for the booth man...
Yu-Gi-Oh Down Under
Yu-Gi-Oh Down Under 23 uur geleden
Buy a bus and build a house in side of the bus
jonathan andrews
jonathan andrews 23 uur geleden
yeeee! Silicon Valley Bay Area!!! Audi gruppe Silicon Valley group is big out here check us out
Michael Freske
Michael Freske 23 uur geleden
It’d be awesome to paint the mustang the same color as the raptor
Miceguy22 23 uur geleden
Don’t forget about the pond at the house.
Jean Rodriguez
Jean Rodriguez 23 uur geleden
Abandoned mustangπŸ˜₯
ALI AHMED 23 uur geleden
Next soon show
Saktish Muniandy
Saktish Muniandy 23 uur geleden
1:41 miss the danger ranger 🀣
Storek Arnold
Storek Arnold 23 uur geleden
HELLA is not that expensive and damn bright too
Jacob Sexton
Jacob Sexton 23 uur geleden
Y’all should do a sleeper build with like an old truck or car
Shemar F
Shemar F 23 uur geleden
I want to buy that charger ppv since I’m a firefighter it would be perfect
MC StudiosTM
MC StudiosTM Dag geleden
You weren’t lying about the bad weather we had a tornado in Mississippi
Austin Scott
Austin Scott Dag geleden
Those faces when they floor the car. I want to see them with a drag car racing cleet or cooper
Geoffrey Bartlett
Geoffrey Bartlett Dag geleden
Once all the glass and interior is in, the truck might sit more level then. Traveling faster than the speed of paint on the mustang.
Corey Reimer
Corey Reimer Dag geleden
Bring the mustang back please.
honeybunzz 10
honeybunzz 10 Dag geleden
the s2k looks like shrek
Rainbow Nugget
Rainbow Nugget Dag geleden
YEEES, bring back the Mustang, such an amazing looking car with so much it possesses and so much that still can be done to it!
Monty _Singh
Monty _Singh Dag geleden
Please come out with merch with "As of right now" or "but as of right now" on it some place!!!!!
Hector Originales
Hector Originales Dag geleden
Put an outlet behind the tv to hide the wire looks way cleaner
Brankoska Dag geleden
Rebuild a cobra gt500
Brankoska Dag geleden
Sweaty Mack
Sweaty Mack Dag geleden
When do you guys take Pops Volvo tractor and redo that?
vibes Dag geleden
My God... How many cars do you guys have I'm so jealous right now
Cat Man
Cat Man Dag geleden
Wheels, brakes, and paint and it'll be the best-looking 'Stang in all of 'Merica!!
Mark Amspaugh
Mark Amspaugh Dag geleden
Consider a satin paint job on the mustang, maybe white with black rims/trim
Ian Phillips
Ian Phillips Dag geleden
Wanna sell me the viper?
Braxton Francis
Braxton Francis Dag geleden
When are you guys going to finish the helicopter
Paulo Jimenez
Paulo Jimenez Dag geleden
Big β›² in the front
ralph milburn
ralph milburn Dag geleden
with the latest hailstorms that came through here this week, y'all might want to think about covering all your cars
Luis Miramontes
Luis Miramontes Dag geleden
That mustang is my new favorite car now πŸ’¨
Aaren Kiefer
Aaren Kiefer Dag geleden
Yessss bring back the Stang. We love all the cars but youre right theres sentimental value to us all for that car
Noah Vizcarra
Noah Vizcarra Dag geleden
How much for the mustang I want to buy it
Evan Rutledge
Evan Rutledge Dag geleden
Put geiser springs on the coilovers, that will level the truck without fucking up the suspension
Arthur Mupedziswa
Arthur Mupedziswa Dag geleden
Pov: your watching 5 years later
FUNKYMAN Dag geleden
Trackhawk and cop car ride lol, whT you selling the cop car for btw i likeyyy
Keep the doors closed.
b wells
b wells Dag geleden
U said something about painting the grill u should color match the Ford on the grill paint the rest black or ther stock color
dom91507 Dag geleden
Get the same paint as the raptor
Iron Patriots
Iron Patriots Dag geleden
What is the music in the video I love it
kcraptor82 Dag geleden
Show that money off!
bubba gump
bubba gump Dag geleden
Should do build giveaways. Buy so much merch and get entered in a sweepstakes. Little extra ching and a lot cleaner yard. Momma would be so happy!
Marlon Green
Marlon Green Dag geleden
shaun viens
shaun viens Dag geleden
Look at baja designs for the round ones
Jadon Smith
Jadon Smith Dag geleden
brian climer
brian climer Dag geleden
That Borscht looked great. You’re very blessed to have your mom.
barry aitchison
barry aitchison Dag geleden
shop update would be good guys you keep talking about it
Charles Metzer
Charles Metzer Dag geleden
Didn’t they just get that truck a couple weeks ago? They are efficient!
Ram Life
Ram Life Dag geleden
Heise led better then rigid look them up!!!
Running with the Wolff’s
Running with the Wolff’s Dag geleden
Any of these cars for sale?
Zach Taylor
Zach Taylor Dag geleden
I love the videos but i also really enjoy the Musics they have during the time lapse sections especially the song at 19:37. Really killer πŸ‘
C B Dag geleden
Always wondered how guys with so many cars figured out insurance...on a whim can you just drive whatever vehicle you want?
Boosted Rev
Boosted Rev Dag geleden
Un need a special primer for a bumper like that (mustang)
Boosted Rev
Boosted Rev Dag geleden
xManu- Dag geleden
Change that wing and put the itsjusta6 wing
Luke Moore
Luke Moore Dag geleden
Definitely level it
qaannat Dag geleden
That is the Japanese edition bumper with a cat inside.
Luis Rivera
Luis Rivera Dag geleden
We want the mustang back men
Raffay Umer
Raffay Umer Dag geleden
trevor steele
trevor steele Dag geleden
Bring back the mustang
Hunter Winton
Hunter Winton Dag geleden
How about you trade me your mustang for my 68 mustang coupe that I’m almost done restoring but you guys can make something nobody has out of it