John Bauldree
John Bauldree 11 uur geleden
The windows look amazing!!!
Chris Haddox
Chris Haddox 11 uur geleden
My hot tub warms up to 104°, It's all personal preference but maybe 110°-115 would be sufficient
Benny Lin
Benny Lin 11 uur geleden
Could you please provide me with the make and model of the smart heating device? Thank you
Robert Lê
Robert Lê 12 uur geleden
Hybrid electric water heater?
Safari_ Six
Safari_ Six 12 uur geleden
T Shirt just arrived in England! Cheers Boys! 👍🏻🇬🇧
Ngash Bamby Kenya
Ngash Bamby Kenya 12 uur geleden
I bet Simon is more friendly than Bill... 😂😂
xB00M3RANGx 12 uur geleden
Would you guys be willing to share a cost breakdown of building the shop?
Orlando Da Silva
Orlando Da Silva 12 uur geleden
What you going to put in the new HQ? Toilet and shower displays? Ive stopped watching your videos guys !!!
Pumpkingilmour 13 uur geleden
One danger of involving Pops is that pops will be pops. He'll begin to reinstate himself as pops. And he'll have Ma there to back him up.
Pieter allen Master Blue
Pieter allen Master Blue 13 uur geleden
Who's house is this? Billys and his wife's?
Pieter allen Master Blue
Pieter allen Master Blue 13 uur geleden
diverter. you mean tap or faucet DAAAAAAAANG you boys are going stir craZy duuuuuuuuuuuuuudes
Pieter allen Master Blue
Pieter allen Master Blue 14 uur geleden
Metal shavings, sure always in blown or busted clutches, never in good transmissions/clutches. and you didn't know that? if you see metal shaving anywhere you have a problem, 100%, come on guys that's not rocket science !!
Bo Andresen
Bo Andresen 14 uur geleden
7:53 The fumes from that wood is not healthy dude... it’s for use outside, in Denmark that is. Why not make it in stone?
Themadoutbacker 14 uur geleden
Dealerships are an absolute con when it comes to repairs, change my mind🤷‍♂️
Oliver Fletcher
Oliver Fletcher 14 uur geleden
Idk if its that same but the ls1 concentric slaves usually fail often in commodores and sound like a bit like that with the grinding
Shawn McCroskey
Shawn McCroskey 15 uur geleden
💚💜💚 yo guys, pretty sure all new faucet heads have a "water saver" seal/screen that you can remove for more pressure, I did mine a few weeks back, pair of needle nose and your good!
Raized 15 uur geleden
It definitely sounds like the trans blew a gear I would see if it lets u go into a different gear and u would just have to replace the broken ones
FinesseU Tv
FinesseU Tv 15 uur geleden
You guys are idiots that sound is obviously the alternator 🤦🏽‍♂️
Chris Ashley
Chris Ashley 16 uur geleden
why 3 bathrooms in such a small house?
John Stedman
John Stedman 13 uur geleden
The total habitable internal floorspace is approximately 1,800 square feet (about 170 square metres) and it was designed for the special requirements of the owner in 2008. It was intended for two of their relatives, who had disabilities. The arrangement of bathrooms was intended to suit the specific needs of those occupants. When Goonzquad purchased the property in summer 2020 they elected to retain the three bathrooms in order to minimise disruption during the completion of the project.
Antonio Godinez
Antonio Godinez 16 uur geleden
You guys should add a tunnel to work on cars
Aariz Baig
Aariz Baig 16 uur geleden
pops is amazing
No Face Naz & Zayden
No Face Naz & Zayden 16 uur geleden
Why you guys never do a car giveaway like street speed
Ian Skelton
Ian Skelton 16 uur geleden
Hi that noise sounds like the input shaft has sheared!!! Transmission has to come out anyway, keep up the good work boys.....
Josh Aziz
Josh Aziz 16 uur geleden
isnt the zl1 under warranty?
Mike Cole
Mike Cole 16 uur geleden
It sounds like the bolts by the flywheel came loose
Chris Ashley
Chris Ashley 16 uur geleden
CKCKCKACKCKCK "Yeah, cut that off man. That ain't good." - Billy 2021
Josh Williams
Josh Williams 17 uur geleden
“ there’s always metal shavings in transmissions” lol no, no there’s not!
Josh Williams
Josh Williams 17 uur geleden
Why alll gold? Why any gold? Looks hideous!! But the house is coming along great , attention to detail is great. Just bc I don’t agree with the color don’t mean I don’t like it!
evonne anderson
evonne anderson 17 uur geleden
boyz are getter done
Gary Howie
Gary Howie 17 uur geleden
Input shaft
udovdh 17 uur geleden
Close to finishing? They did not rebuild the house in brick. With all that money they cheaped out.
eric versachi
eric versachi 17 uur geleden
black and white hoodies this pinks purples and goofy colors dont sell
AppleTechPro 18 uur geleden
You can salvage the trailers if you could. Store some things in it. But i guess that’s not necessary since you are building a a building.
Jacob Morton
Jacob Morton 18 uur geleden
I think it's time for you Boiz to start dipping your hands into the mechanical side of the repair world and pull that transmission apart yourselves and repair it
FBI 18 uur geleden
Lmao he really just dropped that clutch
tsnuffysmith 18 uur geleden
You guys are awesome keep it up
Damian Brennan
Damian Brennan 19 uur geleden
When r u guys going to do a Bugatti veyron
Damian Brennan
Damian Brennan 19 uur geleden
Like all the car stuff
Vilen B
Vilen B 19 uur geleden
I stopped watching as soon as that house building videos started flooding your channel, when you buying more cars?
Damian Brennan
Damian Brennan 19 uur geleden
The dellership must love u😀
Damian Brennan
Damian Brennan 19 uur geleden
Will u guys repley?
Damian Brennan
Damian Brennan 19 uur geleden
Where dose all the money come from for parts
Damian Brennan
Damian Brennan 19 uur geleden
U say u need viewers u have four cars worth 250 000 dollars and land and property I wish I had that at your age
XTY AU 19 uur geleden
More cars, please. C'mom guys, enough with the house.
Eduardo Warnholtz
Eduardo Warnholtz 20 uur geleden
I know its a little late, but if you are havIng a steam bath in the master bathroom, maybe you should have a built inn bench on the left side of the shower, so you can sit down while you enjoy your steam bath. Just a sugestión. By the way I have really enjoyed , this proyect, the house looks awesome. Congrats !!!
Frenchie Canadian
Frenchie Canadian 20 uur geleden
At 1,600 miles, is it not still under warranty? (Time and mileage) Send it back to the bow tie and let them fix it.
Wvmooreboy 20 uur geleden
That one can’t drive
Boyd Boys
Boyd Boys 21 uur geleden
Alright guys heard the thing about the dealership, I work for a Chrysler dealership down in MS we have to quote based on a book otherwise we(the technician) don't make any money the advantage of the dealership doing it is they specialize in that type of work so they're really good at it and usually they'll offer you a mechanical/improper installation warranty on the transmission which as a tech I find that invaluable because people make mistakes I fried a $24,000 electrical system in a car that came in to get the battery replaced the dealer covered my mistake and fixed it, they fixed it because someone had done some sketchy wiring and didn't properly route/ color the wires (black was positive red was negative)
D D 21 uur geleden
Damn that’s why he ain’t allowed to drive! He stay breaking the cars LMAOOO
M O Z 21 uur geleden
Rebuild the Camaro!!!!!
yang vang
yang vang 21 uur geleden
See if the car is still under warranty. Its a 2018, 3 years or 36,000 miles. If it is you can save some money.
Daniel Milani
Daniel Milani 21 uur geleden
Typically 120 is the setting for a water heater
Jesus Rogel
Jesus Rogel 21 uur geleden
Would y’all be interested in selling the ZL1 as is? If so I’d be really interested!
ralph milburn
ralph milburn 22 uur geleden
I have been watching you guys from almost the beginning, from your Dad's small garage to where you are now. I hope you have retained the best lawyer in your area and a great accountant your going to need both and watch out for all your new "friends". All the best to y'all.
Aedrianna Butler
Aedrianna Butler 22 uur geleden
That’s my dream car I wish I had the money to buy it from you guys and fix it myself my favorite color
tacoburger5 22 uur geleden
im not sure exactly what temp it is, but you have to keep the hot water set at a certain point or higher to kill harmful bacteria. unless its all taken care of in the water shed
Caden Ware
Caden Ware 22 uur geleden
MICHAEL 22 uur geleden
If I had a dollar for everything they said this house was almost 100 percent
C Chandler
C Chandler 22 uur geleden
Hot Water tank should be 135 degrees f To kill any bacteria that might happen.
Caden Ware
Caden Ware 23 uur geleden
Frs build
Nate Kling
Nate Kling 23 uur geleden
And that right there is why the clutch is fucked to begin with😂
GCD4 23 uur geleden
Casually stop by good ole depot and drop $400 on a hammer drill kit to modify the trailer in the parking lot is boss level
Todd Meade
Todd Meade 23 uur geleden
120* is perfect
GSWSPECTRE 007 23 uur geleden
Simon and billy 2020!
James Schug
James Schug 23 uur geleden
Joshawnie Bryan
Joshawnie Bryan 23 uur geleden
been kinda busy i havent been watching the videos but im going to try and catch up
Markus Bishop
Markus Bishop Dag geleden
from the little bit I heard, it sounds like the throwout bearing is toast
Dino Tudisca
Dino Tudisca Dag geleden
The 1990s called. They would like the name of your designer
Joseph Whittington
Joseph Whittington Dag geleden
How much for the camaro as is ,my daughter Chloe wants it ever since y’all started the camaro
Clean Machine Auto Detailing
Clean Machine Auto Detailing Dag geleden
anybody else go back and watch old videos when they actually built cars?
Nathaniel Gould
Nathaniel Gould Dag geleden
Love the tile with the gold fixtures, 👍🚘🏠
Jake Marshall
Jake Marshall Dag geleden
What was the code for the base coat?
W C Dag geleden
I seriously scrolled to the camaro part lol
revog7 Dag geleden
132 is what i run mine at.
Spirit Rider
Spirit Rider Dag geleden
Is it free postage to Australia? I bugged out on hitting the paypal button as I was a little confused! Whats the deal man?
Auto Replay
Auto Replay Dag geleden
Still rocking the flops. 👍
Ps5teamm Dag geleden
Bruh i have had 14 ads on their vids wtf
Anthony Spinelli
Anthony Spinelli Dag geleden
You forgot to put Escutcheons on the nipples servicing the rain shower heads. Everything looks awesome.
ralph milburn
ralph milburn 21 uur geleden
Sounds painful ;-)
Justin Benson
Justin Benson Dag geleden
Jesus guys! I loved you so much bc I signed on to a car channel, I have delt with this house for a while but lately been asking myself why I’m still watching your videos? No shade honestly but just giving you my opinion bc I know I’m not the only one (mainly bc my girl who cares nothing about cars or NLposts recently asked me why do you still watch there videos when they don’t do the content you want to see). I have no response bc my only response is that I’m hoping you are going to say you are making a new car build OR working on the car you told us you bought for your sister! I mean guys????? But in all seriousness I had been telling everyone about you guys and now everyone asks me why I told them to watch this channel... the straw that broke the back was this last video with the ZL1, your a car channel that fixed this ZL1 and now your to busy doing other stuff that gets less views than your previous “car channel” and going to have someone else fix it. I swear guys don’t forget what made you famous! If you want a glimpse go look at the channel dope or nope..... they dropped significantly bc they changed there content and I mean from Millions to nearly 100k. I’m only so brash bc I absolutely love you guys and want you around but your shop is at Least a year out and I don’t think I have that left in you.... please give us back the goonzsquad!!!!!
Scott Tempel
Scott Tempel Dag geleden
Boys, it’s time to go old school for the next build. I’m thinking 1969 big block 4 speed Stingray.